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Ontario Spring Discovery Shows
DATE: April 3rd-6th, 2017
LOCATION: Jerseyville, ON
JUDGE: Richard Landry, QC

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The 2017 Ontario Spring Discovery will go down as one to be remembered!

For the first time in four years, exhibitors did not have to brave ice or snow, but rather high winds and torrential downpours. But as usual, it did not stop Ontarians from bringing out some of their finest animals.

The two-day event was held this year in conjunction with the 2017 National Holstein Convention, an event that always draw members, viewers and the like from all around this great country.


A small change in the agenda this year gave spectators the opportunity to come out and enjoy the Jersey Show, which was held Wednesday morning, April 5 and judged by the capable Richard Landry.

Quality was high at this year’s Jersey show and Judge Landry took his time delicately moving through the heifer classes. When it was all said and done, Locus Edge Naughty Tequila, the winning junior yearling, garnered junior champion honours for owners Sharp, Cunnington and Burgess. It was her Incredible dairy frame and the way she graced the shavings with ease that carried her over the reserve junior champion, Paullor Giller Javelyn for owners Paul and Lorraine Franken. Taking home honourable mention was L’Ormiere Tequila Leah for Campbell, Clarvalley and Leach.

The cow classes continued to impress with Bridon’s senior 3-year-old, Bridon Velocity Ramble, being named intermediate champion. Sired by Velocity, this incredibly-uddered young cow would edge out Alexvale Gorbea’s Gazing.

Judge Landry advantaged the intermediate champion with having a slight more quality throughout and showed more height and width to the top of her rear udder than the reserve intermediate champion owned by Pleasant Nook.

The senior cow classes continued to impress even though they were not deep in number. Quality was not compromised at this year’s Spring Show and it was well shown in these classes. Cows with massive frames and well-fastened mammary systems made their way in front of Judge Landry. In the end, it was to be Bridon’s day. Their winning mature cow, Bridon Iatola Polish, would win grand overall, with Rich Valley AJV Velocity 231 taking home reserve for Paul and Lorraine Franken.

Following on her heels as honourable mention was the winning Intermediate champion, Bridon Velocity Ramble.

Congratulations also go out to Bridon Farms for winning both the Premier Breeder and Exhibitor banners.


The following day Judge Landry would return to judge the National Holstein Convention Show. It was a big day for many exhibitors, with 130 head paraded in front of a huge crowd that gathered around the ring to witness some of the best Ontario had to offer.

Beginning at 9 a.m., Judge Landry began sorting through an incredible array of high quality heifers, classed deep in number. It wasn’t long before we could see that his pattern for Holsteins did not differ from the day before when he judged the Jersey Show. Strong, wide heifers with great feet and legs quickly found their way to the top of each respective class.

Heifers that articulated dairy quality from end-to-end would be Judge Landry’s kind and Mapel Wood Doorman Stella fit the bill quite perfectly. This ‘Val-Bisson Doorman’ daughter owned by Mapel Wood Farms had just finished winning an incredible senior yearling class before she would go on to be named junior champion of the National Convention Show.

Following her closely, however, was the winning junior yearling, Unique Golden Ring, for Clarkvalley, Dalton J. Farris and Peter Leach.

Honourable mention went to the Honourable Mention All-Canadian Intermediate Calf from 2016, Fraeland Doorman Bonnie, owned by Fraeland Farms and Stephen’s Genetics.

A new feature that the committee added to our Spring Show this year was the extremely successful Megamoola elimination calf raffle. One hundred tickets were sold at $100 each to offer the opportunity for the lucky remaining ticket holder to choose from eight calves that were offered by breeders. The final nine ticket holders were also fortunate to win prizes selected by the committee. The lucky winner for this year was Richard Osborne from Hagersville, who chose Mapel Wood Doorman Brace from Mapel Wood Holsteins.

Immediately following this, the cow classes began. As the milking cows began to make their way into the ring, it became quite apparent that Judge Landry’s work had just begun. Garnering top spot for the intermediate cows was a very special Doorman daughter owned by Dalton J. Farris. Migno Doorman Gigi would use her immense finesse and strength, combined with a fantastic udder, to win over the reserve intermediate champion, Kingsway Goldwyn Lipbalm, owned by Joel Phoenix and Glamourview.

The second place senior 3-year-old, Teebrook Dempsey Regina, would take home honourable mention honours for Hodglynn.

Senior cow classes continued to dazzle. Some of the country’s finest cattle made their way to Ancaster for the show, many just off of some big wins at last year’s RAWF.

The 5-year-old class would be the talk of the day, with the top three placings made up of cows that had placed in the top five just a few months prior at the Royal. But this day, Keylas Sid Roxanna would push out the world-renowned Bosdale Gold Lustre for the first-place 5-year-old. Roxanna also claimed Best Udder of the show and it was indeed her sensational mammary system that would carry her over the well-known Goldwyn daughter, Bosdale Gold Lustre. It was a great day for owners Agriber Societa Agricola, Beckridge and Quality as Roxanna went on to be named grand champion, with Gold Lustre following in Reserve for Dupasquier, Agriber Societa and Quality.

A special young cow would also find her way to the center of the ring, having her moment with some of the big timers. The intermediate champion, Migno Doorman Gigi, would go on to be named honourable mention grand for the National Holstein Convention Show.

Breeder and Exhibitor Banners are always a highlight of any show and the hard work, sleepless nights and daily determination it takes to bring any large string to the show must be recognized. The 2017 Breeder and Exhibitor Banners were awarded to the Crovalley Team. It was that same determination that had won them the Junior Breeder and Exhibitor Banners earlier in the day.

From the entire Ontario Spring Show Committee we would like to thank all of our Exhibitors and Sponsors for what was a tremendous 2017 Show! We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Show Sponsors

The Ontario Spring Discovery Shows 2017 will take place April 3rd-6th in at the Ancaster Fairgrounds in Jerseyville, ON with Judge Richard Landy, QC officiating both the Jersey show and the National Convention Holstein Show. Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by the National Convention, Vogue Cattle Co & Quality Seeds Ltd.

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Vogue Cattle Co., Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Vogue Cattle Co., Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

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Quality Seeds, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

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Canadian National Convention, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Canadian National Convention, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Canadian National Convention, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Canadian National Convention, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Canadian National Convention, sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage

Schedule of Events

Wednesday, April 5th
10:30am…Jersey Show, Judge Richard Landry, QC

Thursday, April 6th
9:30am…National Convention Holstein Show, Judge Richard Landry QC

2016 Holstein Champions

2016 Holstein Champions

2016 Jersey Champions

2016 Jersey Champions

Mega Moola Calf Raffle

New this year!!! Mega Moola Calf Raffle!!!

There will be only 100 tickets at 100$/ticket for your chance to win a pick of 6+ calves valued at 6000$ and a selection of other prizes.
This will be an elimination style draw held following Junior Champion of the Holstein show on April 6th.