About Us

Cowsmopolitan is a family-run magazine and began when the cattle breeders in Western Canada expressed a need for an advertising medium. The former all breeds newspaper for Western Canada was no longer in operation and there was no where to advertise sales, bulls or breeding stock. Western Canadian Dairy Farmers also needed a place to go for news and information about the dairy industry. Cowsmopolitan has grown into an international all-breed dairy magazine, with its heart right in Western Canada.

Our Staff

Carol & Don Carol Wright – Editor & Don Wright – Sales | Carol Wright is the owner and brainchild of Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine. Carol worked side by side with Husband Don for the 25 years that they ran Wrightside Holsteins. This homebred herd was well known in Western Canada for their deep pedigrees and had numerous successes in the show ring. They also exported members from their best cow family to Semen World in the UK. Carol and husband Don have been active in the Holstein Fraternity for many years and both served on the Alberta Holstein Association for 15 plus years, as Branch Secretary and Fieldman respectively. Carol’s dream of publishing her own magazine was finally realized in December 2004 when the Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magzine was first launched. Don and Carol also own and operate a successful show supply company under the same name of Cowsmpolitan Show Supplies. Carol looks after the ladies section of the magazine and also plays a large role in assembling editorial content. She also looks after the day to day office tasks and book-keeping for Cowsmopolitan.

Lexi Wright Lexi Wright – Editor | Lexi Wright grew up at Wrightside Holsteins where she was actively involved in the day to day farm operation as well as showing all over western canada. While Lexi grew up with Holsteins she has always had an affinity for Jerseys, through her work with Cloverholm and more recently Lonepine Jerseys. Lexi resigned from her job of 8 years as Nucleus Herd Co-ordinator at Alta Genetics in 2007 to work full-time for Cowsmopolitan. Lexi brings to the company many years of experience and contacts in the dairy industry and her knowledge of the A.I. industry. She writes the majority of the stories for the magazine as well as securing advertisements and organizing the ads and layout of the magazine.

Ella Wright Ella Wright – Design, Social Media & Photos | Ella Wright also grew up at Wrightside Holsteins and was actively involved in the day to day farm operation as well as involved in travelling with their show string throughout Western Canada. Ella also has a special interest in the Jersey Breed despite growing up with Holsteins. Upon graduation from High School Ella attended Olds College and received her diploma in Agriculture Business – finance Major. She then attended Montana State University and where she received a B.Sc in Agriculture with a Major in Business and Minor in Economics. She worked as a Commercial Credit Officer before deciding to train with Livestock Photographer – Patty Jones. Ella is self employed as a livestock photographer continues to maintain her photo clientele as well as taking photographs for the magazine. She also does the ad design for the magazine and is responsible for Cowsmo's strong social media presense. Ella is proficient in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Indesign.

Claire Swale Claire Swale – International Sales & Features | Claire is from Lancashire, England, UK and has dairy farming in her blood. She grew up up around the family’s Castlerhydd herd, which is now farmed by her brother Richard Bown under the Richaven prefix. Today, she and husband David and his family run Joylan Farms, milking 550 registered Holsteins, rearing their own replacements and retailing all their own milk. Claire’s own prefix Heavenly totals more than 30 cows and delivered the #1 Proven Type bull in Italy- Heavenly Golden Dreams. Since 2010, Claire has run Heavenly Genetics, specialising in supplying elite breeding bulls into AI, which sources bulls from the UK, Ireland, Europe and North America to fulfill the requirements of international breeding organizations.  Claire's hard work and determination has helped Cowsmo with international marketing and sales forming strong and successful partnerships all over the UK and Europe.

Denise Pickard – Office Administration | Denise Pickard of Carstairs, AB has joined Cowsmopolitan as the Office Administrator. Denise brings to the Cowsmo team her expertise, reliability and attention to detail in accounting and office management. Denise’s 25 years of experience in accounting and bookkeeping will allow her to handle running the Cowsmopolitan office matters with ease and efficiency. She is well-versed in many accounting programs and has great experience in managing Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable. She has continued to develop her skills and abilities by pursuing many avenues of continuing education in learning new technologies.

edited parents night 2015 Danielle Nauman-Website Administrator | Danielle was raised on a small registered Holstein farm in western Wisconsin, and attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Previously, she has held positions with Dairy Agenda Today, Sparta Area School District and Potomac Animal Hospital. Danielle serves as a 4-H dairy leader and judging coach. Her community involvement includes serving as a board member for Sparta Youth Hockey, Wisconsin-Minnesota Hockey League and the Angelo Oak Grove Cemetery.  Danielle’s experience in website blogging, graphic design, photography as well as writing will be essential to this position.  These skills along with Danielle’s great work ethic and experience covering industry events will be a great asset to the Cowsmo team! Together Danielle and her son, Austin (17), own a small herd of registered Jerseys, Holsteins and Ayrshires, and have exhibited four Jersey All-American nominations under the Smokin’ Hot prefix. While Danielle’s primary responsibility will be administering Cowsmo’s website also look for some of her great event coverage! Looking to post information on Cowsmo’s growing website contact Danielle at [email protected].

Frank Frank Putman- USA Sales | Frank Putman is a long-time marketing specialist with another dairy breed publication, will be actively working with breeders in most of the U.S.A. Frank will not only help with print advertising plans, but website and online services as well, developing a complete marketing package for customers of all dairy breeds. No stranger to the industry, Frank at one time owned and developed Park-Edge Holsteins in Ogdensburg, NY, which boasted 20 EX cows at the time it was dispersed. Since then he has served as the Merchandising Director for New York Holstein Association, and as a salesman for both Semex USA and HolsteinWorld. “I have always respected the passion and enthusiasm the Cowsmopolitan staff have for promoting the dairy industry. It’s in their blood and I’m excited to become part of that. Helping clients develop cost-effective and customized marketing programs is what I truly enjoy doing, almost as much as seeing those same clients achieve success!” “Both Ella and I are looking forward to having Frank join the team. His years of sales and industry experience along with his location will provide Cowsmopolitan with increased marketing avenues as well as more “great” event coverage in the USA moving forward. Frank’s strengths not only compliment our skills but will diversify the Cowsmo team for the future,” says Lexi Wright of Cowsmopolitan. Frank will begin work with Cowsmopolitan on February 2, 2015. He can be reached at 315.783.4790 or [email protected]


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