Tulip Holstein Sale 2012

December 7, 2012 @ IJsselhallen, Zwolle (The Netherlands)

Sale Catalog & Updates

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Sale Day Prices & Photos

Sale Average 62 head $10165 CAD (7979 Euro)
Cattle sold to Netherlands and 24 going to Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Italy, Northern Ireland, France, England and Denmark

High sellers
Lot 4 Wesselcrest Cameron Angel- (Jeeves Cameron X Wesselcrest Domain
Angela) EUR 50,000
Consignor: Colonia Cows, Germany
Buyer: Cameron Angel Syndicate, Benelux

Lot 21 1st Choice Epic or Lexor X Own Gold Lucille VG-89 2yr EUR29,000
Buyer: Koole & Liebregts, Netherlands

Lot 34 Sudan Logan Mae (Sudan X Morningview GW Logan) EUR 18,200
Buyer: Annan Holsteins, England

Lot 20 Padkaer Hols Explode Excilda (Explode X MOM Julie VG-89 2yr) EUR 18,000
Buyer: Lakeside, Netherlands

Lot 62 Eerste Keus Ms Ariel Arayna (Shamrock) EUR 15,500
Buyer: P Jansen, Netherlands

Lot 19 Heidenskipster Epic Erica- (Epic X Shottle Silver VG-87 2yr) EUR 15,200
Buyer:Schaffers &Nijenhuis, Netherlands

Lot 42 WWS Penny P RC (Epic X Golden Oaks Gwyn Perky P RC) EUR 14,000
Buyer: H Broekhuis, Netherlands

Lot 12 1st Choice O’Style X MS CHassity Plan Chaching VG-86 2yr EUR 13,000
Buyer: Vendairy, Netherlands

Lot 3 Holbra Motao TY-( Iota X Wargo-Acres Bolton Mopsie EX-92) EUR12,000
Buyer: M de Groot, Netherlands

Lot 24 RR Shamrock Regenia (Shamrock X RR MOM Regenia VG-87 2yr) EUR 12,000
Buyer: ALH Genetics, Netherlands

Lot 16 Broeks MOM Carien VG-86 2yr – (Man OMan X Nova TMJ Golden Echo VG-88 2yr) EUR10,500
Buyer: H.J van Driel, Netherlands

Lot 33 Broeks Plagold (Gold Chip X Broeks Plabet VG-88 2yr) EUR 10,200
Buyer: J Berda, Netherlands

Lot 29 Zeedieker Letty Snow P RC (Snowman X Zeedieker Lawnet P Red VG-86 2yr) EUR 10,100
Buyer: Visstein Holsteins, Netherlands

Lot 49 FG Olivia (Snowman X FG Planet Policy VG 2yr) EUR 10,200 Lot 62 1st Choice X MS Ariel Bolton Arayna) EUR 10,000
Buyer: Schep Holsteins, Netherlands

Lot 10 Koepon Planet Classy 61 VG-86 2yr (Planet X Koepon Shottle Classy 17 VG) EUR 9,000
Buyer: Mv.d. Kamp & Ankum, Netherlands

Lot 1 Duckett SA OFH Freeze TY – (Jordan dtr of Harvue Roy Frosty) EUR 8500

Lot 41 1st Choice Uno or Meridian X Destiny VG-86 2yr EUR 8,200

Lot 32 1st Choice Gold Chip X Quinta VG-86 2yr EUR 8,000

Lot 46 Veenhuizer Nana (Emerald X Veenhuizer Nelleke VG-87 2yr) EUR 8000

Sale Morning Highlights

There may be snow in Holland but things are definitely hotting up in Zwollle where the Tulip sale will take place imminently.

LOT 50- WATERMOELEN SNOWMAN PATRICIA (Born March 2012). Fancy fancy Snowman (Next dams: VG-87 2yr Baxter X VG-89 Goldwyn X Windy-Knoll View Pledge EX-95)

LOT 20- PADKAER HOLS. EXPLODE EXCILDA (Born June 2012) GTPI +2296 GLPI +2915.  One of Explode’s highest GTPI dtrs in Europe from a VG-89 2yr Man OMan dam. Maternal sister to a Bookem son at Masterrind RZG 147

LOT 29- ZEEDIEKER LETTY SNOW P RC (Born March 2012) GTPI +2024.  A Polled Red Carrier Snowman, sells with global interest

LOT 13- ZEEDIEKER CANDY (Born Feb 2012).  Fancy Fever show heifer from the Barbie family  sells. (VG-86 Alexander 2yr X EX-91 Mac X Regancrest Cinderella EX-92) Great Calf!

