Winter 2015

Winter 2015

Feature Stories

  • The Magnificent Colors of Golden Oaks Farm, IL
  • Marketing Roundtable
  • Dreaming Big & Making it Happen – RJ Farms, ON
  • The Key to Success- Vers la réussite, BEL Holsteins, Italy

Other Features

    • Royal Winter Fair
    • NAILE- Louisviille
    • Canadian Classic 4-H Show
    • Sale of Stars
    • Supreme Dairy Show
    • Cremona Italy National Show
    • All-Britain Calf Show
    • Management Articles
    • Nutrition advice
    • Financial Insight
    • Things of Interest Outside the Barn
    • Fashion Trendz
    • Cowsmo – Taste
    • Did you Know –


Magazine will be distributed at:

  • Swiss Expo -Switzerland
  • IDW Australia
  • NZ Dairy Event

On the Cover

Featured on the cover are Arethusa Sid Tess VG-89, the winning Fall Yearling
in Milk and Cleland Advnt Alexia-Red-ET EX-94 EX-96MS HM Senior Champion
R&W World Dairy Expo 2015 both owned by Golden Oaks Farm. See their story,
Magnifi cent Colors of Golden Oaks Farm, on page 18.
Cover photo © Cowsmo – Nicole Breunig