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Ontario Summer Holstein Show 2016
DATE: July 22nd, 2016 at 9am
JUDGE: Michael Farlinger, ON
HEAD SHOWN: 239 Head

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Ontario Summer Show 2016

Junior Champion 4-H

Junior Champion 4-H
Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON (Justin Velthuis)
Reserve Junior Champion 4-H
Corrcroft Doorman Chita (Doorman), Camflat Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON (Kyle Campsell)
HM Junior Champion 4-H
Crovalley Armani Alareece (Armani), Crovalley Holsteins, ON (Vanessa Crowley)

Junior All-Ontario Champion

Junior All-Ontario Champion
Lilyking DM First Lily (Doorman), 11th Intermediate Calf, LilyKing Farm & Trekila Holsteins, ON
Reserve Junior All-Ontario Champion
Royal Lynn Solomons Desire (Solomon), 16th Intermediate Calf, Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
HM Junior All-Ontario Champion
Century Star Doorman Magic (Doorman), 14th Senior Calf, Century Star Holsteins, ON

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm (Goldwyn), 1st Winter Yearling, Gene Iager & Joel Phoenix, ON
Reserve Junior Champion
Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea (Atwood), 1st Junior Yearling, Riverdown Holsteins, ON (Justin Velthuis)
HM Junior Champion
Barrvalley Doorman Liz (Doorman), 1st Summer Yearling, Silvercap & Vogue Genetics Inc., ON

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Kingsway Airlift Gosling (Airlift), 1st Senior 2yr Old, Kingsway Farm, ON
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Karnvilla Fever Stellar (Fever), 1st Senior 3yr Old, DW Karn Farms Inc., ON
HM Intermediate Champion
Pleasant Nook As Lala Loopsy (Aftershock), 2nd Senior 2yr Old, Pleasant Nook Farm, ON

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Bosdale Gold Lustre (Goldwyn), 1st 4yr Old, Agriber Societa Agricola SRL, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier & Quality Holsteins, ON
Reserve Grand Champion
Morsan Dempsey Della (Dempsey), 2nd 4yr Old, Jason David Mell, Tim & Sharyn Abbott & Trent Valley Holsteins, ON
HM Grand Champion
Nipponia RD Lizabeth (Dundee), 1st Mature Cow, Kingsway Trentward Farms & Werrcroft Farms Ltd. ,ON

Junior Calf (32)

1. (BO) Fraeland Doorman Bonnie (Doorman), Fraeland Farms, ON
2. Gendarra Brokaw Adele (Brokaw), Gendarra Farm, ON
3. Crovalley Armani Alareece (Armani), Crovalley Holsteins, ON
4. Mount Elm Fingers Crossed (High Octane), Neil & Brian Anderson, ON
5. Farrow Ceo Ninja (Altaceo), Far-row Holsteins, ON
6. Royal Lynn GH Gold Chase (Goldchip), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
7. Winright V Windbrook Bazinga (Windbrook), Brian Joseph Enright, ON
8. Tomalynn Dempsey Delta (Dempsey), Tomalynn Farms, ON
9. Kingsway Solomon Arkus (Solomon), Kingsway Farms, ON
10. Royal Lynn Doorman Annie (Doorman), Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Calf (46)

1. (BO) Vale-O-Skene Doorman Stacie (Doorman), Jakridge Holsteins & Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON
2. Buroco Aftershock Alana (Aftershock), Brian Joseph Enright, Erica Neville & Luck McLellan, ON
3. Demonreve Dempsey Rizzoli (Dempsey), Ferme Yvon Sicard, Mathieu Chartrand, Kelly Hardy & Pierre Boulet, ON
4. Corrcroft Doorman Chita (Doorman), Camflat Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON
5.Crovalley GW Electra (Agent), Crovalley Holsteins, ON
6. Ralanes Kian Rochelle (Kian), Hidden Creek Farms, ON
7. Farrow McCutchen Necessity (McCutchen), Far-Row Holsteins, ON
8. Mount Elm Doorman Crisscross (Doorman), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
9. Gendarra Armani Heaven (Armani), Gendarra Farm, ON
10. Karlinrock Brewmaster Glenna (Brewmaster), Smithden Holsteins Inc & Vogue Cattle Co., ON

