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Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show
DATE: March 17, 2017 at 9am
LOCATION: Harrisburg, PA
JUDGE: Mike Iager, MD
HEAD SHOWN: 185 Head

Show Information

The Pennsylvania Spring Holstein Show 2017 is set for March 17th at 9am in Harrisburg, PA with Mike Iager, MD serving as the official judge. Due to the snowstorm, Cowsmo will not be at the show, but will be providing results as soon as possible after.

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Junior Champion-Youth Show

Junior Champion-Youth Show
Plum-Line Attic Atlee (Attic), 2nd Fall Yearling, Brooke & John Carey, Titusville

Reserve Junior Champion-Youth Show
MS Belles Corvette Blast (Corvette), 2nd Summer Yearling, Daniel Kitchen, Danville

Youth Show Junior Champions

Youth Show Junior Champions

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Tran-Can Doorman Corona (Doorman), 1st Spring Yearling, Ray & Carol Nell, Gettysburg

Reserve Junior Champion
Walk-Le GW Atwood Becca (Atwood), 1st Fall Yearling, Matthew & Sarah Hawbaker & Justin & Claire Burdette, Mercersburg

Junior Champions

Junior Champions

Intermediate Champion-Youth Show

Intermediate Champion-Youth Show
Plum-Line Reginald Velour (Reginald), Sr 3 Year Old, Brooke Carey, Titusville

Reserve Intermediate Champion-Youth Show
Knob-Hill Aftershock Bobbie (Aftershock), Sr 3 Year Old, Jordan Zimmerman, East Earl

Youth Show Intermediate Champions

Youth Show Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
OCD Bradnick Calliope-ET (Bradnick), 1st Sr 2 Year Old, Estate of Harvey Stoltzfus, Berlin

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Keystone Atwood Ashley (Atwood), 1st Sr 3 Year Old, Keystone Farm, Easton

Intermediate Champions

Intermediate Champions

Senior & Grand Champion-Youth Show

Senior & Grand Champion-Youth Show
Eastriver Goldwyn Deb-ET (Goldwyn), 2nd 5 Year Old, Matthew Boop, Millmont

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion-Youth Show
Plum-Line Reginald Velour (Reginald), 2nd Sr 3 Year Old, Brooke Carey, Titusville

Reserve Senior Champion-Youth Show
Show-Mar Scrambbled 1308 (Final Cut), 3rd 5 Year Old, Dylan Brantner, Greenville

Youth Show Grand Champions

Youth Show Grand Champions

Youth Show Senior Champions

Youth Show Senior Champions

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior  & Grand Champion
Luck-E Absolute Tango (Absolute), 1st Aged Cow, James Dunn, New Ringgold

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion, Best Bred & Owned
Foxmont J Goldwyn Dena (Goldwyn), 1st 4 Year Old, Jenna Fox, Rockwood

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion

Best Bred & Owned

Best Bred & Owned-Youth Show
Pennwood Brokaw Tiana (Brokaw), 4th 4 Year Old, Elizabeth Stoltzfus, Berlin

Best Bred & Owned
Foxmont J Goldwyn Dena (Goldwyn), 1st 4 Year Old, Jenna Fox, Rockwood

Best Bred & Owned

Best Bred & Owned

Winter Calves (10)

1. Show-Mar Acme Bullet 1410 (Acme), Wesley Brantner
2. J&K Vue Goldust Glisten-ET (Goldust), Daniel Kitchen
3. Show-Mar Brokaw Sub 1912 (Brokaw), Dylan Brantner
4. Ms Klinedell Solo Mariah-ET (Soloman), Jesse Kline
5. Moonshine Crush Steel (Crush), Shay Miller
6. McWilliams Awe Daphne-Red (Awesome), Sam McWilliams

Fall Calves (19)

1. Seldom Rest F A Traveller (Attic), Elizbeth Acel
2. McWilliams Attic Corolla (Attic), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams
3. Keystone Dempsey Vixen (Dempsey), Keystone Farm
4. McWilliams Crush Glimmer (Crush), Sam McWilliams
5. S Pine Lawn DRMAN Swift-ET (Doorman), Schuler Farms, LLC
6. S Pine Lawn DRMAN Swank-ET (Doorman), Schuler Farms, LLC

Summer Yearlings (21)

1. Heart & Soul Gold in the Ring (Goldwyn), Douglas Boop
2. Ms Belles Corvette Blast (Corvette), Daniel Kitchen
3. Plum Line Acme Areanna (Acme), Brooke Carey
4. J&K Vue Goldust Gazelle-ET (Goldust), Madison Weaver
5. MS Electras Gold Chip Ellie (Gold Chip), Boover & Hlavaty
6.  Heart & Soul Diamondback Racer (Diamondback), Matthew Boop

Spring Yearlings (27)

1. Ran-Can Doorman Corona (Doorman), Ray & Carol Nell
2. Campbell Run Gchip Amelia (Gold Chip), Sarah Campbell
3. McWilliams Defiant Josie (Defiant), Sam McWilliams
4. Plum Line Goldsun Kitty (Goldsun), Brooke Carey
5. Keystone Brokaw Donna (Brokaw), Keystone Farm & Tim Seipt
6. All Glo Doorman Klondike-ET (Doorman), Justin & Ashley Kaufman

Winter Yearlings (14)