LOT 42 WWS PENNY P RC (Born June 2012).  Full sister to the #1 Polled Heifer in the World (08/12)  Over 2000 GTPI (Next dams VG Goldwyn X Golden Oaks Perk Rae P Red)

LOT 19 HEIDENSKIPSTER EPIC ERICA (Born June 2012) GTPI +2300 GPTAT 3.30.  Epic X One of Europe’s Best Shottle dtrs- Shottle Silver VG-87 2yr. Next dams VG Aaron X VG-86 Manfred X Morningview converse Judy EX-93

Lot 4 WESSELCREST CAMERON ANGEL (Born August 2012) GTPI +2458 GPTAT 3.76.   One of the highest GTPI heifers in Europe. Unlimited Potential (next dams Domain X EX-92 Shottle X Canyon Breeze Finley Aisha VG-88

LOT 16 BROEKS MOM CARIEN (Born June 2010) Milking VG-86 2yr Man O Man straight out of Nova TMJ Golden Echo VG-88 2yr. Carien has a brother in Germany 151 RZG International Interest.

Sale Preview

Daughters of all the top sires sell, and include the #1 GTPI Jeeves Cameron in Europe, #1 GTPI Emerald in Europe (#1 GLPI World-wide)  #2 GTPI Sudan Europe, #3 GTPI Golday World-wide. Some great calves by Emerald, Epic, O’Style, Shamrock, Snowman, Sudan. 3 Red Heifers sell including one of the first Alchemy, 8 Red Carrier heifers and 5 Polled heifers including a Homozygous Polled heifer.

LOT 4 -WESSELCREST CAMERON ANGEL (born Aug 2012) GTPI+2458 GPTAT 4.29.  Highest GTPI & GPAT calf in the Sale!!! No OMan , Goldwyn or Planet in this pedigree, and neither the sire Shema Jeeves Cameron or the maternal grandsire Ronelee Domain were ever available in Europe.  Sells with over EUR28,000 worth of embryo contracts ready to flush!

LOT 1 -DUCKETT SA OFH FREEZY TY (Born July 2012) The first daughter of the 2X Supreme Champion of World Dairy Expo-Harvue Roy Frosty EX-97 to sell in Europe. Sired by Gillette Jordan she sells with embryo interest.

LOT 31- MWS AFRICA RC P (Born Feb 2012) A RC Polled Heifer sired by Snowman and from the world renowned Tri-Day Ashlyn family. (Snowman X VG-87 2yr Lawnboy X VG-87 2yr Talent X Tri-Day Ashlyn EX-96)

LOT 2- DE WIEKE LIMITA RED (Born Jan 2012) Stylish dtr of Wilstar-RS TLT Limited Red EX-94, Reserve Grand Red & White Holstein World Dairy Expo 2011 and 1st Aged Cow at the Royal Winter Fair 2011. 10 Generations of VG or Excellent dams

LOT 60 EXPLODE LE FLEUR 4 (Born March 2012) Just under GLPI +3000- Explode X VG-86 Planet X EX Shottle X Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94. So many great bulls coming from this family including GenerVations Lexor. She’ll soon be

Pick Your Own Favorite at the Tulip Sale!

