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US National Brown Swiss Palmer Hoffman Memorial Junior Heifer Show
DATE: July 7th, 2017 at 4pm
JUDGE: Jenna Lenhart

The US National Brown Swiss Palmer Hoffman Memorial  Junior Heifer Show is set for 4pm on July 7th in Canton, OH as part of the US National Brown Swiss Convention. Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by STgenetics.

Stgenetics, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Stgenetics, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

US National Brown Swiss Convention

US National Brown Swiss Convention


Junior Champion
Brook Hollow Total Malahni (Total), 1st Spring Yearling, Sage Miller, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
North Lanes Bos Parfait (Bosephus), 1st Summer Yearling, Chelsea Skidmore, OH

 Winter Calves (11)

1.      Acacia  August Cleo (August), Elizabeth Howman, OH
2.      Maiers Acres Dolly Snoday (Doninic), Lila Kilsdonk, WI
3.      La Rainbow Bfly Starstruck (Cadence), Ben Lahmers, OH
4.      Wind Mill Tussel Jasmine (Tussel),  Amy Hughes, OH
5.      Royal WCF Carlton Beauty (Carlton), Wyatt Schlauch, OH
6.      North Lanes SP Sasha (Snow Plow), Delaney Oliger, IN

Spring Calves (11)

1. Idyl Wild Thunder Sangria (Thunder), Becca Vales, OH
2. North Lanes Snow Cone (Carson), Chelsea Skidmore, OH
3. Nor-Bet Get Lucky France (Get Lucky), Dalton, Dillion & Breanne
Freeman, IN
4. Brown Velvet Tequila Piper (Tequila), Elaina Lahmers, OH
5. Auburnbell Bosephus Aloha (Bosephus), Elizabeth Berstler, OH
6. Buckeye Knoll CAD Sure Shot (Cadence), Carrie Rhoades, OH

Fall Calf (17)

1.      Brown Velvet Thunder Finley (Thunder), Elaina Lahmers, OH
2.      Roeen Braiden Tesla (Braiden), Jaynie Rule, WI
3.      North Lanes CP Princess (Chili Pepper), Chelsea Skidmore, OH
4.      Miami Hills Bush Delsie (Bush), Laura Frye, IN
5.      Maple Glory Wisteria (Mr. Magoo), Audrey Anderson, PA
6.      VO Grin SP Shananigan-ET (Supreme), Maddy Mahlum, WI

Summer Yearling (9)

1.      North Lanes Bos Parfait (Bosephus), Chelsea Skidmore, OH
2.      Roeen Braiden Willow (Braiden), Jaynie Rule, WI
3.      North Lanes VCE Vivid (Vice), Delaney Oliger, IN
4.      Autumn Creek A Frosty Spot OCS (Atwood TM), Olivia Love, PA
5.      Round Hill Thunder Wunder ET (Thunder), William Hughes, OH
6.      Top Acres Thunder Wispit (Thunder), Nick Love, PA

Spring Yearling (8)

1.      Brook Hollow Total Malahni (Total), Sage Miller, OH
2.      North Lanes BRDN Panama (Braiden) ,Chelsea Skidmore, OH
3.      Idyl Wild Thunder Roxy (Thunder), Becca Vales, OH
4.      Nor-Bert Winning Formula Tippy (Winning Formula), Dalton, Dillion &
Breanne Freeman, IN
5.      North Lanes Thunder Cobalt (Thunder), Ashylnn Oliger, IN
6.      Top Acres JP Wingirl ET (Jet Pilot), Nick Love, PA

Fall Yearling (4)

1.North Lanes Brdn Puma (Braiden), Chelsea Skidmore, OH
2.¬† ¬† ¬† Latimore Chili Grace (Chili Pepper), Lauren L’Amoreaux, OH
3.      Top Acres Braiden Winzit ET (Braiden), William Hughes, OH
4.      Miami Hills Bosephus Debbie (Bosephus), Laura Frye, IN

Winter Yearling (9)

1.      Sun-Made Eite Neith ET (Supreme), Leif Thompson, WI
2.      Cutting Edge C Kitty ET (Carter), Olivia Love, PA
3.      One True Hill Chill Sunny (Chili Pepper), Tucker True, NY
4.      Trulea Gib Spiffy (Gib), Liana Llardi, NY
5.      La Rainbow Bfly Monday (Bosephus), Ben Lahmers, OH
6.      Open-Road C Pepper Who Izit (Chili Pepper), Amy Hughes, OH

Best Bred & Owned

1.North Lanes Bos Parfait (Bosephus), 1st Summer Yearling
Chelsea Skidmore, OH
2. North Lanes BRDN Panama (Braiden), 2nd Spring Yearling, Chelsea Skidmore, OH
3. La Rainbow Bfly Starstruck (Cadence), 3rd Winter Calf,Ben Lahmers, OH

Junior Showmanship (11)

1.      Elaina Lahmers
2.      Delaney Oliger
3.      Wyatt Schlauch
4.      Dillion Freeman
5.      Kenzie Hancock

Intermediate Showmanship (18)

1.      Tucker True
2.      Dalton Freeman
3.      Ashlynn Oliger
4.      Amy Hughes
5.¬† ¬† ¬† Lauren L’Amoreaux

          Senior Showmanship (18)

1.      Leif Thompson
2.      Chelsea Skidmore
3.      Lila Kilsdonk
4.      Jaynie Rule
5.      William Hughes