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Westerner Championship Holstein Show 2015
DATE: October 31st, 2015 at 9AM
JUDGE: Molly Sloan, WI

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The Westerner Championship Holstein Show takes place October 31st in Red Deer, AB at 9AM. Molly Sloan, WI will be in charge of sorting the classes. Cowsmo will be providing Live Coverage, video, photos and results thanks to Select Sires Genervations.

Live Coverage & SHow Program

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Show program WesternerHolstein2015

Junior CHampion

Junior Champion
Cerpolait Atwood Anoel (Atwood), 1st Winter Yearling, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
Reserve Junior Champion
Westcoast Brokaw Trisha (Brokaw), 1st Junior Yearling, Westcoast Holsteins, BC
HM Junior Champion
Skycrest Peanut (YOrick), 2nd Junior Yearling, Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB

Intermediate Championipion

Intermediate Champion
Wendon Dempsey Prude (Dempsey), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Eaton, B Murphy, Borba & Pat Conroy,
Reserve Intermediate Champion
A&M Bushman Sunbeam (Redliner), 2nd Junior 3yr Old, Morinville Hutterite Colony & Continental Holsteins, AB
HM Intermediate Champion
Mosnang Saloon Liquor (Saloon), 1st Junior 2yr Old, Mosnang Holsteins, AB

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Lakefield Dundee Janice (Dundee), 1st Mature Cow, Continental Holsteins, AB
Reserve Grand Champion
Wendon Dempsey Prude (Dempsey), 1st Junior 3yr Old, Eaton, B Murphy, Borba & Pat Conroy, NY, CA & IN
HM Grand Champion
West Liberty Absolute Red Satin (Absolute), 1st 4yr Old, Wendon, LuckyHIll, Tim Knull & Robella, AB & SK

Summer Calf (7)
  1. Skycrest McDougal Rigatoni (McDougal), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB
    2. PDF Doorman Sherry (Doorman), Benbie Holsteins, SK
    3. Wendon Doorman Mirlot (Doorman), Wendon Holsteins, AB
    4. Rietben Jake Chilli (AltaJake), Rietveld Dairies Ltd., AB
    5. Corlane Amber Delta (Delta), Corlane Holsteins, AB
    6. Balgonie RLT Goldwyn Wasabi (Goldwyn), Balgonie Holsteins, SK
    7. Lucky G Chip Jojo (Gold Chip), Lucky Hill Dairy Ltd., AB

Junior Calf (23)

1. PDF Fork Emily (Fork), Benbie Holsteins, SK
2. Spallvue Brokaw Ice Cream (Brokaw), Jim & Kristy McAvoy & Sunnyhome Holsteins, BC
3. Mosnang MCCutchen Wireless (McCutchen), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
4. Craila NC Doorman Luxury (Doorman), Alley Holsteins & Kenbert Acres, SK
5. Skycrest sid Shark (Sid), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB
6. Kenbert Doorman Jenny (Doorman), Kenbert Acres, SK
7. RocyMountain AS Dynamite (Aftershock), Mosnang Holsteins, AB
8. Hamming C Gin Drja (Captain Gain), Hamming Holsteins LTd.,BC
9. Balgonie Doorman Eve (Doorman), Balgonie Holsteins, SK
10. Balgonie Lotus Scoops (Lotus), Balgonie Holsteins, SK

Intermediate Calf (22)

1. Benbie Deman Cinnamon (Deman), Benbie Holsteins, SK
2. Donnanview Control Lolowway (Control), T&L Cattle Ltd., BC
3. Kenbert Atwood Avril (Atwood), Kenbert Acres, SK
4. Goldenset Doorman Pandora (Doorman), Hamming Holsteins, BC
5. Crestomere Abolute Leigh (Absolute), Everett Simanton, AB
6. Alley Sanchez Shea (Sanchez), Alley Holsteins & Kenbert Acres, SK
7. Skycrest windbrook SMokin Hot (Windbrook), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB
8. Skycrest Seaver Igloo (Seaver), Skycrest Holsteins Ltd., AB
9. Westcoast Barbwire Aleda (Barbwire), Luckyhill, Meihaven & Robella Holsteins, AB & SK
10. Benbie Alta5G Miley (Alta5G), Benbie Holsteins, SK

Senior Calf (17)

1. Diamondpark Bookkeeper Penny (Bookkeeper), Diamond Park Dairy & Rietveld Dairies Ltd., AB
2. Cedarwal Brokaw Sparkle (Brokaw), Westcoast Holsteins, BC
3. Rietben Delta Jagged (Delta), Rietveld Dairies Ltd., AB
4. Glenridge Doorman River (Doorman), Benbie Holsteins, SK
5. Kenbert Golddust Bling (Golddust), KEnBert Acres, SK
6. Kenbert Brokaw Esmie (Brokaw), Ryan Friesen & Lee Simanton, AB
7. Robella Lampada Sid Nadine (Sid), Robella Holsteins, SK
8. Westcoast Defiant Desire (Defiant), Lucky Hill Dairy & Meihaven Holsteins, AB
9. Branet McCutchen Myparka (McCutchen), Chris-Adie Holsteins Ltd., SK
10. Lakefield Joel Brokaw (Brokaw), Lakefield Farm, MB