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Spain’s Nodi Holsteins Dispersal
DATE: Sept 24, 2017
LOCATION: Barreiros (Lugo) Galicia, Spain
HEAD SHOWN: Avg: 2586 Euros on 31 Lots

Sale Results

Last weekend was celebrated in Barreiros (Lugo) Galicia, Spain, the total Dispersal Sale of Nodi Holsteins. Nodi Holsteins was one of the most prolific herd in Spain. In the lasts years, they milked 50 cows with a score average 83.7 points and 13,800 kg / cow 305 days. The farm was operated by Josefa and Alfonso with the help of their children Noel and Diego.

They worked with some of the most well-known cow families in the world: Barbie, Willsbro Shottle Edda, Regancrest Durham Regenia, Nodi Rudolph Fanny and more!

Click HERE to watch video of the sale!

Average Price: 2586 ‚ā¨

High Selling Lot: Nodi Atwood Sublime VG-88 2nd calf for 4300¬†‚ā¨
Atwood daughter from the well know  BLONDIN SKYCHIEF SUPRA family
Several members of this family sold with high prices.
She was purchased by Pena-Guisande Farm (Paramo) Lugo.