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  • Murray Hunt, Ontario
    Just received my fall issue in the mail today. WOW a.k.a. What outstanding work. I could not put it down so read it cover to cover. I’m impressed with content, style and quality. Where else can I get so much information and the amount of people information is beyond – beyond?”
  • Maureen Baginski, Washington
    We all were so impressed with the work you all do with the ads. Truthfully I’ve never seen a magazine with such great, eye-catching ads all the way throughout the magazine.”
  • Russell Gammon, Jersey Canada, Ontario
    When we returned to Guelph you can imagine what was waiting for us! Oh yes! A very large and very colourful and very wonderful Cowsmo.  I think that it is your best to date, now that I’ve had the chance to “consume” some of it with lunch today! The lunch was good but the magazine is even better!  I know we’ve said it before but you have done another spectacular job! This 132 page masterpiece truly is impressive! Can’t thank you enough for all the  “Jerseyness” therein!  You are doing such a super job! You are doing a great service to both the Canadian and Western Canadian dairy industries!  Awesome, awesome , AWESOME! Congrats and the very loudest of cheers to all of your talented team! WHOOWEE!  And, as I’m ever so fond of saying: go! Go!! GO!!!
  • Sam Wake, England, UK
    Great magazine, brilliant pictures, especially like the farm profiles!
  • Eric VandenBroek, Ontario
    Great magazine I especially like the stories featuring breeders, cow families and farms. Keep up the good work!
  • E Pitzner, Minnesota, USA
    I just received my first copy of Cowsmopolitan and I love it! Great quality with excellent pictures and a lot of information. I especially like the fact that you cover more than one breed!
  • Sandy  Ohara- Dandyland Holsteins, Ontario
    We love your magazine the way it is! It is so refreshing! We all fight to look at Cowsmo when it arrives. Love the personal touch!
  • Tim –Soverign Hutterite Colony, Saskatchewan
    Great magazine, I can’t wait till the next one comes out! You should push to 6 issues a year.
  • Larry & Pat Bennett, Ontario
    Love all your great photos and style and design of the entire magazine.
  • Chris McCullough
    Great magazine to view ads in and beautiful layout and design.
  • Leader Holsteins, Australia
    You guys are doing a nice job. We enjoy the variety of articles from different places around the world. Keep it up!


  • Becky Cox
    I haven’t ever seen one your magazines, but the website is great. You can always get up to date information and results on there.
  • Aaron “Spike” Lamoreaux
    Really enjoy website, I really enjoy your magazine (I was given a copy at Madison). My opinion this is one of the best reads (if not the best) in the purebred dairy business.
  • Ian VandenBerg
    I really enjoy the up-to-date info on shows/sales/farms on the website. The pictures albums from the major shows are also very nice to look at.
  • Callum Moscript, Australia
    I have just recently found out about Cowsmo so I have not subscribed yet, however I love your online coverage and can most of the time find out info from Australia on your website before the Aussies have caught up!! Can’t wait to start my subscription and learn more about the world of registered cattle! I love your work!