  • One of Europe’s leading Holstein sales takes place this Friday 7thDecember 2012 in Zwolle, Holland, prior to Holland’s HHH show on Saturday which will be judged by US judge Mark Rueth.The 8thEdition of the Tulip sale hosted by ALH Genetics, brings together some of Europe’s finest Holstein genetics, combining type, pedigree and some of the highest genomics available in Europe into one illustrious catalogue.There are many individual highlights in the sale (some detailed below), but the depth and quality throughout the catalogue is impressive. The potential to make a great return on any investment is evident and a quality of the sale.LOT 4 -WESSELCREST CAMERON ANGEL (born Aug 2012) GTPI+2458 GPTAT 4.29  Highest GTPI & GPAT calf in the Sale!!!No OMan , Goldwyn or Planet in this pedigree, and neither the sire Shema Jeeves Cameron or the maternal grandsire Ronelee Domain were ever available in Europe. Sells with over EUR28,000 worth of embryo contractsLOT 12- 1st Choice from 2 OStyle daughters of MS Chassity Plan Chaching VG-86 2yr  (1st heifer tests at GTPI +2275 GPTAT 2.30) . Co-op O Style Oman Just daughter from MS Chassity Plan Chaching VG-86 2yr, (maternal sister to Mr Chassity Gold Chip and Mr Chassity Colt 45 P RC). Chaching is the exciting Planet daughter of Regancrest S Chassity EX-92. Buyer can make selection from either heifer- based on inspection or when the 2ndheifer receives genomic results in January.LOT 16- BROEKS MOM CARIEN VG-86 2YR (87 MS) GTPI +2060 GLPI +2582 . Proj 2-02305d 9.468kg 4.55 427f 3.3% 333p.  This beautiful milking Man O Man daughter is directly out of Nova TMJ Golden Echo VG-88 2yr. Carien is full sister to MAXIM (151 RZG) on test in Germany. Sells with international contract interest. Sells with EUR 8000 worth of embryo contracts and interest from all the major A.I studsLOT 18 -VEN DAIRY LIDIA 5 (Born Aug 2012) GTPI +2195 GLPI +2631. An Epic daughter out of Bertiola Bolton Lidia VG-86 2yr- the full sister to the global sensation Bertiola MINCIO. 9 generations of Vg or Ex dams. Huge AI Interest in this heiferLOT 19- HEIDENSKIPSTER EPIC ERICA (Born June 2012) GTPI+2300 GLPI +2707. Extremely high numbers from one of the best Shottle dtrs in Europe- Shottle Silver VG-87 2yr from the  Morningview Converse Judy family (8 generations of VG or EX dams). Silver has 15 sons in AI all which have been accepted based on genomics!  Huge International interest in this combination- Heifer will sell with over EUR8,000 contracts and Bull interest from A.L.H, ALTA, CRV, K&L, and SemexLOT 20- PADKAER HOLS EXPLODE EXCILDA (Born June 2012) GTPI +2296 GPTAT +3.69 GLPI +2915. Explode daughter from VG-89 2 yr Man O Man The #2 Explode daughter in Europe. Over EUR 14,000 embryo contracts and A.I interest from A.L.H, ALTA, CRV, K&L, and SemexLot 21- FIRST CHOICE FROM 6 EPIC DAUGHTERS OF OWN GOLD LUCILLE VG-89 2YR. They are maternal sisters to the #1 GTPI heifer in Europe by Numero Uno (GTPI +2665), Lucille is Internationally contracted and has sons in A.I. The heifers are all tested on Genomics and include the #1 GTPI Lexor in Europe at GTPI +2358 and nearly 3.5 GPTAT and the #1 GLPI calf in the sale at +3046 and one which tests RZG153!!!! Sells with huge interest for embryos and bullsLOT 24 – RR SHAMROCK REGENIA (Born July 2012) GTPI +2308 GPTA 2.7 The only daughter of the beautiful RR MOM Regenia VG-87 2yr, 11 generations of VG or Ex dams 

    LOT 28- PG MINERVA PP (Born Dec 2011) Homozygous Polled female by Mitey P ready to flush now! All her offspring will be polled!!!

    LOT 33 – BROEKS PLAGOLD (Born Jan 2012) GTPI +2187 GPATA +3.03 Gold Chip X Planet X Snowman – Flush Age Gold Chip daughter of Broeks Plabet VG-88 2yr- the beautiful and heavily contracted Planet daughter of Broeks Betty VG-88 2yr. . could this be the 4th generation to score VG as a 2 year old?

    LOT 42 WWS PENNY P RC (Born June 2012) GTPI +2025 GPTAT 2.59. She’s Polled and she’s a RC and full sister to the #1 Polled heifer in Europe, from the Perk Rae family- 9 generations of VG or Ex dams No Lawn Boy in the pedigree and GTPI +2058!! Flush her to a polled bull and try and make high Homozygous polled offspring

    LOT 46- VEENHUIZER NANA (Born May 2012) GTPI +2246 GLPI +3022 #1 GTPI Emerald in Europe and #1 GLPI Emerald worldwide, sells with huge interest from the BW Marshall Neblina family.

    LOT 49 – FG OLIVIA (Born Nov 2011) GTPI +2207 Ready to flush now- huge genomic figures for milk-+2227kgs- the highest in the sale!!! Snowman X VG 2yr  Planet X Windy-Knoll View Policy EX-93

    LOT 62- FIRST CHOICE FROM 3 SHAMROCK DAUGHTERS OF MS ARIEL BOLTON ARAYNA. Bolton Arayna is perhaps MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX-92 best dtr to date. The Shamrocks are all tested and include Akira  the #9 GTPI Shamrock in Europe with GTPI +2347 and +3.63 GPTAT

    Check out www.cowsmo.com tomorrow for preview pictures of some of the sale highlights, or to request picture information on any lot selling email or SMS Claire Swale +44 (0)776 9686638 with lot number.

Sale Schedule & Contact Details

For more details contact any one of the sales Staff listed in the catalogue.
For the UK and NI contact:
Claire Swale (+44) (0) 7769 686638
Isaac Lancaster (+44) (0) 7739 566538
David Jones (+44 ) (0) 7810 561585
Kyle Henry (+44) (0) 7868 365675
Adolf Langhout (+31) 06-53410490

13.00hrs               Viewing of sale animals
15.00hrs               Complimentary drink
17.00hrs               Tulip sale commences

09.00hrs               Holland Holstein Show
Holstein Judge-Judge Mark Rueth
Red Holstein- Judge Jan Steegink
Young Breeders- Judge Roger Turner