Shows and Sales Results

Ohio State Fair Brown Swiss Show 2017
DATE: August 5th, 2017
LOCATION: Columbus, Ohio
JUDGE: Sean Johnson, Pennsylvania


Junior Champion
Johann Jongleur Amaze (Jongleur), 1st Fall calf, Topp-View, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
Hill-N-Dale Kiss a Tink, 1st Spring Yearling, Sherry Smith, OH

Intermediate Champion 
Topp-View Lee Mackenzie (Lee), 1st Jr 3yr Old, Topp-View, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Brothers Three TV Wine ET (Topp-View), 1st Sr 3yr Old, Topp-View, OH

Senior & Grand Champion 
Alfa Creek Parker Victory (Parker), 1st Component Merit Cow, Keaton Topp, OH
Reserve Senior and Grand Champion
Sun-Made HP Parker Posie (Parker), 1st 4yr Old, Logan Schlauch, OH

Spring Heifer Calf (3)

1. Auburnbell Bosephus Aloha (Bosephus), Elizabeth Berstler, OH
2. Idyl Wild Thunder Sangria (Thunder), Becca Vales, OH
3. Buckeye Knoll Cadence Sa, Carrie Rhoades, OH

Winter Heifer Calf (4)

1. Brengold Deegan Brownie (Deegan), Wilsan Farms, Wooster, OH
2. La Rainbow Blfly Startstruck, La Rainbow Farm, New Knoxville, OH
3. La Rainbow Sweet Vista, La Rainbow Farm, New Knoxville, OH
4. Royal WCF Carlton Beauty (Carlton), Wyatt Schlauch, Big Prairie, OH

Fall Heifer Calf

1. Johann Jongleur Amaze (Jongleur), Topp-View, OH
2. Dublin-Hills Sawyer-ET, Ayars & Marion, OH
3. Brown Velvet Thunder Finale, Chris & Elizabeth Lahmers, OH
4. North Lanes CP Princess (Chilli Pepper), North Lane Farm, OH
5. Blessing August Elly (August), Open Road Farm, OH

Summer Yearling

1. North Lanes Bos Parfait, North Lane Farm, OH
2. Milk&Honey Richard Tempe, Topp-View P, OH
3. Express-SMD Fireball, Express & Stan-Mar-Dale, OH
4. Round Hill Thunder Wonder, Open Road Farm, OH
5. Rad-ical Grand Entrace ET, Alex Houck, OH

Spring Yearling

1. Hill-N-Dale Kiss a Tink, Sherry Smith, OH
2. Breeze Ridge Archer Jace (Archer), Elizabeth Berstler, OH
3. Rippling August Kyra (August), Molly Moffett, OH
4. Open-Road Carter Ashton (Carter), Open Road Farm, OH
5. Kinnderkay Wonder Lily (Wonder), Anne Kress, OH

Winter Yearling

1. Giesy Manor Bosephus Mis, Carli Binckley, Salem, OH
2. La Rainbow Bfly Monday, La Rainbow Farm, New Knoxville, OH
3. Reid Family Lilly Gps Lil De, Skyler Reid, Quaker City, OH
4. Niewmans Richards Tara, Open Road Farm, Killbuck, OH
5. Buckeye Knoll C Kit-Kat T, Sarah Lehner, Delaware, OH

Fall Yearling (4)

1. Latimore Chilli Grace (Chilli Pepper), Lauren Lamoreaux, OH
2. North Lanes Briden Puma (Braiden), North Lane Farm, OH
3. Krises Tallant Wildcat (Tallant), Saltzman & Buckley, OH
4. Top Acres Braiden Winzit-ET (Braiden), Open Road Farm, OH

Futurity (4)

1. ToppView Woods Push It (Woods), Kinley Topp, OH
2. Topp-View August Sara (August), Topp-View, OH
3. La Rainbow Sweet Lemon, La Rainbow Farm, OH
4. Open-Road WC Fairgirl, Open Road Farm, OH

Fall Yearling in Milk (1)

1. La Rainbow Sweet Sassy ET, La Rainbow Farm, OH

Junior 2 Year Old

1. Top Acres HP B Winning-ET, OH
2. La Rainbow Sweet Silk exhibited by La Rainbow Farm, OH
3. CIE Open-Road Billigun Ly (Billigun),  Topp-View, OH
4. Johann Gettysburg, Topp-View, OH
5. Kinnderkay Wonder JoJo (Wonder), Anne Kress, OH

Senior 2 Year Old (5)

1. R-Hart Atom 1, Stan-Mar-Dale, Express & Top-Acres, OH
2. Blessing Mort Osborn Penn (Osborn), Topp-View, OH
3. Dublin-Hills Penny, Open Road Farm, OH
4. Top Acres Garbro Win-ET (Garbro), Sarah Rhoades, OH
5. CIE Open-Road Seaman Al (Seaman), Open Road Farm, OH

Junior 3 Year Old (2)

1. Topp-View Lee Mackenzie (Lee), Topp-View, OH
2. Kinnderkay Parker Eva (Parker), Anne Kress, OH

Senior 3 Year Old (4)

1. Brothers Three TV Wine ET (Topp-View), Topp-View, OH
2. Brook Hollow Baby Present, Brandon Sugg, OH
3. Top Acres HP Peppy Gin ET (Chilli Pepper), OH
4. Top Acres Grand Wizit-ET (Grandslam), OH

4 Year Old

1. Sun-Made HP Parker Posie (Parker), Logan Schlauch, OH
2. Kulp-Gen Supreme Dawn ET (Supreme), Topp-View, OH
3. Johann V Montana, Topp-View, OH
4. La Rainbow Sweet Pepper, La Rainbow Farm, OH
5. La Rainbow Sweet Mirage, La Rainbow Farm, OH

5 Year Old(1)
  1. North Lanes L Snowbaby (Landon), North Lane Farm, OH

Aged Cow (1)

1. Quicksilver Gunner Emma (Gunner), Topp-View, OH

Component Merit Cow (1)

1. Alfa Creek Parker Victory (Parker), Keaton Topp, OH