Ontario Spring Discovery Show 2015

April 22nd-23rd, 2015 @ Ancaster, ON

Jamie Black, NY

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Ontario Spring Discovery Show-Jersey Heifers
Ontario Spring Discovery Show-Jersey Cows

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Ontario Spring Discovery -Holstein Cows
Ontario Spring Discovery – Holstein Hfrs

Rain, clouds, snow and sleet once again blanketed the Ontario Spring Discovery. April 22 and 23, 2015 proved to be yet another chilly and wet year for the Ontario Spring Show, however, as Canadian as our Springs seem to be in Southern Ontario, so are the many exhibitors and breeders who came out in great numbers to support a tremendous Ontario Spring Discovery Show. Over 230 head between both breeds graced the ring before capable Judge, Jamie Black of Constable NY. No easy feat for Judge Black as the quality of Heifers and Cattle set a new high, but he carefully and objectively managed to sort them through.

The Jersey show commenced Wednesday evening, April 22nd at 6pm. Arriving in good time, Judge Jamie Black began his task at hand. Class by class, Judge Black began to sort through and it became apparent very quickly what he was looking for. Well-balanced, strong dairy heifers soon found themselves at the top of the class. They didn’t have to be the biggest, but without a doubt, the most correct. Rounding out the Junior portion of the show, Judge Black selected three heifers that best exemplified the quality he was looking for but in the end, garnering the Top Honours for Junior Champion was Lorivale Tequila Hopalong, the ultra dairy and perfectly correct Senior Calf owned by Emily Henderson and Cameron Stockdale (now owned by Jeff Stephens). Receiving the highly respected Reserve Junior Honours went to Willow Creek Reagan Marissa, the 1st place Summer Yearling. She was owned and exhibited by Willow Creek Jerseys and Scott and Sandra Honey. Rounding out the Junior Champion Class for Honourable Mention was the 1st place Senior Yearling, Willow Creek Giller Sherry, also owned by Willow Creek Jerseys.

Taking home the Junior Herd Banner, in a very close competition, was Richard & Teresa Osborne. Garnering a close second was Charlyn Farms.

Shortly after 8 pm the Senior classes began, and what a tremendous show! Once again Judge Black made his type known as tremendous uddered cattle with exceptional feet and legs made their way to the top. Grabbing Intermediate Champion Honours was none-other than the winning Senior 2yr Old, Kentville Candy Tequilla owned by Kentville Farms. Receiving both Reserve and Honourable Mention Honours was Bridon Farms with their winning Junior 2yr old, Bridon T Time (a Tequilla daughter) and their winning Senior 3yr old, Bridon Be Great (and Excitation daughter).

As the Senior Cow classes began to enter the ring it was evident that the quality of cattle had not stopped at the Intermediate Champion. Taking home Senior Champion and Grand Champion of the Jersey show was Pleasant Nook Candy Cane, a Vincent Daughter who soared to the top of the 4yr Old Class. Taking home the coveted Reserve Senior Champion and Reserve Grand Honours was also won by Pleasant Nook with their winning 5yr Old, Pleasant Nook Sultan Jetta. Finalizing Judge Black’s Parade of Champions was the Intermediate Champion, Kentville Candy Tequilla who received the Honourable Mention Honours of the show.

Huge Congratulations to Bridon Farms of Paris, ON for taking home both the Premier Exhibitor Banner as well as the Premier Breeder Banner.

Judge Jamie Black returned on Thursday Morning at 9:30 am to Judge the Holstein Show. Slippery roads and a blanket of snow outside was no obstacle for the exhibitors as they prepared the 129 head of tremendous quality Holsteins for the show ahead. Large classes of exceptional heifers paraded themselves before Judge Black. It was quickly made apparent that his form for judging didn’t vary even slightly from the Jerseys over to the Holsteins. Well-balanced, strong dairy Heifers with tremendous feet and legs again made their way to the top of the class. But in the end, it came down to three heifers for the Junior Champion; each heifer Judge Black had praised highly in their respective classes and each heifer was one that had won ‘quite handily’. But edging out the rest for Junior Champion was none other than the winning Junior Yearling, Farrows S Victorias Secret (sired by ‘Sylvestor) owned by Far-Row Holsteins and Rob Heffernan. Using her slight advantage in depth of rib, she took the Junior Honours over the winning Intermediate Yearling, MS Duckett Dyment Coral who received Reserve Junior honours for Gracehaven and Royal Lynn Holsteins. Garnering the Honourable Mention was the exquisite winning Senior Calf, Echo Glen GD Macy owned by Jeff Stephens and Pierre Boulet (Qc) Taking home Top Honours for their uniform Junior Herd was Aleah Farms with second place going to Crovalley Farms.

If Judge Black thought he had it tough for the Junior division of the show, it was only going to get harder for him as the cow classes began. Class after class of exceptional cows made their way through the ring and as Judge Black himself stated, again and again, “What a tremendous class of cows all the way to the bottom” only proved that has job was getting more challenging as the day continued. Coming back in a big way after her win last Fall at the RAWF was Bosdale Gold Lustre. This winning Junior 3yr took home Intermediate Champion Honours for owners Quality Holsteins, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier & Abriber Societa Agricola SRL. Making her way to Reserve Honours was the beautiful long black Sid daughter who had won the Senior 3yr Old class, Idee Sid Lusita who is also owned by Quality Holsteins. And taking home the final spot in the Intermediate Champion parade was the 2nd Place Senior 3yr old, Cavanaleck Dempsey Bozica for new owners, Pierstein & Sicy Holsteins (QC).

As the show wound to a close with the Senior Cow classes, we witnessed even more tremendous quality cattle come through the ring. Judge Black carefully sorted through the last 3 classes of the day and when it came to the Parade of Champions the ring was silent as exhibitors and bystanders watched as Judge Black made his final decisions. Earning his favour early on in the Show, his winning Intermediate Champion, Bosdale Gold Lustre, would take it all home receiving the coveted Grand Champion Honours for owners Quality Holsteins, Beckridge Holsteins, Oscar Dupasquier & Abriber Societa Agricola SRL. Receiving the highly respected Reserve Honours also went to Quality Holsteins with their winning 4yr Old, Marfloacres Damion Lulu and rounding out the Show in Honourable Mention was the 2nd prize 4yr old, Howard-View Razzmataz (Sanchez) for DonaId Doan & Kloepfer Holdings Ltd.

Taking home 1st place Breeder’s herd for the day was Cavanaleck Holsteins with their Group of 3 who all placed at the top of their respective classes. Coming in a close 2nd was Quality Holsteins. The Premier Breeder Banner went to Crovally Farms while Quality Holsteins took home another Premier Exhibitor Banner.

The Ontario Spring Show Committee would like to thank all of the Exhibitors and Sponsors for what was a tremendous 2015 Show. We look forward to seeing you all again in 2016!

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2015 Show Schedule
Wednesday, April 22
6:30pm: Jersey Show
Judge: Jamie Black, NY

Thursday, April 23
9:30am: Holstein Showud
Judge: Jamie Black

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