Shows and Sales Results

Ohio State Fair
DATE: July 26 - Aug 3, 2018
LOCATION: Columbus, OH


Brown Swiss
Holstein Futurity
Red & White

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Show Sponsors

The dairy shows at the Ohio State Fair 2018 take place July 26 – Aug 4 in Columbus, OH. Cowsmo will be on-hand covering the Red & White, Holstein and Jerseys shows thanks to several generous sponsors!

Acacia Swiss, Brown Swiss Show
Auburnbell Brown Swiss, 
Brown Swiss Show
Fairdale Farm, Brown Swiss Show
Golden Link Microbial Supplements, Inc., Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show
Grammer Jersey Farm, 
Jersey Show
Gunkelman Family Farms,
 Red & White Show
La Rainbow Farm, Brown Swiss Show
Miley Holstein Farms, Red & White Show
Open Road Farm, Brown Swiss Show
Shadow-W Holsteins & Boarding, Red & White Show
S&O Jerseys, Jersey Show
Topp-View, Brown Swiss Show
Triple-T, Jersey Show

Show Schedule

July 28 … 9am … Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show (Heifers & Dry Cows)
July 28 … 7pm … OH Holstein Futurity
July 29 … 8:30am … Red & White Show
July 29 … 10:30am …¬†Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show (Cows)

Aug 3 … 9am … Jersey Show (Heifers)
Aug 4 … 9am … Jersey Show (Cows & Futurity)
Aug 4 … 12pm … Brown Swiss Show¬†