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Stratford Championship Jersey Show – 2015
DATE: September 21, 2015
LOCATION: Stratford, ON
JUDGE: Jack Lomeo Jr., Quebec

Junior Champions

Junior Champion
Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia (Tequila), Intermediate Calf, James Alexander & Tyler and Debbie Brander, ON

Reserve Junior Champion
Lorivale Tequila Hopalong (Tequila), Senior Calf, Jeff and McKenna Stephens, ON

HM Junior Champion
Charlyn Impression Bindy (Impression), Junior Yearling, Charlyn Jerseys, ON

Grand Champions

Grand Champion
Arethusa On time Vogue (On Time), 1st 5 Year Old, Whiskey River & Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON

Reserve Champion
Paullor Giller Glinda (Giller), 1st Mature Cow, Paul & Loraine Franken, ON

HM Grand Champion
Bridon Tequila Gauge (Tequila), 1st Milking Yearling, Bridon Farms, ON

Junior Calf (12)

1. Paullor Austen Roulette (Austen), Paul and Lorianne Franken, ON
2. Pleasant Nook Gonna Getcha (Velocity), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
3. Brenbe HG Gorgeous (Hired Gun), Brenbe Farms, ON
4. Tanbark Monsoon Molto Vivance (Tanbark Junpiter Monsoon), Tankbark Jerseys, ON
5. Tanbark Nikon Whiskey Lullaby-P(Nikon-P), Tanbark Jerseys, ON

Intermediate Calf

1. Brandervale Naughty Nostalgia (Tequila), James Alexander & Tyler and Debbie Brander, ON
2. Leachland Martha K (Tequila), Derek Karn, ON
3. Charlyn JK Shimmer (Keeper), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
4. Paullor Austen Ruffle (Austen), Paul and Lorianne Franken, ON
5. Bergicel Firepower Talentueuse (Firepower), Laurent Lambert and Weavercroft Farm, ON

Senior Calf (15)

1. Lorivale Tequila Hopalong (Tequila), Jeff and McKenna Stephens, ON
2. Edglea Tequila Sheraton (Tequila), Joel Bagg, ON
3. Charlyn Incentive Bee (Inc entive), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
4. Locust Edge Tequila Wishful Wo (Tequila), Les and Darlene Sharp, ON
5. Belfontaine Verbatim Shirley (Vertatim), Ed and Bonnie Franken, ON

Summer Yearling (8)

1. Willow Creek Reagan Marissa (Reagan), Willow Creek Jersey, ON
2. Make A Star Red for Mamie (Redford), Alexvale, Maker, Frank Robinson, ON
3. Aland OTM Nugget, L&D Sharp, A&J Cunningham, G&S Burgess, ON
4. Willow Creek Redford Cally (Redford), Willow Creek Jerseys, ON
5. Charlyn On Time Razz (On Time), Henri Frischknecht, ON

Junior Yearling (8)

1. Charlyn Impression Bindy (Impression), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
2. Schulte Bros Tequila Dreamer (Tequila), Bridon, Triple T, Dyment, Heath, ON
3. Rosebett VR Barbie Doll (Vertatim), Gerald Roefs, ON
4. Maker Minster Vavoom (Minster), Maker Jerseys and Rock Ella, ON
5. Paullor Impression Josette (Impression), Paul & Lorraine Franken and Mike Sleegers, ON

Intermediate Yearling (2)

1. Glenholme Excitation Nina (Excitation), Robert & Bruce Mellow, ON
2. Sugar Hill Maverick Blackjack (Maverick), Jonathan & Shelly Howe, ON

Senior Yearling (1)

1. Five Star Vivatar Fabulous (Vivatar), Bridon Fams, ON

Milking Yearling (3)

1. Bridon Tequila Gauge (Tequila), Bridon Farms, ON
2. Paullor Vertatim Answer (Vertatim), Paul and Lorraine Franken, ON
3. Golden Tequila Foxxy (Tequila), Gen & Sheila Burgess, ON

Junior 2 Year Old (8)

1. Charlyn Perennial Impression (Impression), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
2. Pleasant Nook HG Maddy Rae (Hired Gun), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
3. Bridon Precision Bonnie (Precision), Bridon Farms, ON
4. Make A Star Gorgeous Mamie (Gentry), Alexvale, Maker and Frank Robinson, ON
5. Milk-N-More Tequila Velinda (Tequila), S MacGillivary, J&SKingdon and Charlyn Jerseys, ON

Senior 2 Year Old (4)

1. Kentville Candy Tequila (Tequila), Kentville Farms, ON
2. Maughlin Tequila Carolina (Tequila), Glen & Sheila Burges, ON
3. Morninmist Iatola Charity 197 (Iatola), James & Cathy Mason, ON
4. Willow Creek Cgar Belinda (Garnett), Willow Creek Jerseys, ON

Junior 3 Year Old (3)

1. Pleasant Nook Vincent Cupcake (Vincent), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
2. Charlyn Tequila Evening (Tequila), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
3. Maker Get Married (Getaway), Maker Jerseys, ON

Senior 3 Year Old (7)

1. Charlyn Colton Eve (Colton), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
2. Pleasant Nook Jerseys Action Posh
3. Bridon Be Great (Excitation), Bridon Farms, ON
4. Pleasant Nook Tequila Mae (Tequila), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
5. JL Iatola Sophie (Iatola), Charlyn Jerseys & Bryan Weldrick, ON

4Year Old (6)

1. Pleasant Nook Action Frisky (Action), Pleasant Nook, ON
2. Dutcholm Excitation Lucita (Excitation), James and Cathy Mason, ON
3. Golden Grandprix Miracle (Grand-Prix), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON
4. Paullor valour Fargo (Valour), Paul & Lorriane Franken
5. Maker Vivitar Aggie (Vivitar), Marker Farms, ON

5 Year Old (5)

1. Arethusa On time Vogue (On Time), Whiskey River & Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
2. Paullor Giller Rilee (Giller), Paul & Lorraine Franken, ON
3. Bridon Iatola Polish(Iatola), Bridon Farms, ON
4. Willow Creek Bronze Angelic (Bronze), Willow Creek Jerseys, ON
5. Willow Creek Iatola Cher (Iatola), Willow Creek Jerseys, ON

Mature Cow (5)

1. Paullor Giller Glinda (Giller), Paul & Loraine Franken, ON
2. Pleasant Nook Comerica Future (Comerica), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
3. Pleasant Nook Senior Jetstream (Senior), Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON
4. Charlyn Nevada Emma (Nevada), Charlyn Jerseys, ON
5. Maple Ridge Shyster Megan (Shyster), Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON

Junior Herd (5)

1. Charlyn Farms, ON
2. Paul & Lorraine Franken, ON
3. Willow Creek Jerseys, ON
4. GrayClay Jerseys, ON
5. Richvalley Jerseys, ON

Breeders Herd (5)

1. Pleasant Nook Farm
2. Bridon Farms, ON
3. Charlyn Farms, ON
4. Paul & Lorraine Franken, ON
5. Glen & Sheila Burgess, ON

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

Pleasant Nook Jerseys, ON

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