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Westerner Championship Holstein Show 2017
DATE: October 28th, 2017
JUDGE: Thierry Jaton, QC

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Show Coverage

The Westerner Championship Holstein Show 2017 will take place October 28th in Red Deer, AB. Judging the show is Thierry Jaton, QC. Cowsmo will be providing coverage of the show.

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Junior Champion
Smith-Oak Avalanche Rosette (Avalanche), 1st Intermediate Calf, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Reserve Junior Champion
Kenbert Doorman Raspberry (Doorman), 1st Intermediate Yearling, Kenbert Acres & Ryan Friesen, SK
HM Junior Champion
SterlingPark McCutchen IcedTea (McCutchen), 2nd Intermediate Yearling, Sterling Park Holsteins & Brindabella, AB

Junior R&W Champion
Cedarwal Diamondback Licorice (Diamondback), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Reserve Junior R&W Champion
Lucky Meihaven D Back Revenge (Diamondbakc), Lucky Hill Dairy, AB
HM Junior R&W Champion
Lucky Redhot Azzuri (Redhot), Lucky Hill Dairy, AB



Intermediate Champion
Wendon Golddust Dividend (Golddust), 1st Milking Senior Yearling, Wendon Holsteins, AB
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Oakfield A Shampagne-Red, 1st Jr 2yr Old, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
HM Intermediate Champion
Morsan McCutchen Benave (McCutchen), 1st Jr 3yr Old, Stanhope & Wedgewood, AB

Grand Champion
Wendon Goldwyn Alberta (Goldwyn), 1st 4yr Old, Wendon Holsteins, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Preview Dempsey Royalty (Dempsey), 1st 5yr Old, Robella Holsteins, John Sunder, Duane Zimmer, J View Holsteins
HM Grand Champion
Wendon Destry Rainy (Destry), 2nd 5yr Old, Wendon Holsteins, AB

R&W Grand Champion
Oakfield A Shampagne-Red, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
R&W Reserve Champion
Stranshome Heztry Nali Red (Heztry), Lampada Holsteins, SK
HM R&W Champion
West Liberty Absolute Redsatin (Absolute), Robella Holsteins, SK

Summer Calf (10)
  1. Wendon BSD Windbrook Merry (Windbrook), Wendon Holsteins, Dardel Holsteins, Orville Schmidt, Bienert Holsteins, AB
  2. SterlingPark Callen Maple (Callen), Sterling Park, AB
  3. Benbie Solomon Piper (Solomon), Benbie Holsteins, SK
  4. Chubann Jacoby Darlin (Jacoby), Chubanna Holsteins, AB
  5. Meihaven Lucky Avalanche Ronni (Avalanche), Lucky Hill Dairy & Meihaven Holsteins
  6. Zimmer Callen Cadbury (Callen), Brad Baziente, AB
  7. Chubanna Doorman Jazzy (Doorman), Chubanna Holsteins, AB
  8. Coytee So Dolittle (Solomon), Tom Hofstra, Rietveld Dairies, AB
  9. Blondin Lucky AV Big On Fame (Avalanche), Lucky Hill Dairy, AB
  10. Meihaven Lucky Avalanche Rio (Avalanche), Lucky Hill Dairy & Meihaven Holsteins


Junior Calf (15)
  1. Benbie Solomon Pearl (Solomon), Benbie Holsteins & Jordan Vandragger, SK
  2. Kozak Solomon Maisy (Solomon), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
  3. Robella Byway Whiplash (Byway), Robella Holsteins & RockyMountain Holsteins, AB
  4. Hamming Solomon Cherry on Top (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  5. Benbie Novo Zelda (Novo), Benbie Holsteins, SK
  6. Shadynook Bradnick Ricochet (Bradnick), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
  7. Lovhill Solomon Lulu (Solomon), Lovholm Holsteins, SK
  8. Mosnang Cinderdoor Ladyfinger (Cinderdoor), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
  9. Wendon Doorman Dezi (Doorman), Wendon Holsteins, AB
  10. Zimmer Mc Axel (McCutchen), Sterling Park, AB


Intermediate Calf (34)
  1. Smith-Oak Avalanche Rosette (Avalanche), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
  2. Hammingview Doorman Sunshine (Doorman), Dave Hamming, BC
  3. Harmill Beemer Elsie (Beemer), Sweetridge & Lampada, MB
  4. Lehoux Doorman Crystal (Doorman), Craila Dairy & Vaandervier, SK
  5. Hamming Solomon Danica (Solomon), Dave Hamming, BC
  6. Kenbert Solomon Lively (Solomon), Kenbert Acres & Ryan Friesen, SK
  7. Skycrest Solomon Salmonella (Solomon), Skycrest Holsteins, AB
  8. SterlingPark Salt and Vinegar (Salt), Sterling Park, AB
  9. Craila Avalanche Last Call (Avalanche), Craila Dairy & Nienhuis, SK
  10. Dappleholm Sid Josie (Sid), Bulrush Holsteins, BC




Senior Calf (16)
  1. Liverty-Gen Awesome Avalanche (Avalanche), Benbie Holsteins, SK
  2. Dynamite Doorman Beatrice (Doorman), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
  3. Allie Doorman Marcie (Doorman), Blossom, Hamming & Barclay
  4. Kozak Millennium Morgan (Millenium), Kozak Holsteins, AB
  5. Chubanna Dempsey Dilor (Dempsey), Chubanna Holsteins, AB
  6. Wendon ByWay Winny (ByWay), Wendon Holsteins
  7. Quality Mario Sara (Mario), Sweetridge Farms, AB
  8. Lucky Meihaven D Back Revenge (Diamondbakc), Lucky Hill Dairy, AB
  9. Kenbert Doorman Lola (Doorman), Kenbert Acres & Ryan Friesen, SK
  10. Wedgewood CG Dorinda 1468 (Capital Gain), Mike Podschadly, BC