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Sale of Stars 2016
DATE: November 10th, 2016 at 5pm

Sale Results

The Sale of Stars was held November 10th during the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, ON. The sale was managed by Craswell Auctions & Blondin International, and grossed $1,232,250 and averaged $12,561 on 87 lots.

The top seller for the evening brought $152,000. Lot 5, Bryhill Jedi Nickolea, is a +3387GLPI  Jedi from a +2995GLPI Pure, followed by a GP82 Supersire, then 8 generations of VG & EX dams. Nickolea was consigned by Bryhill Farm and was purchased by De Novo Genetics, WI.

The second high price of the evening was paid for Lot 6. Swissbec Jedi Tatie sold for $72,000 to Alta Genetics, WI. Tatie is a +3523GLPI Jedi from a +3295GLPI Supershot followed by a VG85 Mogul from 7 generations of VG & EX dams from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. She was the consignment of Groupe Swissbec Genetique.

The third high seller was Lot 9 Butlerview-I Jedi Googlechrome, selling for $70,000. This +3487GLPI Jedi from a +3108GLPI Halogen out of a VG87 Mogul, followed by 7 generations of VG & EX dams was consigned by Ferme Leothe Inc, and purchased by the partnership of Ferme Blondin and Ferme Leothe, QC.

The fourth high price was $55,000, paid for Lot 8. Gillette Jedi Cleverbot is a +3522GLPI Jedi from a +3032GLPI Bombero out of a VG85 McCutchen from four generations of VG & EX dams. Cleverbot was the consignment of Ferme Gillette, and purchased by Siemers Holsteins, WI.

Rounding out the top five high prices at $45,000 was Lot 7, Swissbec Jedi Tania. Tania is a +3399GLPI Jedi from a +3295GLPI Supershot followed by a VG85 Mogul from 7 generations of VG & EX dams from the Larcrest Cosmopolitan family. She was the consignment of Groupe Swissbec Genetique and purchased by Sexing Technologies , TX.

Other highlights included:
Lot 1…Quality Beemer Luster…sold for $39,000, the #1GPTAT heifer at +3.88, a December 2015 Beemer daughter of Bosdale Gold Luster VG89
Lot 30…Crasdale Avalanche Bianca… a March 2016 Avalanche daughter out of a VG87 Doorman daughter of Butz-Butler Gold Barbara EX95
Lot 19…OCD Bander Brinley…sold for $30,000, a +3518GLPI Bandares from a +2961LPI Defender out of a an EX90 Numero Uno from 10 generations of VG & EX dams from the Barbies
Lot 12…Alexerin Jedi 1644…sold for $28,000, sold for $35,000, a +3351GLPI Jedi from a +3094GLPI Capital Gain out of a VG85 Supersire
Lot 15…Siemers Detour Srz-Ann2…sold for $26,000, a +3460GLPI Detour from a +3046GLPI Lottomax out of a VG85 Supersire from seven generations of EX dams.

Sale Updates, Order & Added Lots

Sale Order
Added Lots
Sale Updates

Lot 1...a +3.88PTAT Beemer x Bosdale Gold Luster

Lot 2...WDE Junior Champion Duhibou Fever Piranha

Lot 3...a Doorman x WDE Grand Champion Sheeknoll Durham Arrow

Lot 56D...a Doorman x MS Goldwyn Alana

Lot 83...the Junior Champion of today's Royal Red & White Show Sells! Willow-Marsh MoulnRouge-Red

Sale Catalog

The Sale of Stars 2016 is set for Thursday evening, November 10th at 5pm at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto, ON. There are 97 lots cataloged for this sale, managed by Blondin International & Brian Craswell Auctions. Online bidding will be available through COWBUYER. The catalog is available HERE or by clicking on the image below. The PDF is available to download.

Sale Information

Sale of Stars
64th Edition
Thursday, November 10, 2016 at 5pm
Royal Agricultural Winter Fair Ring of Excellence
Exhibition Place
Toronto, ON

Visit the Sale of Stars Facebook Page

Schedule of Events
November 8th-9th
TD Canadian 4-H Dairy Classic
November 10th
8am…National R&W Holstein Show
12:30pm…National Holstein Show Jr & Int Calf Classes
5pm…Sale of Stars
November 11th
7:30am…National Holstein Show, balance of heifers & milking females
November 12th
2pm…Quality Seeds Supreme Dairy Champion

Online Bidding Available Through COWBUYER

Sale Managers/Gerants de la vente

Sale Staff

Brian Craswell, Auctioneer/Encanteur…902.628.7537… [email protected]
Roger Turner, Pedigrees/Lecteur de genealogies…608.770.0012… [email protected]
Tim Abbott… Pedigrees/Lecteur de genealogies…802.238.1142… [email protected]

Pierre Boulet…418.234.3407… [email protected]
David Crack, Jr…819.352.1670… [email protected]
Scott Culbertson…507.923.1881… [email protected]
Tom DeGroot…604.819.2879… [email protected]
Chris Hill…202.255.7907… [email protected]
Ray LeBlanc…802.249.2155… [email protected]
Garry Vanderpost…639.471.1021… [email protected]
Brent Walker…519.994.3252… [email protected]

Dann Brady…519.830.9721… [email protected]
Brian Carscadden…519.546.1194… [email protected]
Yvon Chabot…819.352.2963… [email protected]
Tyler Doiron…418.285.9850… [email protected]
David Eastman…905.866.7800… [email protected]
Adam Hodgins…226.930.0166… [email protected]
Ethan McMillan…705.653.7445… [email protected]
Joel Phoenix…905.852.8062… [email protected]
Bill Rauen…563.607.0694… [email protected]
Lloyd Simon…715.803.5696… [email protected]
Jeff Stephens…905.317.8252… [email protected]
Blair Weeks…902.432.4312… [email protected]

Cattle Preparation
Grant Armstrong
Celeste Cook
Genevieve Labbe
Karen Ryan
Mike Ryan
Pier-Yves Tremblay
David Younker
Trent Ziebarth
Martin Rypma
Kei Tsukada
James Rhynes

Sarah Poulin
Kayla St Cyr
James Walker
Tyler Gunby

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