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Premier National Junior Holstein Show 2015
DATE: September 14, 2015
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Chris Lahmers, OH

Judge Chris Lahmers, OH chose Savage Leigh Atwd Lic-ET as his Senior & Grand Champion of the 2015 Premier National Junior Holstein Show! Photos and results of other shows and events during the All-American are available by clicking HERE.

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Savage-Leigh Atwd Lic-ET (Atwood), Shelby Iager, MD-4 Year Old

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Luke-E Goldwyn Aaliyah (Goldwyn), Jesse Kline, PA-Aged Cow

Honorable Mention & Best Bred & Owned
Penn-Gra Dolman Dallas (Dolman), Coy Campbell, PA-2nd 4 Year Old

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Eastriver Goldwyn Deb-ET (Goldwyn), Matthew Boop, PA-Junior 3 Year Old

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Pennwood Brokaw Tiana-ET  (Brokaw),Elizabeth Stoltzfus, PA-Senior 2 Year Old

HM Intermediate Champion
J&K-Vue Windbrook Gigi-ET (Windbrook), Douglas Boop, PA-Junior 2 Year Old

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Savage-Leigh Gold Lala-ET (Goldwyn), Chase Savage, MD-Winter Calf

Reserve Junior Champion
Karepath Aftershock Legacy (Aftershock), Christopher Karasek, NY-Spring Calf

Honorable Mention
Comestar Laura Doorman-ET (Doorman), Kayla Umbel, MD-Fall Yearling

Spring Calves (35)

1.Karepath Aftershock Legacy (Aftershock), Christopher Karasek, NY
2. Ms Listerines Luckylady- ET (Atwood), Colton Thomas & Cole and Olivia Cummings, OH
3. Savage- Leigh Gold Lift-ET (Goldwyn), Connor Savage, MD
4. Pa-Lyn-Leigh Pistols Finest (Atwood), Kaleigh Lynn & Colton Wayne Hartman, PA
5. Country Path Clark M&M (Clark), Jessica Nolt, PA
6. Klinedell ATWD Mardi-Gra-ET (Atwood), Jesse Kline, PA

Winter Calves (41)

1.Savage- Leigh Gold Lala- ET (Goldwyn), Chase Savage, MD
2. Foxmont- J Aftershock Dede-ET (Aftershock), Claire R. Stolzfus, PA
3. Pulm-Line Attic Karmen (Attic), Brooke Carey, PA
4. Heart&Soul WB Riley-ET (Windbrook), Douglas Boop, PA
5. Paul-Haven History Lila (History), Elijah S. Paulhamus, PA
6. Savage-Leigh Absl Linda-ET, Connor Savage, MD

Fall Calves (32)

1. Md-Maple-Dell Gold Inola-ET (Goldwyn)
Chase Savage, MD
2. MS Diedres StanleyC Dior- ET (Stanleycup)
Kayla Umbel, MD
3. T-Triple-T Absolute Icon (Absolute-Red)
Colton Thomas & Cole and Olivia Cummings
4. Trent Valley Goldwyn Abra 8 ET (Goldwyn)
Jaylene S. & Laura L. Lesher
5. HC- Radar Sachez Starlight (Sanchez)
Shelby M Radar, PA
6. St-Jacob Brazzle Hadlee (Brazzle)
Meagan Chittenden, NY

Summer Yearlings (17)

1. Country Path Lavn Jellybean (Lavanguard), Jessica Nolt, PA
2. Linden Loch Domino (Chelios), Emily Shaw, PA
3. Keystone Brokaw Lingerie (Brokaw), Luke Seipt, PA
4. Plum-Line Explode Leela (Explode), Tim Mayne, WV
5. Sweet-Peas Reg Wildthing (Reginald), Olivia Finke, OH
6. Miss Fever Mackendra (Fever), Brooke Carey, PA

Spring Yearlings (20)

1. Alright S Pearl (Sid), Kyle Wright, PA
2. Castlemont Aftershock Tango (Aftershock), Evan Castrogiovanni, PA
3. McWilliams Paul Liberty (Paul), Sam McWilliams, PA
4. Heart&Soul Armani Rachael (Armani), F Hayden Weaver, PA
5. Dream-On Atwood Chassity (Atwood), Colin Lentz, PA
6. Braund-Valley Chel Brilliant (Chelios), Raegan Braund, PA

Winter Yearlings (13)

1. Curr-Vale Apple Of My Eye (Airlift), Matt Currie, NY
2. Ms Jacob’s Gold Coin-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
3. Heart&Soul Armani Lolly-ET (Armani), Matthew Boop, PA
4. Show-Mar Kit-Kat 1348 (Adonis Red), Shianne Brantner, PA
5. Mases-Manor WB Lady Luck (Windbrook), Eddie Sekerak, PA
6. De-Lite A Shockin Kenzie (Aftershock), Brooke Kline, PA

Fall Yearlings (15)

1. Comestar Laura Doorman-ET (Doorman), Kayla Umbel, MD
2. Mases-Manor Smokin Hot (Jackpot), Jon Beiler, PA
3. Linden Loch SD Pandora (Scientific Destry), Tyler Shaw, PA
4. McWilliams Hudson Tiki (Hudson), Sam McWilliams, PA
5. Lake-Effect Chel Wassailing (Chelios), Rebecca Benedict, PA
6. Ms. Chardonays Carley-ET (Atwood), Kiersten Hancock, NY

Dry Cows (4)

1. Jericho-Dairy Sid Clara (Sid), Dominique Jonas, PA
2. Many-Springs Cindy (Gold Chip), Chloe Sturgeon, PA
3. Knighthaven Laramee Dottie (Laramee Mor), Lane Vance, PA
4. MS Alexis Colt Ali (Colt-Red), Christine Hollister, PA

Milking Yearlings (7)

1. Jacobs Goldwyn Karana-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
2. Windsor Manor Z Heaven-ET (Hero 9701), Bryce Zepp, MD
3. T-Triple-T Petunia-ET (Goldwyn), Colton Thomas & Cole and Olivia Cummings, OH
4. Heart&Soul Wbrook Lacey-ET (Windbrook), Colin Lantz, PA
5. Champ-View A Emerald 6552 (Alexander), Aaron Spangler, PA
6. Alta-View Atwood Sammy 102 (Atwood), Wyatt Lawrence, PA

Junior 2 Year Olds (14)

1. J&K-Vue Windbrook Gigi-ET (Windbrook), Douglas Boop, PA
2. Heart&Soul Dempsey Roxstar (Dempsey), Jaylene Lesher, PA
3. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), Emily Mikel, NY
4. Tillapyke Windbrook Abbie-ET (Windbrook), Emily Tillapaugh, NY
5. OCD Sid Eloise-ET (Sid), Colton Wayne Hartman, PA
6. Kar-Dale-Acres Atwood Dawn (Atwood), Rylie Hoffman, PA

Senior 2 Year Olds (16)

1. Pennwood Brokaw Tiana (Brokaw), Elizabeth M. Stoltzfus, PA
2. Savage-Leigh Gold Lush-ET (Goldwyn), Connor Savage, MD
3. Ernest Anthony Sid Trixie (Sid), Jacob Kline, PA
4. Rader Astroid Sugerfree (Asteroid), Shelby M. Rader, PA
5. Braund-Valley Atwood Kracker (Atwood), Meredith Cole, PA
6. Heart&Soul DD Reminisce-ET (Dundee), Matthew Boop, PA