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Ohio State Fair B&W Holstein Show 2013
DATE: July 28, 2013
JUDGE: Barclay Phoenix

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Benrise Gold Jewellry (Goldwyn), 1st Spring Yearling, Doebriener-Bowen, J.B. & L-Ayars, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet (Goldwyn), 1st Winter Yearling, Doebriener – Bowen, P. Boulet, & D-Cole, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
T-Triple-T Durham Poppi (Durham), Triple-T & Entourage, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion
T-Triple-T Platinum (Goldwyn), Triple-T, OH

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
T-Triple T Dundee Paige (Dundee), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha (Goldwyn), Triple-T Holsteins & Entourage, OH

Spring Calf

1.Ren-Bow Anigma Ladybug (Anigma), Bowen, Doebriener, & Alyssa Bowen, OH
2.Sco-Lo-Coons Atti Banshe (Attic), Doebriener-Bowen, OH
3.Bucks Pride Mayfield Pidge (Mayfield), Bucks Pride LLC, OH
4.T-Triple-T Premium (Atwood), Triple-T Holsteins, OH

Winter Calf

1.Palmeng LeMur Lacey-ET (LeMur), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2.Wabash-Way Braxton Twinkle (Braxton), Wabash-Way LLC, OH
3.Fusion Dempsey Pandora (Dempsey), Hannah Sharp, OH
4.Damestar Alexander Magic (Alexander), Jacklyn Booth, NY

Fall Calf

1.Milksource Braxton Amy-ET (Braxton), Starmark Farm, OH
2.Oakfield Goldwyn Lyric-ET (Goldwyn), Doebriener-Bowen,T-Abbot, & M-Heath, OH
3. Muranda Spear Shedaisy (Spear), Mazzaro, Bailee, Calla, Mason, OH
4.Willy-MC Arangatang Gold (Goldwyn), Elijah Dobay, OH

Summer Yearling

1.Triple-T Atwood Leaf (Atwood), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2.Brookview Braxton Layla (Braxton), Brookview Farms, OH
3.Ray-Jo Braxton Lady (Braxton), Bickel Family Farms, OH
4.Hankansons Clark Jewel (Clark), Katie Cole, OH

Spring Yearlings

1.Benrise Gold Jewelry (Goldwyn), Doebriener-Bowen & J.B. & L Ayars, OH
2.Brook Hollow Wanna Be Sk, Delbert & Heather Yoder, OH
3.K-Land After Hours (Aftershock), Ashley Hawvermale, OH
4.Toppglen Goldchip Wanton (Goldchip), Tyler Topp, OH

Winter Yearling

1.Cobequid Goldwyn Bayonet (Goldwyn), Doebriener-Bowen, P-Boulet, & D-Cole, OH
2.Brookvilla HY Redliner Leg (Redliner), Elijah Dobay, OH
3.Kuk-Lan Damion Chandra (Damion), Matthew & Megan Lawson, OH
4.E-Kiko Sanchez Radiance (Sanchez), Evan Kiko, OH

Fall Yearlings

1.T-Triple-T Possibility, Triple-T & Entourage, OH
2.REE-Kay Aftershock CoCo (Aftershock), Katelyn Hershberger, OH
3.Balmoral Lauthority Avocad (Lauthority), Keith Richardson, OH
4.Stan-Mar-Dale Maxwell Qui (Maxwell), Stan-Mar-Dale & Express, OH


1. T-Triple-T Durham Poppi (Durham), Triple-T Holsteins & Entourage, OH
2. White-Light Golden Kolor (Goldwyn), Whitelight, Quietcove & Curan
3. Miley Advent Bgemini-Red (Advent), Miley Holstein Farms Ltd., OH
4. Quietcove-W Sanchez Futu (Sanchez), Quietcove-Wapa Farms, OH

Junior 2 Year Old

1.T-Triple T Paradise, Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2.Lindlaur Gabor Annette (Gabor), Devin & Brenda L’Amoreaux, OH
3.Topp-View Brian Roxanne (Brian), Topp View Farms, OH
4.Quietcove W JMK Curran D, Quietcove, J. Koster & T. Curran, OH

Senior 2 Year Old

1.T-Triple-T Platinum (Goldwyn), Triple-T, OH
2.Majestic View Sevetlana ET, Duane Cole, Kevin Doeberiner, & Mike Heath, OH
3.Claquato-RH Elicit ET (Atwood), Doebriener-Bowen & Gene Iager, OH
4.M-Riverview Destry Kalin (Destry), Wabash Way

Junior 3 Year Old

1.Rocky Mount Sanchez Finesse (Sanchez), Triple T Holsteins- Cummings, OH
2.Pond-Ridge Laurin Trixie (Laurin), Shem & Cole Pond, OH
3.Burks-Branch Jasper Fifi-E (Jasper), Katelynn Mcdaniel, OH
4.Brookview Ridiculous-ET (Destry), Brookview Farms, OH

Senior 3 Year Old

1.Klingendale Sanchez Affirm (Sanchez), Devin & Brenda L’Amoreaux, OH
2.Hardys Goldwyn Magenta-ET (Goldwyn), Matthew & Megan Lawson, OH
3.Maple-Valle Talent Kia (Talent), Richard Steinke, OH
4.Conrad Million Denny (Million), Macy Conrad, OH

4 Year Old

1.Lovhill Goldwyn Katrysha (Goldwyn), Triple-T Holsteins & Entourage, OH
2.OARDC Damion Black Bett (Damion), Stan-Mar-Dale Express, OH
3.Whiteleather Sizzle (Shottle), Whiteleather Holsteins, OH
4.Doubletree Effort Kate (Effort), Jared Harding, OH

5 Year Old

1.Southern-Hills Damion Melros (Damion), Dreamland Holsteins, OH
2.Smith Oak Goldwyn Mint-ET (Goldwyn), Triple-T Holsteins, Smith, Oak, OH
3.Ack-Lee Roy Krispy (Roy), Ack-Lee Holsteins
4.Express-SMD Rose Josie, Stan-Mar-Dale Express

Aged Cows

1.T-Triple T Dundee Paige (Dundee), Triple-T Holsteins, OH
2.Toppview Ronelee Elle-ET (Mr Sam), Toppview Farms, OH
3.Brook Hollow Miss Rubee (Atlantis), Delbert & Heather Yoder, OH
4.Brookview-E Barely Legal (Advent), Brookview Farms, OH

125,000 lb Cows

1.Futurama Forbidden Suann (Forbidden), Futurama Holsteins, OH
2.Balmoral Manager Addison (Manager), Keith Richardson, OH
3.Conrad Finley Liz (Finley), Macy Conrad, OH

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