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Quebec Spring Red Holstein Show 2018
DATE: April 12th, 2018
LOCATION: Victoriaville, QC
JUDGE: Jamie Black, NY

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Fraeland Swiss Avalanche Red (Avalanche), 1st Senior Calf, Barrvalley, Peter McLaren & Rob Heffernan, ON
Reserve Junior Champion
Intense Devour Poutine (Devour), 1st Intermediate Calf, Westcoast Holstein, BC
HM Junior Champion
Fortale Avalanche Saphyre (Avalanche), 1st Senior Yearling, Ferme Fortale Holstein Inc., QC

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Greenlea A Care Red ETS (Absolute), 1st 4yr Old, Pierre Boulet, QC
Reserve Grand Champion
Fortale Absolute Red Sabrine (Absolute), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Ferme Fortale Holstein Inc., QC
HM Grand Champion
Micheret Velra Brewin Red (Brewin), 2nd 4yr Old, Ferme Micheret Inc., QC

Intermediate Calf (7)

1. Intense Devour Poutine (Devour), Westcoast Holstein, BC
2. Intense Devour Pomlisa (Devour), Kevin Phillips, ON
3 (BO) Jolibois Feline Avalanche (Avalanche), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
4. Mount Elm Awesome Hot Tamale (awesome Red), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
5. Frisklane Heztry Desi (Heztry), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
6. Jolibois Felina Avlaanche (Avalanche), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
7. Nauly Sympatico Laurie (Sympatico), Nauly Holstein, QC

Senior Calf (11)

1. Fraeland Swiss Avalanche Red (Avalanche), Barrvalley, Peter McLaren & Rob Heffernan, ON
2. Harmaly Avalnche Shelby (Avalanche), Ferme Intense, Ferme Blondin & Ferme Fortale, QC
3. Intense Awesome Pam Red (Awesome), Ferme Intense Inc., QC
4. Milibro Devour Panny (Devour), Ferme Milibro Inc., QC
5. Fortale Avalanche Ovely (Avalanche), Ferme Fortale Holstein, QC

Summer Yearling (9)

1. (BO) Ralston Absolute Redstar (Absolute), Ferme Ralston SENC. QC
2. Fleury Devour Galaxie Red (Devour), Fleury Holstein, QC
3. Joilibois Flower Avalanche (Avalanche), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
4. Jolibois Fancyer Diamondback (Diamondback), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
5. Deslacs Scout Pineapple Red (Scout), Nauly Holstein, QC

Junior Yearling (2)

1. Chakelburg Avlaanche Nagano (Avalanche), Chakelburg Holsteins, QC
2. Verona California Dream (California), Fleury Holstein, QC

Intermediate Yearling (2)

1. Jolibois Funny Addiction (Addiction), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
2. Selexie Vanessa Integral (Integral), Ferme Millaitnaire, QC

Senior Yearling (4)

1. (BO) Fortale Avalanche Saphyre (Avalanche), Ferme Fortale Holstein Inc., QC
2. Brismer Avlanche Neige (Avalanche), Ferme Bri-Mer Inc., QC
3. Fleury Avlanche Allison Red (Avalanche), Fleury Holstein, QC
4. Fleury Avalanche Alcie Red (Avalanche), Fleury Holsteins, QC

Junior Breeders Herd (3)

1. Ferme Intense, QC
2. Ferme Milibro, QC
3. Fleury Holstein, QC

Junior Breeder & Exhibitor

Junior Breeder & Exhibitor
Jolibois (Ferme Rolandale)

Junior 2 Year Old (2)

1. (BU) Gen-Com Lebbron Rubn (Lebron), Continental Holsteins, AB
2. (BO) Blondin Absolute Samyra (Absolute), Ferme Blondin, QC

Senior 3 YEar Old (2)

1.(BU &BO ) Fortale Absolute Red Sabrine (Absolute), Ferme Fortale Holstein Inc., QC
2. Deslacs Alpha Pitbull (Alza), Ferme Claudor Ingr & Ferme Fortale Holsteins, QC

4 Year Old (3)

1, (BU) Greenlea A Care Red ETS (Absolute), Pierre Boulet, QC
2. (BO) Micheret Velra Brewin Red (Brewin), Ferme Micheret Inc., QC
3. Joibois Fidelity Aussie (Apple), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC

5 Year Old (3)

1. Jolibois Flore Contender (Contender), Ferme Rolandale Enr., QC
2. Deslacs Redliner Gab Red (Redliner), Fleury Holstein, QC
3. Bergeroy Infrarouge Dalic (Infrarouge), Bergeroy Holstein Inc., QC

Mature Cow (4)

1. (BU) Oneeda Cntnd Rachelrae Red (Contender), Ferme Ralston SENC & Pierre Boulet, QC
2. Franclain Pieta Mr Top (Mr Top), Desfortier Holstein, QC
3. (BO) Juste O Lait Mr Burn Primousse (Mr Burns), Ferme Juste o Lait, QC
4. Juste O Lait Mr Top Foxy (Mr Top), Ferme Juste O Lait, QC

Progeny of Dam (1)

Ferme Rolandale, QC

PRemier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Ferme Rolandale, QC