Shows and Sales Results

Quinte Holstein Show 2015
DATE: Friday September 04, 2015
LOCATION: Quinte Exhibition and Raceway, Belleview, ON
JUDGE: Dean Karn, Woodstock, ON
HEAD SHOWN: 79 (-1)

Grand Champion

Grand Champion – Kingsway Dundee Lava, (Dundee), Kingsway Farms BU
Reserve Grand Champion Р Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas, (Goldywyn), Kingsway Farms  BU, Trent Valley Holsteins, & Mell-Wood Holsteins
Honourable Mention Champion – Webb View Arizona Sid, (Sid), Webb View Farms


Junior Champion

Junior Champion  Р Kingsway Doorman Ace, (Doorman), Kingsway Farms, Rock-A-Berry Farms, 4-H Matt Forestell
Reserve Junior Champion Р  Kingsway Goldwyn Auzzie, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms
Honourable Mention Champion Р Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms, 4-H Jessica Sills



Grand Champion 4-H

Grand Champion 4H Calf  Р Matt Forestell
Reserve Champion 4H Calf  РJessica Sills
Honourable Mention 4H Calf  Р Kaitlyn Brownson


Pee Wee Showmanship
  1. Beslea Spur Stefanie, (Spur), Griffen Brown
  2. Beslea Hawk Geneva, (Hawk), Cohen Brown
  3. Markridge Doorman Galchenyuk, Reid Markus

Junior Heifer Calf
  1. Kingway Goldywn Lipchap, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms
  2. Donnanview Mccutch April, (Mccutchen), Donnanview Farms LTD, 4-H Kaitlyn Brownson
  3. Trent Valley Millenium Aud, (Millenium), Sillsway, Bryson Sills

Intermediate Calf
  1. Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms , 4-H Jessica Sills
  2. Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms
  3. Garhaven Doorman Belle, (Doorman), Garhaven Farms

Senior Heifer Calf
  1. Kingsway Doorman Ace, (Doorman), Kingsway Farms, Rock-A-Berry Farms,4-H Matt Forestell
  2. Rysonacres Brokaw Danica, (Brokaw), Terry Henderson
  3. Trent Valley Goldwyn Abra 7, (Goldwyn), Brownsonlea Farms, 4-H Lauren Brown

Summer Yearling Calf
  1. Claircrest Musketeer Leah, (Musketeer), Claircrest Holsteins, 4-H Sarah Jeffs
  2. Donnanview Goldwyn Candy Rich, (Goldwyn), Donnanview Farms LTD., 4-H Ryley Brownson

Junior Yearling Heifer
  1. Kingsway Goldwyn Auzzie, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms
  2. Jeffshaven Fever Emerald, (Fever), Jeffshaven Farms
  3. Poplardell Benchmark Highrise, (Benchmark), Poplardell Holsteins ,4-H Abby Godden

Intermediate Yearling Heifer
  1. Kingsway Airlift Gosling, (Airlift), Kingsway Farms
  2. Ronbeth Chelios Sadie, (Chelios), Ronbeth & Loval Farms
  3. Waltz Acre Atwood Alice, (Atwood), Waltz Acre Farms

Champion Bred and Owned Junior

Donnanview McCutch April, (Mccutchen), Donnanview Farms LTS, 4-H Kaitlyn Brownson

Junior Heard
  1. Kingsway Farms
  2. Jeffshaven Farms
  3. Terry Henderson

Junior Two Year Old
  1. Kingsway Goldchip Arabella, (Goldchip), Kingsway Farms
  2. Mell-Wood-I Goldwyn A Ha, (Goldwyn), Mark Osborne
  3. Oscroft Alexander Lyrica, (Alexander), Oscroft Farms

Senior Two Year Old
  1. Webb View Arizona Sid, (Sid), Webb View Farms
  2. Trekili WA Lasenza Braxton, (Braxton), Trekili Holsteins & Waltz Acre Farms
  3. Markridge Fever Ariel, (Fever), Markridge Holsteins, Casey Macdonald

Junior Three Year Old
  1. Grillsdale Sexy Sid, (Sid), Kingsway Farms BU
  2. Tomalyn Tenacious Dest, (Tenacious), Tomalynn Farms
  3. Sillsway Lauthority Candy, (Lauthority), Sillsway Farms

Senior Three Year Old
  1. Kingsway Goldwyn Dallas, (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms BU, Trent Valley Holsteins, & Mell-Wood Holsteins
  2. Gendarra Sanchez Taskar, (Sanchez), Gendarra Farm
  3. Sillsway Brazen Jilleen, (Brazen), Sillsway Farms

Four Year Old
  1. Jeffshaven Goldcard Bambi, (Goldcard), Jeffshaven Farms
  2. Desnoo Maverick Mandy, (Maverick), Markridge Holsteins BU
  3. Grillsdale Perfect Sean, (Sean), Webb View Farms

Five Year Old
  1. Tomalynn Darion Tammy, (Darion), Ballybeeny Holsteins &Waltz Acre Farms BU
  2. Lukanie Tamara Pronto, (Pronto), Sillsway Farms
  3. Webb View Goldwyn Val, (Goldwyn), Sillsway Farms

Mature Cows
  1. Kingsway Dundee Lava, (Dundee), Kingsway Farms BU
  2. Petermann Goldwyn Flyaway, (Goldwyn), Ralanes Farm
  3. Sillsway Wildman Bailey, (Wildman), Sillsway Farms

Grand Champion Hastings County Bred and Owned

Desnoo Maverick Mandy

Breeders Herd
  1. Kingsway Farms
  2. Tomalynn Holsteins

Highest BCA Cow of Show

Kingsway Goldwyn, (Goldywyn), Kingsway Farms  BU, Trent Valley Holsteins, & Mell-Wood Holsteins

Best Udder of Show

Kingsway Goldwyn, (Goldywyn), Kingsway Farms  BU, Trent Valley Holsteins, & Mell-Wood Holsteins

Premier Breeder

Kingsway Farms
Runner up – Sillsway Farms

Premier Exhibitor

Sillsway Farms
Runner up – Kingsway Farms