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Premier National Jersey Junior Show 2015
DATE: Sept 14, 2015
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Dean Dohle, MO
HEAD SHOWN: 159 Head

Junior CHampion

Junior Champion
Four-Hills Response Bahama-ET (Response), 1st Winter Calf, Megan Hill, VT

Reserve Junior Champion
Discoverys Hired Jynx (Hired Gun), 1st Summer Yearling, Mason Mazzaro, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Steeshane Iatola Tinkerbell (Iatola), 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Madison Iager, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Homeridge V Buttons (Verb), 1st Junior 3 Year Old, Landree Fraley, PA

Senior & Grand Champion

Grand & Senior Champion
Sho-Me Giller Trina (Giller), 1st 5 Year Old, George Colpetzer, PA

Reserve Grand & Reserve Senior Champion
Kellogg-Bay Amerdeo Gladys-ET, (Amedeo) Mature Cow, Megan Hill, VT

Best Bred & Owned of the show
M-Signature Comerica Tiana Marie-ET (Comerica), Calla Mazzaro, OH


Spring Calf (17)
  1. M-Signature Premiere Episode (Premier), Matthew Mazzaro, OH
  2. Country Path Dynamite (Konspiricy), Jessica Nolt
  3. M-Signature Timeless Marie (Excitation), Calla Mazzaro, OH
  4. BGY Gentry Lyla (Gentry), Matthew Brior
  5. Glenview Figaro Brownie (Figaro), Rihanna Hillegass

Winter Calf (17)
  1. Four-Hiills Response Bahama-ET (Response), Megan Hill, VT
  2. Twin Country Premier Sundaze-ET (Premier), Dakota Fraley, PA
  3. Country Path On Time Naughty (On Time), Jessica Nolt, PA
  4. Premier-View Tequila Sabrina-ET (Tequila), Matthew Deome, PA

5. XanaduNatzke Running On Empty (Natzke) George Colpetzer

Fall Calf (15)
  1. Maughlin Tequila Cloe (Tequila), Elaina Sharp, PA
  2. Xanadu Redpath Jules (Redpath), George Colepetzer, PA
  3. Minister Gail-ET (Minister), Renee Pierick, WI
  4. Patree-HPDH Lustre-ET (Jade), Calla Mazzaro, OH
  5. Underground Machi Mistro (Reviresco), Kennedy Crothers, NY

Summer Yearling (18)
  1. Discoverys Hired Jynx (Hired Gun), Mason Mazzaro, OH
  2. Four-Hills Baby Girl, Megan Hill, VT
  3. Underground Emilys Charm (Indiiana), Landree Fraley, PA
  4. Drentex Velocity Genny (Velocity), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA
  5. Hardcore Deluxe Thyme (Deluxe), Sam McWilliams, PA

Spring Yearling (10)
  1. Hillacres Gentry Viper (Gentry), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA
  2. Xanndu EX Funky Cold Medina (Excitation), George Colpetzer, PA
  3. AF Giller Sara (Giller), Jordan Anderson, PA
  4. Highland-H Verb Splash (Gentry), Shelby Rader
  5. Underground Jan-Mamie Lilly-ET (Riversico), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA


Winter Yearling (6)
  1. M-Signature Tequila Essential (Tequila), Mason Mazzaro, OH
  2. Stone Point HG Euphoria-ET (Hire Gun), Landree Fraley, PA
  3. JEMI Venerable Victoria (Blackstone), Carly Shaw, MD
  4. Flat Rock Hired Gun Bella (Hired Gun), Grace stroud, NY
  5. Hillacres Sambo Shambo (Sambo), Nicole Arrowsmith, PA

Fall yearling (8)
  1. WF Attaboy Cardiee (Attaboy), Regan Jackson, VA
  2. Signature Tina Maries Reisling-ET (Response), Calla Mazzaro, OH
  3. Xanadu Pro Life Lovey (Pro Life), Hailey Fuesner, PA
  4. Marhaven Tequila Easy Rider (Tequila), Natilie Yousey, MD
  5. Latte (Iatola), Hailey Fausner, PA


Dry Cow (2)
  1. Reich-Dale Hurley Silence (Hurley), Jena Wtzel, PA
  2. ENF Remakes Top Mischiff, (Jades Misfit), Emily Sigle, NJ

Milking Yearling (7)
  1. Indian Fantastic of AF (Indiana), Jordan Anderson, PA
  2. SV Heathes Continental Bridget (Continetal), Jill Martin, PA
  3. Klinedell Verbatim Remy-ET (Verbatim), Jesse Kline, PA
  4. SV Colton Shana (Colton), Kyle Vanderfeltz, PA
  5. Elliots Exciting Roseanna-ET (Excitation), Mikayla Davis, PA

Junior 2 YEar Old (15)
  1. Riech-Dale Vaden Strollin (Vaden), Hayden Reichard, PA
  2. Pennwood Action Adelade-ET (Action), Kelley Jay, PA
  3. Country path Access Diamond ((Access), Jessica Nolt, PA
  4. Stranshome JK Storas Shimmer (Hired Gun), Megan Bailey, NY
  5. Cover Girls HG Cashmere (Hired Gun), Kaylee Knapp, PA

Senior 2 Year Old (7)
  1. Steeshane Iatola Tinkerbell (Iatola), Madison Iager, MD
  2. Xanadu Kombination Harriet-P (Kombination-P), George Colpezer, PA
  3. Nature Hills GiGi-ET (Grand-Prix), Addison Goldenburg & Kate Lackey, TX
  4. M-Signature Nevada Epic (Nevada), Katelyn taylor,PA

5. Klinedell Valor Pecan (Valor), Jacob Kline, PA

Junior 3 YEar Old (8)
  1. Homeridge V Buttons (Verb), Landree Fraley, PA
  2. Saybrook HG Bubbly-ET (Hired Gun), Natalie Youse, MD
  3. Hillacres Valid Viva (Action), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA
  4. Reich-Dale Comerica Summer-ET (Comerica), Hayden Reichard, PA
  5. Brew-Line Governor Damaris (Governor), Emilee Brewer, PA

Senior 3 Year Old (4)
  1. PWH Tequila Lanquini (Tequila), Megan Hill, VT
  2. Nobledlae Force Bethlehem (Force), Wesley Noble, PA
  3. Underground Tootsie T Mamie (Comerica), Blake Crothers, NY
  4. EDN-RU Sultan Monica Mitzi (Sultan), Wesley Noble, PA

4 Year Old (15)
  1. Milk & Honey Minister Shirley (Minister), Andrew Younker, PA
  2. M-Signature Comerica Tiana Marie-ET (Comerica), Calla Mazzaro, OH
  3. Vanfel Legal Jumpy (Legal), Kyle Vanderfeltz, PA
  4. RJF Shining Gemstone (Shine), Megan Hill, VT
  5. Xanadu Action Farrah Fawcett (Action), George Colepetzer, PA

5 Year Old (2)
  1. Sho-Me Giller Trina (Giller) George Colpetzer, PA
  2. KHJ Butter Scotch (Talladega), Daniel Hoppaugh, Jr

Mature Cow (8)
  1. Kellogg-Bay Amerdeo Gladys-ET (Amedeo)Megan Hill, VT
  2. Hillacre Moonshine (Hired Gun), Caroline Arrowsmith, PA
  3. Underground Dixon Dixie (Justice), Blake Crothers
  4. Penngate Pebbles Pepsi (Jamaica) Kennedy Crothers, NY
  5. Brew-Line Comerica Dorothy-ET (Comerica), Emilee Brewer, PA