Trans America Genetics – Genomic Power Sale 2012


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Average $29,597 with Charity lot

Sale prices

High Sellers

$150,000- Lot 1 Benner Fork Janardan -#1 Fork Daughter x Benner Planet Jakoka GP-83 x Goldwyn Jamarco VG-87 1* plus 6 more VG dams Consignor: Tranquillity Farms & A Clark, QC
Buyer: Greg Noble

$145,000-Lot 11- Marbi Uno Beauty GTPI+2602 PTAT+3.39 GPALPI+3328 ranks#17 GTPI Female in the World (10/12) x Marbri Baxter Breeze VG-85 x Goldwyn Bounce VG-87 1*- same family as Facebook
Consignor: Kenneth Pfaffs, MN
Consignor: Tranquility Genetics & A Clark

$110,000-Lot 16-Ste odile Moon Model Amaluna GTPI+2518 GPA LPI+3798 x Manoman Model Saphir GTPI+2408 next 7 dams VG orE X with 74* Consignor:Ferme Ste Odile  jean Baptiste Lepage, QC
Buyer: Tranquillity Genetics and Andrew Clark

$62,000- Lot 10 – Skyreach N o Santa Maria GPI+2521 GPA LPI+3397 x Welcome Tel Observe Saint x Socrates Synergy VG-87 plus 3 more VG dams Consignor: Ferme Jolicap, QC
Buyer: Tranquillity Genetics and Andrew Clark

$60,000-Lot 6- Pine Tree 412 Airn 5417 (Altaairnet x Pine Tree Freddie Wandi x Missy Wanda Ex-90 DOM x Rudy Missy Ex-92 3E)
Consignor: Pine Tree Dairy Buyer: De-Su Holstein, ID

$50,000- Lot 3 – 1st choice MAS x Banner Fork Janardan GTPI+2546 GALPI+3493 x planet Jakova GP-83 x Jamarco VG-87 1* plus 6 more VG dams Consignor; Tranquility Genetics & A Clark
Buyer: Boisvert Holstein

Other Prices in Lot# Order
$45,000-Lot 4 -1st Choice Latimer x seagull Bay Miss America GTPI+2519 x Peachy Shauna VG-87 – dam of Sargeant Headliner & Supersire
Consignor: Tranquility Genetics & A Clark

$20,000-Lot 2 – 1st Choice Mayfield or Uno Female due Sept or Nov 12 x Benner Planet Jakova GP-83 x Goldwyn Jamarco VG-87 1* plus 5 more VG dams
Consignor: Benner Holsteins, MB

$27,000-Lot 5-1st Choice Cashcoin x Ammon Peachey Super Miki GTPI+2432 PTAT+3.23 x Martha Sheen VG-86 DOM 1*
Consignor: Elite Dairy Genomics, IL
Buyer: Benner Holsteins & Pennview Farm, MB

$20,000-Lot 7- 1st Choice Massey x Ammon Peachy Shana VG-87 DOM x Martha Sheen VG-86 DOM 1* x Missy Martha Vg-86 DOM
Consignor: Benner Holsteins & Pennview Farm, MB

$20,000- Lot 8 1st Choice Let it Snow x OCD Iota Savannah GTPI+2334 GLPI+3156 Conf+16 GTPAT 3.61 x Ammon Peachy SHana VG-87 DOM
Consignor: Pennview Farm & Benner Holsteins, MB

$18,000-Lot 9- 1st Choice Galaxy x Ammon Peachy Digr Sheri GTPI+2356 GPTAT+3.57 GALPI+2498 Conf+14 x Martha Sheen VG-86 1*
Consignor: Ronelee Farms, WA

$15,000-  Lot 12- 1ST Choice Morgan x Marbri Baxtr Breeze VG GTPI+2161 GTPAT+3.18 x Goldwyn Bounce VG-87 1* plus 7 more gen VG or EX
Consignor: Benrise, Springlawn & Marbri Farms Inc., ON & QC

$26,000-Lot 17 – Choice Uno x Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET – pick between Ms Dreary Delorean-ET & Ms Dreary Dreamy-ET born Sept’12

$18,000- Lot 18 – Choice Special Effect x Ronelee Boliver Dreary-ET – RC and potential polled from “the black cow” from 6 confirmed pregs due Mar’13

$13,000- Lot 19 – Tranquillity AC Drearys Rush – GTPI +2388 +830NM – sells with open end lease contract from TAG. Second dam is Ronelee Outside Dabble-ET (EX-91 2E GMD-DOM)

$26,000- Lot 20 – 1st choice McCutchen x Ronelee Hero Donalynn-ET (GTPI +2349) x Ronelee Outside Dabble – this is the highest GTPI-GPTAT combination in the sale – from the #1 Hero daughter & sister to Domain

$34,000 – Lot 21 – 1st choice Morgan x Ronelee Iota Doodle-ET (GTPI +2482) – next dam is Dabble – first offering from this #3 GTPI Iota daughter and sister to Domain – from 4 pregs due Jun’13

$19,000- Lot 22 – Choice Morgan x Rockymountain Manoman Dimple (VG-86, 2y) – first choice from 1 Morgan female preg due 6/13 and 8 Galaxy transfers due Jul’13

