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Premier National Junior Guernsey Show 2016
DATE: September 19, 2016
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Mary Creek, MD

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All-American Junior Guernsey

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Warwick Manor Sexy Sorority (Senator), 1st Spring Yearling,  Karli Stoltzfus, PA

Reserve  Junior Champion
Pine Grove ROL Mona (Levi), 1st Spring Heifer,  Amber Dietz, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Four Winds HP Aaron Deluxe (Aaron), 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Emily Fisher, NH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Monument View Jackpot Roxy (Jackpot), 1st Junior 2 Year Old, Trey & Hunter Duval, NY

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Knapps Regis Tabby-ET (Regis),1st 4 Year Old, Karli Stoltzfus, PA

Reserve Senior Champion
Sniders Rebel Bender (Rebel), 1st 5 Year Old, Brooks Snider, PA

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Knapps Regis Tabby-ET (Regis),1st 4 Year Old, Karli Stoltzfus, PA

Reserve Grand Champion
Fourwinds HP Aaron Deluxe (Aaron), 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Emily Fisher, NH

Spring Heifer

1.Pine Grove ROL Mona (Levi), Amber Dietz, OH
2.Warwick Manor Manor Simba (Getting Dirty), Karli Stolzfus, PA
3.Maple Bottom Pistol Puzzle Piece (Pistol), Elizabeth McCloy, PA

Winter Heifer

1.Warwick Manor Miss Anges-ET (Phoenix), Kolby Stoltzfus, PA
2.Knapps Kringle Tabby-ET (Kringle), Landree Fraley, PA
3.Trotacre Hershel Parti (Hershel), Cole Wrght, PA

Fall Heifer

1.Ealy Highland RWay Laredo Finlee (Laredo), Amber Dietz, OH
2.Sunnybend Sent Avalynn (Senator), Jacalyn Bortner, PA
3.Collettes Benji LaLa (Benji), Mary Beth Collette, TN

Summer Yearling

1.Gold Top Ice Lutton (Iceberg), Bailey Wright, NY
2.Ealy Highland Laredo Crimson (Laredo), Joelle Urban, PA
3.Eber-Acres K Ashley (Kringle), Grace Villa, OH

Spring Yearling

1. Warwick Manor Sexy Sorority (Senator), Karli Stoltzfus, PA
2.Ripley Farms Rascal C Trix (Conqueror), Elizabeth Ripley, NY
3.Sniders Kriminal Apple (Kriminal), Brooks Snider, PA

Winter Yearling

1.Ripley Farms KR C Raylen-ET (Kringle), Abigail Ripley
2.Mar Shirl Phoenix Hydrangea (Phoenix), Michael Spurrier, PA
3.GR-HCF Bens Dixie (Benji), Mary Beth Collette, TN

Fall Yearling

1.Knapps Kringle Magnolia (Kringle), Jocelynn McMurray, PA
2.HP SH AC Maxim Kate-ET (Maxim), Allie Snider, PA
3.Trotacre Alstar Hurley-ET (Alstar), Cara M. & Jamie S Trotter, PA

Dry Cow

1.Hi Field DL Norma (Double L), Macy Walason, PA

Milking Yearling Heifer

1.Topline Fames Jen (Fame), Emily Fisher, NH
2.Hi Field Grumpy Neptune (Grumpy), Abigail Piper, PA
3.Springhill Apie Sassafras (American Pie), Christa Ealy, PA

Junior 2 Year Old

1.Monument View Jackpot Roxy (Jackpot), Trey & Hunter Duval, NY
2.Twin Brook Fame Macy (Fame), Grace Marchezak, PA
3.Trotacre Jetstream Maui (Jetstream), Cara Trotter, PA

Senior 2 Year Old

1. Monument View Coronet Jules (Coronet), Trey & Hunter Duval, NY

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Four Winds HP Aaron Deluxe (Aaron),  Emily Fisher, NH
2.Ripley Farms YB C Eliza (Yogibear), Elizabeth Ripley, NY
3.Sniders Geo Blossum (George), Eion Snider, PA

Senior 3 year Old

1.DR-Ripley Farms Rudy Nikki (Rudy), Benjamin Axtell, NY
2.Sniders Dallas Banza (Dallas), Chase Cessna, PA
3.Dogwood Lane Heros Fruitcake (Hero), Paul Myers, MD

4 Year Old

1.Knapps Regis Tabby-ET (Regis), Karli Stoltzfus, PA
2.GR-Craid Moor Camero Starlet (Camero), Chascidy Laquay, NY
3.Hi Field Yogi Galaxy (Yogibear), Abigail Piper, PA

5 Year Old

1.Sniders Rebel Bender (Rebel), Brooks Snider, PA
2.HCF Matts Cari (Matthew), Mary Beth Collette, TN
3.Oakland Double L Lydia (Double L), Trisha Covert, PA

Aged Cows

1. Hi Field Blue Spruce Bella (Blue Spruce), Dylan Miller, PA

Junior State Herd

1.PA State Herd
2. New York State Herd