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Western NY Regional Holstein Show 2017
DATE: August 13, 2017
JUDGE: Pat Conroy, IN

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Judge Pat Conroy, IN, has named his Grand Champion here at The Western NY Regional Holstein Show, Erie County Fair in Hamburg, NY, Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow. Congratulations to Alicia & Jonathan Lamb. Continue to watch through out the day for Live photos and results thanks to the Erie County Fair.

Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Reyncrest Doorman Delight-ET (Doorman), 3rd Fall Calf, Georgia Luft

Reserve Junior Champion Junior Show
Oakfield Doorman Summer-ET (Doorman), 4th Fall Calf, Jared Dueppengiesser

HM Junior Champion Junior Show
J-Folts Awesome Hokulani (Awesome), 3rd Winter Calf, Isaac Folts

Junior Champion Open Show

Junior Champion Open Show
Reyncrest Corvette Gracie (Corvette), 1st Spring Yearling, Reyncrest Farms

Reserve Junior Champion Open Show
Budjon-Vail Drmn Zanetta-ET (Doorman), 1st Summer Yearling, Oakfield Corners

Intermediate Champion Open Show

Intermediate Champion Open Show
Reyncrest RB Loca-Red-ET (Redburst), 1st Junior 3YR Old, Reyncrest Farms

Reserve Intermediate Champion Open Show
Reyncrest Hez Gold Chain-ET (Heztry), 1st Senior 2YR Old, Reyncrest Farms

HM Intermediate Champion Open Show
Reyncrest Doorman Lantana (Doorman), 1st Junior 2YR Old, Reyncrest Farms

Intermediate Champion Junior Show

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Elm-V-F Braxton Sapphire (Braxton), 4th Senior 2YR Old, Kelsey Warriner

Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Empire-Star Adonis Fiat (Adonis-Red), 5th Junior 2YR Old, Brandon Nickerson

Senior Champion Open Show

Senior Champion Junior Show
Mtelgin Goldwyn Lillian-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser

Reserve Senior Champion Junior Show
Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), 3rd 4 Year Old, Emily Mikel

Grand Champion Junior Show

Grand Champion Junior Show
Mtelgin Goldwyn Lillian-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser

Grand Senior Champion Junior Show
Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), 3rd 4 Year Old, Emily Mike

Senior Champion Open Show

Senior Champion Open Show
Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow, Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

Reserve Senior Champion Open Show
Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), 1st 5 Year Old, Oakfield Corners

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), 1st Aged Cow, Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

Reserve Grand Champion
Reyncrest RB Loca-Red-ET (Redburst), 1st Junior 3YR Old, Reyncrest Farms

Spring Calf (13)

1. Oakfield Solomon Dandy-ET (Solomon), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. Oakfield Beemer Casino-ET (Beemer), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
3. Co-Vista Doorman Irresponsible (Doorman), Co-Vista Holsteins
4. Halocrest Avalanche Tizzy (Avalanch), Howard Ivett
5. Luncrest Sid Penelope-ET (Sid), Emily Lampson
6. Roll-N-View Dman Malorie-ET (Doorman), John Barrett
7. E-Skinner Airlift 6131 Diana (Airlift), Schwab Dairy
8. EGL-Acres Aolomon Callista (Solomon), Emily Lampson

Winter Calf (18)

1. Reyncrest Drmn Cali Sun-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms
2. Oakfield Byway Taxi-ET (Byway), Abe Light
3. J-Folts Awesome Hokulani (Awesome), Isaac Folts
4. Intense Solomon Iris (Solomon), Pete Dueppengiesser
5. Milksource Dempsey Kiss-ET (Dempsey), Emily Lampson
6. Co-Vista Airlift Wendy (Airlift), Bryce Warriner
7. Oakfield Byway Tarzan-ET (Byway), Onnolee Lind
8. Smithson-KW Ribet Else (Rich), Lily Woodis

Fall Calf (24)

1. Reyncest Doorman Lilyana-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms
2. Reyncrest Doorman Denali-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms
3. Reyncrest Doorman Delight-ET (Doorman), Georgia Luft
4. Oakfield Doorman Summer-ET (Doorman), Jared Dueppengiesser
5. Oakfield Sid Cranberry-ET (Sid), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
6. Tusc-Vu Avalanche Cali-ET (Avalanch), Isaac Folts
7. Oakfield Solomon Lou-ET (Solomon), Brian George
8. Dialed-In Corvette Demi (Corvette), Andrew Lenhart
9. JPB Doormans Spice Girl-ET (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms
10. Oakfield Doorman Tick-ET (Doorman), Brian George
11. Midas-Touch DM Aleeda-ET (Doorman), Nicholas Yotpolis
12. Paramount-MB Armni Alala-ET (Armani), Kayla & Kendra Dechow

Summer Yearling (10)

