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Ohio State Fair R&W Show 2013
DATE: July 28, 2013
JUDGE: Alta Mae Core


Junior Champion
Carhol Redliner Kasyppe-Red exhibited by Doebriener-Bowen
Reserve Junior Champion
Daydreamer Deuce Claire-Red exhibited by Gunkleman Farms

Intermediate Champion
Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red,White Light & Silvermist
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Springhill-OH Des Anna-Red, Wabash-Way LLC,
Honorable Mention
Oneeda Rocco Tawny-Red, Toppview

Grand Champion
Ms. Triple T Rock of Love-Red,  Richard Green
Reserve Grand Champion
Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red, White Light & Silvermist
Honorable Mention
Jerland Advent Greta-Red, Epperly and Koebel,


Spring Heifer Calves  (10)
1 Schluter Sydney Lee-Red, Triple-T & Barclay Phoenix, North Lewisburg OH
2 Hillcrest-Ville Buttercup-Red, M&M Valley, Cynthiana KY
3 Miss Redlights Raven-Red,  Wolf, New Bavaria OH

Winter Heifer Calves  (5)
1 Leip-Ches Picolo Go-Red, Gunkleman Farms, Medina OH
2 Lah-Dale Acme Samoa-Red, Lah-Dale Holsteins, Marysville OH
3 Cam-Bing G Chris Sassy-Red, Call-Del Farm, South Charleston OH

Fall Heifer Calves  (11)
1 Windy-Knoll-View Malo-Red, Richman Farms, Lodi OH
2 Jacher Colt Rissy-Red,  Jacher Holsteins, Van Wert OH
3 Rogalin Redliner-M-Red,  CL-Hersh Holsteins, Sugarcreek OH

Summer Yearling Heifers (8)
1 Starmark HP Razzie-Red, Starmark Farm. Wooster OH
2 Maiz-N-Blu Advent Sacrlet-Red,  McGuire Holsteins, West Liberty OH
3 Wabash-Way Chris Asti-Red,  Wabash-Way LLC, New Weston OH

Spring Yearling Heifers  (6)
1 Daydreamer Deuce Claire-Red,  Gunkleman Farms, Medina OH
2 Toppglen Destiny Marquit-Red, Tessa Topp, Wooster OH
3 Futurama Lars Havana-Red,  Futurama Farms, Fletcher OH

Winter Yearling Heifers  (6)
1 Carhol Redliner Kasyppe-Red,¬†Doebriener ‚ÄďBowen, West Salem OH
2 Ray-Jo Ctender Sass-Red,  CL-Hersh Holsteins, Sugarcreek OH
3 Miss Hot Cakes-Red,  Gunkleman Farms, Medina OH

Fall Yearling Heifers  (2)
1 Curt-Co Advent Misty-Red,  Stan-Mar-Dale/Express, Urbana OH
2 Bossir Absolute Maud-Red, Curtis Bickel

JR  2 Yr Olds  (3)
1 Alcroft Dusk Jellybean-Red,  Alden Seville Urban Herd Danville OH
2 Mil-R-Mor Hvezda Verita-Red,  Wil-O-Rae Holsteins N Fairfield OH
3 Ri-Val-Re AP Romance-Red,  Wil-O-Rae Holsteins N Fairfield OH

SR 2 YR Olds  (5)
1 Rose-Vue Real Dreamy-Red, White Light & Silver Mist McClure OH
2 Oneeda Rocco Tawny-Red,  Topp-View Farms Botkins OH
3 Greenlea Secure Liv-Red,  Richman Farms Lodi OH

JR 3 Yr Olds  (2)
1 Springhill-OH Dest Anna-Red,  Wabash-Way LLC New Weston OH
2 Miley Advent Bgemini-Red-ET,  Miley Holsteins West Salem OH

SR 3 Yr Olds  (4)
1 Macs-Acres Dy 523-Red, McMahan & Yoder, West Salem OH
2 Bossir Debonair Sadi-Red,  Richard Soldner, Springfield OH
3 Ri-Val-Re Real Ruvy-Red-ET,  Chelsea Skidmore, Union City OH

4 Yr Olds   (3)
1 MS Triple-T Rock of Love-Red,  Richard Green, N Lewisburg OH
2 Jerland Advent Gret-Red,  Epperly & Koebel, Anna OH
3 Miley Debonair Glitter-Red, Miley Holsteins, West Salem OH

5 Yr Olds  (1)
1 Miley Advent B Gem-Red,  Miley Holsteins, West Salem OH

Aged Cows   (2)
1 Wolf-Ridge Advent Julip-Red, Call-Del Farm, South Charleston OH
2 Macabob Jazi Bookman-Red,  Call-Del Farm, South Charleston OH

Senior Champion
MS Triple-T Rock of Love-Red,  Richard Green, N Lewisburg OH

Reserve Senior Champion
Jerland Advent Gret-Red,  Epperly & Koebel, Anna OH

Best Bred & Owned
Miley Advent B Gem-Red, Miley Holsteins, West Salem OH

Premier Breeder
Miley Holsteins, West Salem OH

Premier Exhibitor
Miley Holsteins, West Salem O