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Semex Genetics for Life on Display at World Dairy Expo
DATE: September 21, 2012

Semex’s Genetics for Life

Madison, Wisconsin – Semex’s Genetics for Life™ is about genetic solutions, our commitment to research & development, developing long-lasting, profitable herds and lifelong partnerships.

Since 2006, Semex has been showing dairymen at the world’s international dairy meeting place, World Dairy Expo (WDE), exactly what Genetics for Life looks like.

Once again this year, Semex invites dairymen to see daughters of the industry’s most talked about sires on display at the Semex Tent located on the grounds near the Coliseum. This year’s display offers a diverse sire lineup that represents some of the world’s most profitable, indemand
Jersey and Holstein sires available anywhere:

• 0200HO05929 GEN-I-BEQ BRAWLER (HealthSmart™ sire)
• 0200HO03648 DOMICOLE CHELIOS (Genomax™, Repromax™, HealthSmart and Calving Ease™ sire)
• 0200HO05592 CRACKHOLM FEVER (Repromax, HealthSmart, Robot Ready™ and Show Time™ sire)
• 0200HO05567 R-E-W SEAVER (Repromax, HealthSmart and Show Time sire)
• 0200HO02137 PINE-TREE SID (Repromax and Show Time sire)
• 0200HO03501 GILLETTE WINDBROOK (Show Time sire)
• 0200JE00338 SR NATHAN PRO-P (HealthSmart and Polled™ sire)
• 0200JE00060 BW RENEGADE (Repromax and HealthSmart sire)

These sires represent some of the most profitable and popular sires in the Holstein and Jersey breeds today. WDE Visitors are welcome to inspect these daughters themselves and to find out more about Genetics for Life and what it means on their dairy and at Semex!

Semex is a proud, three star sponsor of WDE and looks forward to visiting with dairymen at its tent location and also in the Exhibition Hall at booth EH 2608-2709.

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