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UK Dairy Day Dairy Shorthorn Show 2017
DATE: September 13th, 2017 at 9am (4am EST)
LOCATION: Telford, Shropshire, UK
JUDGE: Ian Collins, UK


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Show Information

The UK Dairy Day Dairy Shorthorn Show 2017 will be held at the International Centre, Telford, Shropshire, UK on September 13th from 9am-5pm. Ian Collins, UK, will serve as official judge. Cowsmo Coverage of all the shows will be provided thanks to the sponsorship of the UK Dairy Day.

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Grand Champion
Shaunlea Geri 6th ET (Barbwire), 1st Junior Cow, S E Dixon & G Holiday
Reserve Grand Champion
Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa (Pingerley), 2nd Junior Cow, Rob Kite
HM Grand Champion
Cotonhall Landmine Princess Anne (Landmine), 1st Heifer in Milk, Rob Kite

Heifer in Milk (5)

1. (BU)(BO)Cottonhall Landmine Princess Anne (Landmine), R Kite
2. Irthingvale Lje Tulip 2 (Empire), M Tidmarsh
3. Daimat Saafie ( Landmine), D Madeley
4. Morwood Gay Lass 3 (Franklin), RST & SA Morgan
5. Attwoods Grey Rose 2 (Ernie), R Brindley Watkins

Junior Cow having 2 or 3 calves (6)

1.  Shaunlea Geri 6th (Barbwire), S E Dixon & G Holiday
2. Cotonhall Pingerley Clarissa (Pingerley), R Kite
3. Marleycote Fleur 49 (Outback), G G Baynes & Son
4. Irthingvale Watzon Meg 2 (Watzon), R Brindley
5. Nejay Princess 9 (Ernie), J Rodenhurst
6. Morwood Prince Gay Lass 2nd (Prince), R S T & S A Morgan

Senior Cow in Milk (2)

1. (BU)(BO) Cotonhall Joy 7th (Rustler), R Kite
2. Rodway Una 4 (Treetop Pimp), R S T & S A Morgan