1. All Glo Gold Kappucino-ET (Gold Chip), Justin & Ashley Kaufman
2. Plum Line Aftershock Aquake (Aftershock), Patrick Carey
3. Marfady Doorman Talley-ET (Doorman), Anna Ruffaner
4. Buroco Aftershock Alana (Aftershock), Kelly Jo Johnson
5. Keystone O Kaliber Alyssa (O Kaliber), Keystone Farm
6. MS Bittersweets Bear Cat-ET (Soloman), Hlavaty, Hoover & Heim

Fall Yearlings (17)

1. Walk-Le GW Atwood Becca (Atwood), Hawbaker & Burdette
2. Plum Line Attic Atlee (Attic), Brooke & John Carey
3. Perfectouch Corvette Thunder (Corvette), Kaylee Richard
4. Linden Loch Drman Patron (Doorman), Tyler Shaw
5. S Pine Lawn Doorman Virgo (Doorman), Schulter Farm LLC
6. Heart & Soul JK Brady Georgia (Brady), Douglas Boop

Junior Best 3 (8)

1. Plum Line Holsteins
2. Walk-Le Holsteins
3. Justin & Ashley Kaufman
4. McWilliams Farm
5. Keystone Farm
6. Schuler Farms LLC

Unfresh 2 Year Olds (5)

1. Middland View Plinko Chip (Gold Chip), Jill Dice
2. Dryhouse M Goldchip Madison (Gold Chip), Dryhouse Farm
3. Cloverhill Armani Asha (Armani), Jonathan Beiler
4.  Cabaret Ruler Maria (Ruler), Jillian Anderson
5. Sandy Hollow Add Rose-Red (Addiction P), AJ Wanner

Junior 2 Year Olds (7)

1. MS Ubercrest Lakevue Lexi Rae (Atwood), Uber & Couch
2. Oakfield Armani Smiley-ET (Armani), Michael & Vanessa Uber
3. Butlerview Door Fortune-ET (Doorman), Michael Yoder & Judith King
4. Bur Le Acres Hvezda Hannah (Hvezda), Jonathan Beiler
5. Ms Down to Earth Haizzle-ET (Windbrook), Delton Good
6. Foxmont J Goldwyn Dena-ET (Goldwyn), Cara Stoltzfus

Senior 2 Year Olds (16)

1. OCD Bradnick Calliope ET (Bradnick), Estate of Harvey Stoltzfus
2. Kingway Goldwyn Roscoe ETS (Goldwyn), Hawbaker, Morasci & Borba
3. Dunns Pride Windbrook Carmelo (Windbrook), James Dunn
4. McWilliams Daydream-Red (Picolo), Sam McWilliams
5. Quality Atwood Pastel (Atwood), J Lora, T&E Uber & M&V Uber
6. All Glo Reginald Kallie-ET (Reginald), Justin & Ashley Kaufman & Cory Thompson

Junior 3 Year Olds (4)

1. McWilliams Paul Liberty (Paul), Sam McWilliams
2. Klinedell Bradnick Shania (Bradnick), Jared Kline
3. Metts Brokaw Clarissa (Brokaw), Taylor Mickey
4. Fantasyland Airlift Jazmine (Airlift), Taylor Pool

Senior 3 Year Olds (7)

1. Keystone Atwood Ashley (Atwood), Keystone Farm & Tim Seipt
2. Plum-Line Reginald Velour (Reginald), Brooke Carey, Titusville
3. Knob Hill Aftershock Bobbie (Aftershock), Jordan Zimmerman
4. McWilliams Shot Loose (Shot), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams
5. McWilliams Atwood Rose-ET (Atwood), Sam McWilliams
6. Bo Ann Redburst Lily-Red (Redburst), Tabitha Hauck

4 Year Olds (10)

1. Foxmont J Goldwyn Dena (Goldwyn), Jenna Fox
2. Dunns Pride Goldsun Clever-ET (Goldsun), James Dunn
3. C Cove Hero Aurora (Hero), Molly Cessna
4. Pennwood Brokaw Tiana (Brokaw), Elizabeth Stoltzfus
5. Heart & Soul Dempsey Roxstar (Dempsey), Matthew Boop
6. J&K Vue Windbrook Gigi-ET (Windbrook), Douglas Boop

5 Year Olds (6)

1. Alta View Sanchez Kat 76-TW (Sanchez), Campbell, Creek & Claypoole
2. Eastriver Goldwyn Deb-ET (Goldwyn), Matthew Boop
3. Show Mar Scrambbled 1308 (Final Cut), Dylan Brantner
4. EK-STJ Lauthority Bijou-ET (Lauthority), Alexander Burleigh
5. McWilliams Damion Paisley (Damion), Sam McWilliams
6. Misty-Z G Chip Sprite-ET (Gold Chip), Jordan Zimmerman

Aged Cows (5)

1. Luck-E Absolute Tango (Absolute), James Dunn
2. C Cove NV Fever Lexandra (Fever), Cessna Brothers
3. Plum Line Jasper Alicia (Jasper), Courtney Carey
4. McWilliams Pixel-ET (Sanchez), Sam McWilliams
5. Smith Oak Laurin Elegant (Laurin), Weston Smith

125,000LB Cows (5)

1. C Cove Phoenix Lulu (Phoenix), Cessna Brothers
2. Gajan Carla (JP), Galen Martin & Jill Dice
3. Smith Oak Glwyn Mint-ET (Goldwyn), Stoltzfus & Smith
4. Walk Le Cold Queenberry (Cold), Leroy & Brenda Walker
5. Walk Le Alexander Jellybean (Alexander), Cody Walker

Best 3 Females (4)

1. Cessna Brothers
2. Plum Line Holsteins
3. McWilliams Farm
4. Walk Le Holsteins

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