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Premier National Junior Ayrshire Show 2016
DATE: September 19, 2016
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Jenna Smith, PA

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All-American Junior Ayrshire

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Maple Dell Oblique Doris (Oblique), 1st Winter Calf, Jeffrey Winkler, MD

Reserve Junior Champion
Sco-Lo Dreamer Miracle-ET (Dreamer), 1st Spring Yearling, Landree Fraley, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Maple Dell Poker Diamond-ET (Poker), 1st Sr 2 Year Old, Morgan Murray, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Garnet-Lane Avenger Phoenix (Avenger), 1st Sr 3 Year Old, Cassandra Plummer, MD

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata (Burdette), 1st 4 Year Old, Erin Curtis Szalach, NY

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Garnet-Lane Avenger Poinsettia (Avenger), 1st Aged Cow, Cassandra Plummer, MD

Spring Heifer Calf

1.Haileys Special Daisy (Riggins), Hailey Reynolds, PA
2.Kozy Kountry TSB Jelly Bean (Burdette), Sabrina Clark, PA
3.Sunny Acres G-man Bean (G-Man), Alysis Christy, PA

Winter Heifer Calf

1.Maple Dell Oblique Doris (Oblique), Jeffrey Winkler, MD
2.Mowry’s Burdette Twinkie (Burdette), Chase Eller, PA
3.Mowry’s Burdette Tonya (Burdette), Chase Eller, PA

Fall Heifer Calf

1.Englan Relentless Dreamer (Dreamer), Bailey Wright, NY
2.Palmyra Dreamer R Brilee-ET (Dreamer), Jeffrey Winkler, MD
3.DL Burdette Nice (Burdette), Mulligan Palmerton, NY

Summer Yearling

1.Jenny’s Dozer Virtue (Dozer), Jacob Poole, PA
2.Dochaven Riggans O Hare (Riggins), Ian McKissick, PA
3.Heineman Gibbs Shazam (Gibbs), Hailey Feusner, PA

Spring Yearling

1.Sco-Lo Dreamer Miracle-ET (Dreamer), Landree Fraley, PA
2.Myline B Orange U Special-ET (Burdette), Colton Nolan, PA
3.Jenny’s Lochinvar Victorian (Lochinvar), Breann Poole, PA

Winter Yearling

1.Maple Dell Poker Dandee (Poker), Morgan Murray, MD
2.Mapleburn Cotton Candy (Riggins), Hailey Feusner, PA
3.Mapleburn Candy Land-ET (Riggins), Richard Sharer, PA

Fall Yearling

1.Lone-Ayr Danica Dynasty (Doublewham), Rachel Ramaley, PA

Junior 2 Year Old

1.Mowry’s Prime Tsunami (Prime), Cody Eller, PA
2.A + A Sundance Burdette Tequila (Burdette), Adam Clayton, PA
3.La-Dale Burdette Delight (Burdette), Emily Mattison, PA

Senior 2 Year Old

1.Maple Dell Poker Diamond-ET (Poker), Morgan Murray, MD
2.Sunrise-Ridge Charlie Chloe (Charlie), Caitlin Stoner, PA
3.Whitlings Steeling Nuts (Burdette), Derek Morningstar, PA

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Homestead Acres Burdette Jackie (Burdette), Brooklyn Peters, PA
2.Love Haven Burdette Chelsea (Burdette), Grace Spadaro, PA

Senior 3 Year Old

1.Garnet-Lane Avenger Phoenix (Avenger), Cassandra Plummer, MD
2.Rosayre Rocco’s Bennie (Rocco), Robin L. Peters, PA
3.Curly Hill Burdette Sprinkle (Burdette), Rebecca Worthington, PA

4 Year Old Cow

1.Cedarcut Burdette Clove Colata (Burdette), Erin Curtis Szalach, NY
2.Maple Dell Poker Dana-ET (Poker), Devin Murray, MD
3.Maple Bottom Burdette Tofu (Burdette), Cody Eller, PA

Aged Cows

1.Garnet-Lane Avenger Poinsettia (Avenger), Cassandra Plummer, MD
2.Designer Gene’s Olivia (Mohawk, Seth Whiting, PA
3.Brown Brook Reno Dynasty (Reno), Hailey Reynolds, PA

Junior State Herd

1.PA State Herd
2.MD State Herd