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Royal Winter Fair Holstein Show 2015
DATE: November 12th-13th, 2015
JUDGE: Michael Heath, MD & Gus Schwartzbeck, MD

Show Information

The show will begin on Thursday the 12th at 1PM with junior and intermediate calves, and will continue on Friday the 13th with the remaining heifers and cows. Cowsmo Coverage of the show is being sponsored by Select Sires Genervations & Roll-N-View Farm.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Kennebec Windbrook Minneapolis (Windbrook), Eaton Holsteins, Diane Borba, Joel Lepage, Pat Conroy, Esteban Posada, David Garcia, NY, CA, QC, IN, SP
Reserve Junior Champion
Sco-Lo-Coons Sid Aria (Sid), Kevin Dobereiner, Lindsey Bowan & Glamourview, OH & MD
HM Junior Champion
Kingsway Airlift Gosling (Airlift), Kingsway Farms, ON

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Co-Vale Dempsy Dina 4270 (Dempsey), Ransom Rail, Robert Landis & Olivia Gold, NY
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Robella Goldwyn Edgeley (Goldwyn), Ferme JP Petitclerc & Fils, QC
HM Intermediate Champion
Gaemenchet Sid Katia (Sid), Milksource Genetics, WI

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Charwill Attic Marcy (Attic), Milksource Genetics, WI
Reserve Grand Champion
Ms Goldwyn Alana (Goldwyn), Ferme Fortale, Isabelle Verville & Pierre Boulet, QC
HM Grand Champion
Loyalyn Goldwyn June (Goldwyn), Diamond Genetics Australia, Kevin Dobereiner & Pierre Boulet, AUS, OH & QC

Junior Calf

1. (BO) Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON
2. Martindale Contrast Illusion (Contrast), Isabelle Morin, QC
3. Petitclerc Doorman Anastasia (Doorman), Ferme Jean –Paul Petitclerc & Fils Inc., QC
4. Petitclerc Sid Souky (Sid), Ferme Jean Paul Petitclerc & Fils Inc., QC
5. Hendercroft Sid Slick (Sid), Herbert Henderson, ON
6. Ms Listerines Luckylady (Atwood), Colton Thomas & Cole & Olivia Cummings, OH
7. Willdina Doorman Lyndsay (Doorman), Vogue Cattle Co., ON
8. Phoenixholm Doorman Sheryl (Doorman), Carl Phoenix & Family & Dan Werry, ON
9. Up-Ridge Doorman Licorice (Doorman), Up-Ridge Holsteins, ON
10. Cherry Crest Sid Flansco (Sid), Cherrycrest Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Calf (29)

1. Milksource Sid Desire (Sid), Velthuis Farms, ON
2. (BO) Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm (Goldwyn), Bensoncrest Farms, Kingsway Farms & Millen Farms, ON
3. Smithden Hilton Izzy (Hilton), Clarkvalley Holsteins, Patience Holsteins & Smithden Holsteins, ON
4. Du Petit Bois GD Selsy (Golden Dreams), JM Valley Holsteins, Pat Conroy, Rick & Shannon Allyn & Vogue Cattle CO., QC, IN, CT & ON
5. Miss Duckett WBK Breeze (Windbrook), Velthuis Farms, ON
6. (1st 4H) Unique Lotus Bashful (Lotus), Cody Oughtred & Freurehaven Farms, ON
7. Rodemsay Atwood Annabelle (Atwood), Ferme Rodemsay, JM Valley Holsteins & Rick & Shannon Allyn, QC & CT
8. Bonnie Brae Ape Africa (Gold Ape), Bruce & Susan Mode, ON
9. Legend-Maker Armani Emily (Armani), Gracehaven Holsteins & Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
10. Charpentier McCutchen Sariette (McCutchen), David Dyment & Ferme Levesque Holstein, ON & QC

Senior Calf (34)

1. Sco-Lo-Coons Sid Aria (Sid), Kevin Dobereiner, Lindsey Bowen & Glamourview, OH & MD
2. Greenlark Atwood Lucille (Atwood), Eaton Holsteins, David Mell, MD Hillbrook, Pat Lundy & Trent Valley, NY, WI & ON
3. (BO) Harvestacre Alert the Media (Goldwyn), Andrew & Joel Mcouat, Barclay Phoenix & Rob Heffernan, ON
4. Kingsway Doorman Ace (Doorman), Kingsway Farms & Rock-A-Berry Holsteins, ON
5. Cerpolait Doorman Roselyne (Doorman), Velthuis Farms, ON
6. Valleyville Goldwyn Bissy (Goldwyn), Ferme Fortdale Inc. & Pierre Boulet, QC
7. Kailea McCutchen Letty (McCutchen), Kailea Holsteins, ON
8. Petitclerc Atwood Sensation (Atwood), Ferme JP Petitclerc & Fils, QC
9. Blue Diamond Goldwyn Emma (Goldwyn), Elmer Weeks, Ferme Jendro, F & D Borba & JM Valley Holstein, PE, QC
10. Eastside Double Caramel (Brady), Bloyce Thompson, Elmer Weeks & Victoria Nodolf, PE

Summer Yearling (18)

1. Kennebec Windbrook Minneapolis (Windbrook), Eaton Holsteins, Diane Borba, Joel Lepage, Pat Conroy, Esteban Posada, David Garcia, NY, CA, QC, IN, SP
2. (BO) Petitclerc Windbrook Anaconda (Windbrook), Ferme JP Petitclerc et fils, QC
3. Bucks-Pride Pumpkin Pie (Atwood), Triple-T Holsteins, Pat Conroy & T Cummings, OH & IN
4. Leachfield Atwood Dancer (Atwood), Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON
5. Augure Girly Windbrook (Windbrook), Ferme Augure, QC
6. Arcroix Mascalese Ananas Pie (Mascalese), Clarkvalley Holsteins & Jeff Stephens, ON
7. Beaverbrock Windbrook Koozie (Windbrook), Beaverbrock Farms, ON
8. Milibro Roseplex Vegas (Roseplex), Ferme Luga, Ferme Milibro & Frederic Dubois, QC
9. Red Oak Fevers Secret (Fever), Alana McKinven & Savannah & Kolton Crack, QC
10. Eatonholme Dusk Before Dawn (Dusk), Eaton Holsteins & Devon Benfer, NY