1. Budjon-Vail Drmn Zanetta-ET (Doorman), Oakfield Corners
2. Roll-N-View Hvezda Crystal (Hvezda), Timothy Richards
3. Mikelholm MC Real Deal (McCutchen), Emily Mikel
4. Buck-N-Say Leverage Zellie (Leverage), Carter Hoffman
5. Lantland Airlift Linda (Airlift), Oakfield Corners
6. Country-Ayre Beemer 4836 (Beemer), Sophia Woodis
7. Paramount-MB Crvt Aphrodite (Corvette), Kayla & Kendra Dechow
8. Reliance Byway Fire (Byway), Brandon Nickerson

Spring Yearling (9)

1. Reyncrest Corvette Gracie (Corvette), Reyncrest Farms
2. Reyncrest Crvte Lauralyn-ET (Corvette), Reyncrest Farms
3. Reyncrest Crvte Lauralee-ET (Corvette), Reyncrest Farms
4. Yotpolis Ar T-97 (Archrival), Nicholas Yotpolis
5. Yotpolis Armani Lylack (Armani), Nicholas Yotpolis
6. Yotpolis Atwood Lucy Lou (Atwood), Nicholas Yotpolis
7. Finn-Star Brazzle Vienna (Brazzle), Emily Starceski
8. Ms Bry-Ry Corvette Flashy (Corvette), Ryan Hamilton

Winter Yearling (4)

1. OCD Archrival Soar-ET (Archrival), Erin Harkenrider
2. Stunning Sid 5421 Embark (Sid), Schwab Dairy
3. Horstein Archrivl Rae-ET (Archrival), Madison Woodis
4. Brierhill Sid Doris (Sid), Brian George

Fall Yearling (1)

1. Reyncrest Lmted Edition-ET (Gold Chip), Reyncrest Farms

Junior Best 3 Females

1. Reyncrest Farms
2. Reyncrest Farms
3. Oakfield Corners
4. Nicholas Yotpolis
5. Ryder Hoffman
6. Brian Coyne

Fall Yearling in Milk (1)

1. Oakfield Windhammer Faye (Windhammer), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

Junior 2YR Old (9)

1. (BU) Reyncrest Doorman Lantana (Doorman), Reyncrest Farms
2. Oakfield WB Tiffany-ET (Windbrook), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
3. Oscwil-IBH Sid Rotten 8338 (Sid), Schwab Dairy
4. Robella BH Doorman Lonestar (Doorman), Pete Dueppengieser
5. Empire-Star Adonis Fiat (Adonis-Red), Brandon Nickerson
6. Mikelholm Atwood Bouncer (Atwood), Emily Mikel
7. Buck-N-Say Clear Cut Oakley (Clear Cut), Blakelee Hoffman
8. Smithson-KW G W Atwood 5426 (Atwood), Madison Woodis

Senior 2YR Old (8)

1. (BU) Reyncrest Hez Gold Chain-ET (Heztry), Reyncrest Farms
2. Miss Goldwyn Shazam (Goldwyn), Reyncrest Farms
3. Reyncrest WB Gold Ring-ET (Windbrook), Reyncrest Farms
4. Elm-V-F Braxton Sapphire (Braxton), Kelsey Warriner
5. OCD Atwood Salsa Dancer-ET (Atwood), Oakfield Corners
6. Curr-Vale Brokaw Haven (Brokaw), Isaac Folts
7. Halocrest Atwood Laura (Atwood), Howard Ivett
8. Buck-N-Say Brkw Showgirl (Brokaw), Carter Hoffman

Junior 3YR Old (7)

1. (BU) Reyncrest RB Loca-Red-ET (Redburst), Reyncrest Farms
2. OCD Gold Chip Ellie-ET (Gold Chip), Oakfield Corners
3. Hovden OCD Sprinkle-ET (Sid), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
4. Cranholme Atwood Pasta-ET (Atwood), Isaac Folts
5. Bry-Ry Alex Felice (Alexander), Ryan Hamilton
6. Buck-N-Say (Airlift), Harrison Hoffman
7. Mikelholm-RA Dempsey Adelle (Dempsey), Randy Fitzsimmons

Senior 3YR Old (3)

1. Reyncrest Farms
2. (BU) Coyne-Farms McCut Mada-ET (McCutchen), Brian Coyne
3. Day-Dream Carnival Flash (Carnival), Timothy Nickerson

4 Year Old (5)

1. Craigcrest Rubies Rachelle-ET (Goldwyn), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb
2. OCD Braxton China Blue-ET (Braxton), Denise Saxton
3. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), Emily Mikel
4. Reyncrest SC Maybelline (Stanleycup), Reyncrest Farms
5. Coyne Farm Epic Melody-ET (Epic), Brian Coyne

5 Year Old (2)

1. Long-Haven Sid Carla (Sid), Oakfield Corners
2. Mtelgin Goldwyn Lillian-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser

Aged Cow (1)

1. Bella-Rosa GW Sara-ET (Goldwyn), Alicia & Jonathan Lamb

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