Shows and Sales Results

Wisconsin Convention Futures Sale 2013
DATE: February 22, 2013
LOCATION: Rothschild, WI

Top 5 High Sellers

$26,500 – Lot 2 –First choice of three March 2012 Plan females (GTPIs +2289 to +2364), out of Webb-Vue Gabor Mycala-ET VG-87, a Gabor daughter with GTPI +2309
Consignor: Summit Farms, Plymouth, WI
Buyer: Siemers Holsteins, Newton, WI

$12,500 – Lot 3 –Royal-Vista Epic Esther-ET, a August 1012 Epic daughter with a GTPI +2388. Her dam is Mor-Yet Goldwyn 682-ET EX-91, who is s 9th generation EX   who traces back to the Durham Annabell family
Consignor: Royal Vista Holsteins, Pickett, WI
Buyer: Oakfield Corners Dairy, Oakfield, NY

$12,000 – Lot 8 –First choice of two May 2012 Alchemy females, with GTPI of +2250 and +2113. They are daughters of  Winterlance Stol Joc Mia-ET VG-86 DOM, who is backed by seven generations of VG or EX cows from the Raven family
Consignor: Sandy-Valley Holsteins, Scandinavia, WI
Buyer: Johnson Holsteins, Baldwin, WI

$9,100 – Lot 12 – First choice of three December 2012 Mayfield females whose GTPI’s are +2323 , +2251  and +2161. Daughters of  Larcrest Comet-ET GP-84 with a GTPI+2210. Comet is the Planet daughter of  Larcrest Cosmopolitan (VG-87 GMD DOM
Consignor: Neil McDonah, Trempealeau, WI
Buyer: Allan & Susan Lundberg, Osseo, WI

$8,000 – Lot 20 –First choice MAS female out of the #1 genomic type heifer in the breed at +4.92T, Our-Favorite Unlimited. She is an  Atwood daughter from eight generations of VG & EX
Consignor: Todd & Cade Stanek, Fall Creek, WI
Buyer: Scott Culbertson, Pine Island, MN