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Vale-O-Skene Holsteins 10th Anniversary Tag Sale
DATE: March 12-15, 2014
LOCATION: Litte Britain, ON

Sale Details

Vale-O-Skene will  be hosting their 10th Anniversary Tag Sale on Wednesday, March 12 to Saturday, March 15, 2014.

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Sale staff contacts

Gary Troup 705-879-2661
Matthew Yates 705-341-6122
Bill Troup 705-878-2783
Barclay Phoenix 905-431-8340
Peter Leach 705-341-7303
Matthew Jackson 705-340-0673
Ethan McMillan 705-653-7445
Andrew Hubers 705-341-5610
Adam Clark 705-879-9726
Joanna Clark 705-879-9492
Jeff Stephens 905-317-8252
Dan McMorrow 705-341-2533 (Office) 705-340-6122


Prices and Added Consignments

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