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Western Canadian Classic 2016
DATE: August 22nd-27th, 2016

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The Western Canadian Classic will take place August 22nd-27th in Brandon, MB. On Wednesday August 24th, Jon Fornwald, MB and Sean Smith, MB will place the clipping contest. Showmanship will take place on Friday, July 26th with Kyle Rivington, ON serving as the official judge. On Saturday August 27th Yan Jacobs, QC will place the conformation classes.

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Day 2 Judging

Junior Clipping

1.Cayden Hamming  & Jessica Podschadly, BC
2. Faith Baars  &  Kyle  Vaandrager, BC
3. Benjamin Hylkema  & Travis Pruim,  SK
4. Taylia Rees & Dayna Stoker, BC
5. Colten Mc Avoy & Jayden Hofstra,SK

Intermediate Clipping
  1. Kevin Vanzessen, SK
  2. Kurtis Severinski. BC
  3. Jodie Stoker, BC
  4. Matt Brandsma, BC
  5. Zachary Tkachuk , MB

Senior Clipping
  1. Martin Rypma, BC
  2. Mike Podschadly, BC
  3. Katelyn Crest, AB
  4. Lorna Hamming, BC
  5. Lee Morey, AB

Junior Judging Overall

1.Carson Hamming, BC
2.Benjamin Hylkema, SK
3.Kyle Vaandrager, BC
4.Taylia Rees, BC
5.Ethan McAvoy, SK


Junior Judge Placings

1.Ethan McAvoy, SK
2.Carson Hamming, BC
3.Emma Huismann, AB
4.Rolynn Bikker, AB
5.Taylia Rees, BC

Junior Judge Reasons

1.Benjamin Hylkema, SK
2.Faith Baars, BC
3.Carson Hamming, BC
4.Kyle Vaandrager, BC
5.Jessica Podschadly, BC

Intermediate Judging Overall

1.Teresa Hylkema, SK
2.James Pruim, SK
3.Sydney Toth, SK
4.Kurtis Severinksi, BC
5.Kevin Vanzessen, SK

Intermediate Judge Placings

1.Teresa Hylkema, SK
2.Devon Jansen, BC
3.Dana Andres, MB
4.Sydney Toth, SK
5.Kyona Bruins, BC

Intermediate Judge Reasons

1.James Prium, SK
2.Teresa Hylkema, SK
3.Kurtis Severinski, BC
4.Sydney Toth, SK
5.Jodie Stoker, BC

Senior Judging Overall

1.Martin Rypma, BC
2.Maryje Bikker, AB
3.Mark Sweetnam, MB
4.Tomas Collier-Panda, BC
5.Katelyn Crest, AB

Senior Judge Placings

1.Katelyn Crest, AB
2.Maryje Bikker, AB
3.Martin Rypma, BC
4.Jonas Haeni, AB
5.Anna Donohoe, MB

Junior Quiz

1.Pauline Ferguson, BC
2.Benjamin Hylkema, SK
3.Cassandra Knouse, SK
4.Laren Nienhuis, SK
5.Stephane Chartier, MB

Intermediate Quiz

1.James Prium, SK
2.Tara Sweetnam, MB
3.Teresa Hylkema, SK
4.Emma Van Steekelenburg, AB
5.Megan Baars, BC

Senior Quiz

1.Michelle Ross, SK
2.Irina Baumann, SK
3.Danica Severinksi, AB
4.Anna Donohoe, MB
5.Vicki Wiens, SK

Logan Chalack Heart & Hustle Memorial Award

Mark Sweetnam, MB

High Point Overall

1.Martin Rypma, BC
2.Katelyn Crest, AB
3.Teresa Hylkema, SK
4.Faith Baars, BC
5.Ben Hylkema, SK

High Point Overall - Martin Rympa

High Point Overall - Martin Rympa

Stall Competition




Premier Province


Schedule of Events

Tuesday August 23
7.00 am Calves move in and set up displays
11:00am Clipping calves arrive & sort through
12:00 pm Lunch – provinces on their own (lots of options for fast food close by)
3:00 pm Interprovincial meeting (draw calves first)
. Process and move in clipping calves
6:00 pm Supper provided
7:00 pm . Get acquainted night

Wednesday August 24
6:30 am-8:30am Breakfast in Canad Inn
9:00 a.m. Quiz
10:00 am-4:00 pm Stall competition
11:00 am Paper check
11:00 – 1:00 pm Clipping competition (staggered start)
12:00-1:30 pm Lunch provided
3:00 p.m. Clipping results- Show ring
3.30 p.m. Holstein Canada Presentation on proAction
6:00-8:30 pm Fun Night, supper provided.

Thursday August 25
6:30 am-8:30am Breakfast in Canad Inn
1.00 p.m. -4:00 pm Stall competition
10:00 am Judging classes and reasons- show ring and outside
12:00-1:30 pm Lunch provided
Free Evening

Friday August 26
6:30 am-8:30am Breakfast in Canad Inn
10:00 am-3:00 pm Stall competition
9:30 am Opening ceremonies (main ring)
10:00 am Showmanship classes
Concession open 11am-3pm
Free evening

Saturday August 27
6:30 am-8:30am Breakfast in Canad Inn
10:00 am- 3:00 pm Stall competition
10:00 am Conformation classes
European Young Breeders School Presentation (during Int. Calf heats)
Concession open 11am-3pm
4:00 pm Closing Ceremonies
6.30 pm Awards banquet and dance at Victoria Inn