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Supreme Dairy Candienne Show 2017
DATE: November 2, 2017
LOCATION: Saint-Hyacinthe, QC
JUDGE: RĂ©mi Bergeron, QC

The Complete Image Gallery from the Supreme Dairy Show / Le Supreme Laitier 2017 is now available for you to view, share & purchase photos.

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The Supreme Dairy Candienne Show 2017 will take place Nov 2, 2017 in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC. RĂ©mi Bergeron, QC, will be judging the show.

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Junior Champion
Bonnieglen Choco Fever-ET (Choco), 1st Intermediate Calf, Robert & Julie Mason
Reserve Junior Champion
Beauvoie Choco Petale (Choco), 1st Junior Calf, Hugo Beaudry
HM Junior Champion
Bonnieglen Choco Forever-ET (Choco), 2nd Intermediate Calf, Robert & Julie Mason

Grand Champion
Britannia Moka Diamant (Moka), 1st Jr 2yr Old, Yan-Eric Petit
Reserve Grand Champion
Bisson Polka Soucy (Polka), 1st 5yr Old, Robert & Julie Mason
HM Grand Champion
Acton Volcom Zuvie (Volcom), 1st 4yr Old, Jacques Provost

Summer Calf (4)
  1. Britannia Monster Marianna (Monster), Yan-Eric Petit
  2. Acton Choco Eden (Choco), Jaques Provost
  3. Beaumanoit Zak Pralyne (Zak), Genevieve Manseau
  4. Bell Campagne Marin Extra (Marin), Genevieve Manseau

Junior Calf (5)
  1. Beauvoie Choco Patale (Choco), Hugo Beaudry
  2. Beauvoie Kungfu Picardie (Kungfu), Hugo Beaudry
  3. A Cappella Energistar Hope (Energistar), Melissa Marcoux
  4. Britannia Kungfu Madonna (Kungfu), Yan-Eric Petit
  5. Bonnieglen Cansey Angie (Cansey), Robert & Julie Mason

Intermediate Calf (6)
  1. Bonnieglen Choco Fever-ET (Choco), Robert & Julie Mason
  2. Bonnieglen Choco Forever-ET (Choco), Robert & Julie Mason
  3. Acton Simon Elodie (Simon), Jacques Provost
  4. Britannia Choco Alicia (Choco), Yan-Eric Petit
  5. Beaumanoit Expo Charline (Expo), Genevieve Manseau
  6. Beaumanoit Zak Lolyta (Zak), Geneieve Manseau

Senior Calf (3)
  1. Acton Choco Danielle (Choco), Jacques Provost
  2. Beauvoie Monster Daisy (Monster), Hugo Beaudry
  3. Britannia Choco Molson EX (Choco), Yan-Eric Petit

Junior Yearling (4)
  1. Britannia Nuance Modele (Nuance), Yan-Eric Petit
  2. Bonnieglen Faberge Timing (Faberge), Robert & Julie Mason
  3. Bell Campagne Simon Doune (Simon), Genevieve Manseau
  4. Acton Moka Darie (Moke), Jacques Provost

Intermediate Yearling (3)
  1. Britannia Moka Orky (Moka), Yan-Eric Petit
  2. Acton Moka Dianne (Moka), Jacques Provost
  3. Bonnieglen Moka Mirage (Moka), Robert & Julie Mason

Junior Breeder Banner
  1. Britannia
  2. Acton
  3. Bonnieglen

Junior Exhibitor Banner
  1. Ferme Britannia Senc / Yan-Eric Petit
  2. Ferme Acton Inc / Jacques Provost
  3. Robert & Julie Mason

Best Bulls
  1. Beauvoie Choco
  2. Beauvoie Moka
  3. De Tilly Karate Kungfu ET

Junior 2yr old (5)
  1. Britannia Moka Diamant (Moka), Yan-Eric Petit
  2. Acton Moka Civa (Moka), Jacques Provost
  3. Beauvoie Moka Miss (Moka), Hugo Beaudry
  4. Bonnieglen Moka Angelica (Moka), Robert & Julie Mason
  5. Bonnieglen Cansey Bijoux (Cansey), Robert & Julie Mason

Senior 2yr Old (3)
  1. Bonnieglen Venus Fennel (Venus), Robert & Julie Mason
  2. Bonnieglen Venus Frosty (Venus), Robert & Julie Mason
  3. Beaumanoit Zak Charlotte (Zak), Genevieve Manseau

3yr Old (3)
  1. Acton Expo Butesse (Expo), Jacques Provost
  2. Acton Volcom Anouka (Volcom), Jacques Provost
  3. Beauvoie Gigger Granule (Gigger), Genevieve Manseau

4yr Old (5)
  1. Acton Volcom Zuvie (Volcom), Jacques Provost
  2. Beauvoie Cansey Miracle (Cansey), Hugo Beaudry
  3. Britannia Volcom Jade (Volcom), Yan-Eric Petit
  4. Beauvoie Cansey Chouetta (Cansey), Genevieve Manseau
  5. Bonnieglen Simon Anita (Simon), Robert & Julie Mason

5yr Old (3)
  1. Bisson Polka Soucy (Polka), Robert & Julie Mason
  2. Britannia Nuance Marona (Nuance), Yan-Eric Petit
  3. Beauvoie Faberge Choufleur (Faberge), Genevieve Manseau

Breeder Banner
  1. Acton
  2. Britannia
  3. Beauvoie

Exhibitor Banner
  1. Ferme Acton Inc / Jacques Provost
  2. Ferme Britannia Senc / Yan-Eric Petit
  3. Robert & Julie Mason