$10,000- Lot 23 – change in catalog – Ronelee Ross Decore sells! #2 GTPI Ross daughter at +2299 – carries a female Sargeant – due 3/13. 2nd dam full sister to Domain

$25,000- Lot 24 – Ms Farnear-TBR Cmrn Moni-ET – Cameron x Sully Planet Montreal-ET (VG-87 DOM GTPI +2246) x Sully Shottle May (VG-85 DOM) – she is the #1 GPA LPI Cameron (8/12) at +2697

$12,000- Lot 25 – Choice Ransom x Sully Planet Manitoba-ET (GP-83 DOM with GTPI +2271) – from 2 confirmed female pregs due May’13

$34,000- Lot 26 – Choice Liquid Gold or Doorman x Sully Giafeeti 300-ET – from 5 transfers on Oct 29 – next dam Sully Planet Manitoba

$12,000- Lot 28 – Choice Cashcoin x Sully Hart Domain 133-ET from 2 confirmed pregs due Jun’13 and 6 confirmed pregs due Jul’13 – next dam Sully Planet Manitoba

$9000- Lot 29 – 1st choice Galaxy x Vieuxsaule MOM Haydie (VG-86 and proj. at 38,469M 4.5% 3.1%) – from 3 confirmed female pregs

$28,000- Lot 30 – Jolicap Uno Electra-ET – sister to Highway, Epic and the #1 NM$ female in the breed. Dam is Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET (VG-85, 2y) x Wabash-Way Evett-ET (VG-86 DOM 2*)

$16,000 -Lot 31 – Ms Emily Eliane-ET – an early Airnet x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily-ET (Emily sold for $157,000 in the 2011 GPS!)

$29,000- Lot 32 – Rockymountain Lexor Eden – the #1 Lexor in the world!  GTPI +2461/GLPI +3289 – Dam is Calbrett Superstition Em x Tramilda-N Baxter Emily

$15,000 – Lot 33 – 1st choice Special Effect P Red x Baxter Emily from 3 female pregs due Mar’13– RC and potential polled! – resulting female will be sister to the current #1 NM$ female in the breed

$1900- Lot 34 – Four IVF female embryos from Baxter Emily – sired by Determine (transferred in US only)

$16,000- Lot 35 – Estmer Colt Myrtille Red P – Colt P-Red x Estmer Mitey Mildred P x Vidia MrBurns Melodie GP-83 – from the family of Maryclerc Melanie Intensifier EX-91 2E 9* – full brother is Mirador Red P at Semex

$26,000- Lot 36 – 1st choice CashMoney x Farnear Ready For Adeen-ET – from 9 pregs due 6/13 – the earliest Cashmoneys in the world! 2nd dam is Farnear Shot of Adeen VG-87 DOM

$20,000- Lot 37 – Choice of Uno x Regan-ALH Domain Daya-ET – pick between 2 females – Ms Daya Dairy Queen-ET & Ms Daya Dalphin-ET born Sept’12

$25,000- Lot 38 – 1st choice Determine x Palmyra Robust Gem (GTPI +2432) – six IVF transfers Oct’12- 9 dams with VG-86 or more!

$15,500- Lot 39 – 1st choice McCutchen or Denzel x Rugg-Doc Robust Carmaren-ET. Next dam Ralma Goldwyn Carmel EX-92 2E DOM x Ralma Christmas Cookie-ET VG-88 DOM

$8500- Lot 41 – Choice Ransom x Nauly Man O Man Allie VG-86 – from 4 pregs due Jun’13, 2 pregs due Jul’13 and 4 embryos implanted on Nov;12 – 2nd dam is Canyon-Breeze-I Shott Allison VG-85

$900/embryo -Lot 42 – Lot of 5 frozen embryos by Ransom x Nauly Man O Man Allie – from conventional flush & exportable

$8350- Lot 44 – Choice Sargeant x Jolicap Loly Oman Oman – from 4 female pregs due Dec’11 – dam is a sister to Lego at TAG

$7,000- Lot 45 – Choice Latimer x Farnear Bozicas Bombi-ET – from the Barbies! 2nd dam is Farnear Brocade P Bozica x Regancrest G Brocade-ET EX-92 DOM

$14,000- Lot 46 – 1st choice Determine x Miss TMK Robust Mugsy-ET – from 3 confirmed pregs due Jun’13 & 2 transfers pending – outcross pedigree Robust x Mac x Durham

$13,000- Lot 47 – Choice Galaxy x Miss TMK Robust Mugsy – from 8 transfers due Jun’13

$21,500- Lot 48 – Choice Mayfield x Tramilda Observer Lynn – pick from 5 heifers born 10/12 – Dam has GTPI +2302 – next dam Tramilda Socrates Lil Lynn VG-85

$30,000- Lot 49 – Choice Cashcoin x Sandy-Valley Robust Ruby-ET – from 4 transfers on Oct’12 – 2nd dam Sandy-Valley Plane Sapphire from the Dellias!  PA is GTPI +2491 $30,000

$4500- Lot 50- Bo Irish RN Cmrn Selena (Aug 12 Cameron x Comyn PBCD mom Sparkle x Sandy valley Sho Sonador VG-88 DOM Consignor: TAG Sold in Patricks memory to Suicide Prevention charity