Senior Calf (33)
  1. Mount Elm Dempsey Aberdeen (Dempsey), Vogue, Silvercap & Mapelwood, ON
    2. (BO) Mapel Wood Doorman Stella (Doorman), Mapel Wood Farm, ON (Emma Allen)
    3. Kingsway Doorman A Tansy (Doorman), Kingsway Farms, ON (Leslie Brownson)
    4. Vogue Octane Sunstruck (Octane), Blackrock Livestock Company, Cormdale Genetics Inc., Silvercap Holsteins & Vogue Cattle Co., ON
    5. Sicy Solomon Laetitia (Solomon), Ferme Yvon Sicard & Julien Sicard, ON
    6. Aleah Millen Naughty Surprise (Goldwyn), Aleah Farms Ltd., Matthew & Tyler Yates, ON
    7. Kingsway Doorman A Tabbie (Doorman), Kingsway Farms, ON
    8. Winright Brokaw Ella (Brokaw), Neil & Bryan Anderson, ON
    9. Hendercroft Doorman Kirara (Doorman), Courtney Ray, Herbert Hednerson, Knollray Holsteins & Seavalley Holsteins, ON (Bryce Seaborn)
    10. Embrdale Finesse Federal (Federal), Embrdale Farm, ON

Summer Yearling (17)

1. Barrvalley Doorman Liz (Doorman), Silvercap & Vogue Genetics Inc., ON
2. (BO) Kingsway Equation Glossie (Equation), Kingsway Farms, ON
3. Homtosa Brokaw Jem (Brokaw), Glamourview & Gene Iager, ON
4. Nordale McCutchen Pigeon (McCutchen), Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON
5.  Kingsway Beemer Artwork (Beemer), Kingsway Farms & Riverdown Holsteins, ON
6. Extamile Famous Fever (Fever), Extramile Farm, ON (Meghan Kortis)
7. Barrvalley Goldchip Vicky (Gold Chip), Barrvalley Holsteins, ON
8. Aleah Dark Magician Girl (Magician), Aleah Farms Ltd., & Dan Werry, ON
9. Lindenright Golday Maui (Goldday), Lyndon Stewart & Associates, ON
10. Emilane McCutchen Morgan (McCutchen), Benbo Farm & Vale-O-Skene Holsteins, ON

Junior Yearling (20)

1. Riverdown Atwood Jiggalea (Atwood), Riverdown Holsteins, ON (Justin Velthuis)
2. Kingsway Doorman Daley (Doorman), Kingsay Farms & Murrayholm Farms Inc., ON
3. Kirklea Doorman Remarkable (Doorman), Bethany McDonald, Rob Heffernan & Robert D MacdDonald, ON
4. Hendercroft Sid Slick (Sid), Herbert Henderson, ON
5. Crovalley TNT Ammo (TNT), Crovalley Holsteins, ON
6. Delbcreek Hunny Im Good (Goldwyn), Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON
7. Tomalynn Brokaw Mouse (Brokaw), Tomalynn Farms, ON
8 Almerson Byway Pepper (Byway), Ron Canning, Travis Canning, ON
9. Gendarra Seaver Shadowfax (Seaver), Gendarra Farms, ON
10. Mountain Ridge WB Savannah (Windbrook), Dan Werry, Loa-De-Mede Farms Ltd., & Werrhurst Holsteins, ON

Intermediate Yearling (12)

1. Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm (Goldwyn), Gene Iager & Joel Phoenix, ON
2. Smithden Hilton Izzy (Hilton), Clarkvalley Holsteins & Peter Leach, ON
3. Du Petit Bois GD Selsy (Golden Dreams), JM Valley Holstein, Pat Conroy, Rick & Shannon Allyn &
4. Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna (Goldwyn), Kingsway Farms, ON
Vogue Cattle Co., ON
5. Barrvalley Windbrook Lizzie (Windbrook), Barrvalley Holsteins, ON
6. Legend-Maker Armani Emily (Armani), Gracehaven Holsteins & Royal Lynn Holsteins, ON
7. Kingsway Goldwyn Lauren (Goldwyn), Joel Stillman, ON
8. Farrow Fever Beach Babe (Fever), Platinum Blonde Holsteins, ON
9. Embrdale Ebony Seaver (Seaver), Extramile Farm, ON
10. Millen Brokaw Blake (Brokaw), Millen Farms, ON