World Dairy Expo 2018

Oct 2-6, 2018 @ Madison, WI

World Dairy Expo 2018The Complete Image Galleries are being uploaded to our SmugMug page! Check back frequently to view, share and purchase photos from the World Dairy Expo 2018. Cowsmo was ringside and around the grounds, providing you with the most complete coverage all around.


Monday, October 1
8:00 AM … National 4-H, National Intercollegiate & International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Contests (C)
2:00 PM … Showmanship Judges Clinic (C)
6:00 PM … LIVE Clipping Demo with Dusty Schirm streamed by Cowsmo
7:30 PM … National 4-H Judging Contest Awards Banquet (EH)
7:30 PM … National Intercollegiate and International Post-Secondary Dairy Cattle Judging Banquet (EH)
Tuesday, October 2
7:15 AM … International Junior Holstein Show (C)
7:30 AM … International Ayrshire Show (C)
8:00 AM … FFA Judging Events (SP & Sheraton Madison Hotel)
3:00 PM … International Jersey Show – heifers (C)
3:00 PM … International Milking Shorthorn Show – heifers (C)
Wednesday, October 3
7:30 AM … International Jersey Show – cows and groups (C)
11:00 AM … Mycogen Seeds Forage Analysis Superbowl Awards Luncheon (EH)
12:30 PM … International Milking Shorthorn Show – cows (C)
2:00 PM … International Brown Swiss Show – heifers (C)
4:00 PM … Top of the World Jersey Sale (SP)
5:00 PM … WDE Welcome Reception (EH)
7:00 PM … Dinner with the Stars Recognition Banquet (EH) Tickets Required
7:30 PM … World Ayrshire Event Sale (SP)
Thursday, October 4
7:30 AM … International Brown Swiss Show – cows & groups (C)
1:30 PM … International Guernsey Show – heifers (C)
1:30 PM … International Red & White Show – heifers (C)
2:00 PM … World Premier Brown Swiss Sale (SP)
6:00 PM … World Dairy Expo Youth Showmanship Competition (C)
6:30 PM … International Opportunity Sale – Sheraton Hotel
Friday, October 5
7:30 AM … International Red & White Show – cows and groups (C)
7:30 AM … International Guernsey Show – cows and groups (C)
Noon … International Holstein Show – heifers (C)
2:00 PM … International Guernsey Classic Sale (SP)
2:00 PM … World Premier Milking Shorthorn Sale (SP)
7:00 PM … World Classic ’18 Holstein Sale (C)
Saturday, October 6
8:00 AM … International Holstein Show – cows & groups (C)
4:00 PM … Parade of Champions and Selection of 2018 Supreme Champions (C)


Premier Sponsors

International Junior Holstein Show … Stefan Hay Co.
International Brown Swiss Show … Elite Dairy
International Jersey Show … Semex
International Holstein Show … ST Genetics
International Red & White Show … Westcoast Holsteins

Partner Sponsors

International Ayrshire Show
V-Lane Farms
Steel Fire Farm
International Guernsey Show
Milborne Farm
Misty Meadows
Snider Homestead Farms
Springhill Guernseys
International Milking Shorthorn Show
Hillholm Milking Shorthorns
Kuszlyk Cattle Co.
Peter Vail & Partners

AC Whitey Thompson Award

AC Whitey Thompson Award Winner
Mike Holschbach, WI

Supreme Champion of Open Shows

Supreme Champion Heifer
Milksource Gentry Marriot-ET, Jersey, Milksource Genetics LLC., WI

Reserve Supreme Champion Heifer
Milksource Taeylyn ET, Holstein, Milksource Genetics LLC., WI

Supreme Champion
Cutting Edge T Deliliah, Brown Swiss, Kyle Barton, NY

Reserve Supreme Champion
Jacobs Lauthority Loana, Holstein, Ferme Jacobs & Pat Conroy, QC

Supreme Champions of Junior Show

Supreme Heifer of Junior Show
Ms Kress-Hil Saphire ET (Avalanche), Red Holstein, Owen & Kendyll Kress & Savanah Barts, WI
Reserve Supreme Heifer of Junior Show
Four-Hills Burd Sassy 64671 (Burdette), Ayrshire, Johnathan Hill, VT

Supreme Cow of Junior Show
Cutting Edge T Deliliah, Brown Swiss, Kyle Barton, NY
Reserve Supreme Cow of Junior Show
Gamlake Destry Sally, Holstein, Samantha Gamboni, CA

Around the Barn

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the 2018 World Dairy Expo are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Holstein heifer show here
Holstein Intermediate Cow show here
Holstein Senior Cow show here
Junior Holstein heifer show here
Junior Holstein cow show here
Red Holstein Intermediate cow show here
Red Holstein Senior cow show here
Jersey heifer show here
Jersey Intermediate cow show here
Jersey Senior cow show here
Milking Shorthorn heifer show here
Milking Shorthorn cow show here
Brown Swiss heifer show here
Brown Swiss Junior cow show here
Brown Swiss Senior cow show here
Guernsey heifer show here 
Guernsey Cow show here  
Ayrshire heifer show here  
Ayrshire Cow show here
World Classic Sale here
Supreme Show here