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Ohio Spring Jersey Show 2015
DATE: April 3rd, 2015
LOCATION: Columbus, OH
JUDGE: Steve Wagner, PA

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Steve Wagner of Quarryville, PA was on hand to place the Ohio Spring Jersey Show in Columbus, OH on April 3rd. Walking away with Grand Champion honors was Bridon Jade Eliza exhibited by Topp-View Farm of Botkins, OH.


Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Bridon Jade Eliza (Jade), Topp-View, OH

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Breezy Knoll JW Missy (Just Wait) exhibited by Breezy Knoll Farm, Salem, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion Giller Imply (Giller), Erin & Jody Williams, OH Reserve Intermediate Champion Lawrence-Haven Verb Fergie (Verb), exhibited by Lawrence-Haven, PA

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Charlyn Tequila Ember (Tequila), Franchise, Allyndale & Borba, OH

Reserve Junior Champion
Miss Vannas Sultry Vixen (Sultan), Glamourview, MD

Aged Cows

1. Breezy Knoll JW Missy (JustWait), Breezy Knoll Farm, OH 2. Forever Hopeful Tanya (Rocket), TJ Classic Jerseys, OH 3. Golden Courtney (Golden Boy), Harris Jersey Farm & KC Farm, TN 4. Ryanne of Reflection (Reflection), Harris Jersey Farm & KC Farm, TN 5. Frog Hollow Dagger Millie (Dagger-P), Cotton Spring Farm, PA

5 Year Olds

1. Bridon Jade Eliza-ET (Jade), Topp-View, OH 2. KCJF Regency Brooklyn (Regency), Keightley & Core, KY 3. Joleebeth Nevada Karmel (Nevada), Brian & Chase Call, OH 4. KC Wamp Leido (Wamp), Harris Jersey Farm & KC Farm, TN 5. Richman Jamaica Nettie-ET (Jamaica), Richman Farm, OH

4 Year Olds

1. M-Signature Comerica Tiana Marie (Comerica), Cole & Mazzaro, OH 2. DKG Motion Oreo (Motion), Grace Hageman, OH 3. Reich-Dale Verbatim Honor (Verbatim), Iager & Walton, MD 4. Xanadu KK Albert (Captain Crunch-P), Erin & Jody Williams, OH 5. KCJF Iatola Hailey (Iatola), Keightley & Core, KY

Senior 3 Year Olds1

1.Hird’s Colton Dream (Colton), Keightley & Core, KY 2. Aragorn Pat-A-Cake (Verbatim), Morgan’s Jerseys, OH 3. Marhaven BRC Serene (Comerica) Breezy Knoll Farm, OH 4. Townside GG Lyn (Governor), Clearview Jerseys 5. Starwischer Tequila Miranda (Tequila), Starwischer Jerseys, OH

Junior 3 Year Old

1. Giller Imply (Giller), Erin & Jody Williams, OH 2. KCJF Tequila Makes Me Crazy (Tequila), Keightley & Core, KY 3. Lost-Elm Hired Gun Payton (Hired Gun), Cherrylock Cattle Co., WI 4. Ty-Ly-View Tequila Summer (Tequila), Cotton Springs Farm, PA

Senior 2 Year Olds

1. Avonlea Kosmic Fire (Great Balls of Fire), Harris Jersey Farm & KC Farm, TN
2. Added Entry
3. Genesis Impress Belinda (Impression), Cherrylock Cattle Co, WI4. DKG Tequila Forget Me Not (Tequila), Trevor Greiwe, OH
5. Added Entry


Junior 2 Year Olds

1. Lawrence-Haven Verb Fergie (Verb), Lawrence-Haven, PA
2. M-Signature Valentino Scarlett-ET (Valentino), Signature Cattle, OH
3. Topp-View Spahrs HG Passion (Hired Gun), Topp-View, OH

Fall Yearlings

1. M-Signature Tina Maries Riesling-ET (Verbatim), Callie Mazzaro, OH
2. JWH Nate Silver (Nate), Hershberger, OH
3. DKG Motion Rockin Robin (Motion), Grace Hageman, OH
4. Cumberlands Giglet Fire (Great Balls of Fire), Harris Jersey Farm & KC Farm, TN
5. Breezy Knoll Tequila Mariel (Tequila), Grant, Tom & Ann Cope, OH


Winter Yearlings

1. M-Signature Tequila Essential (Tequila), Mason Mazzaro, OH
2. Arethusa HG Savara (Hired Gun), Glamourview & Franchise, MD3. Electras Executive Decision-ET (Response), Kyle McGuire, OH
4. DKG Motion Maggie (Motion), Blake Greiwe, OH
5. Cold Run Premier Emblem-ET (Premier), James Herron, OH


Spring Yearlings

1. DKG Motion Butter Milk (Motion), Meredith Hageman, OH
2. DKG Motion Clover (Motion), Lane Greiwe, OH
3. M-Signature Tequila Izzy (Tequila)
4. Highland-H Verb Splish (Verb), Shelby Rader, PA5. Edgebrook HG Chandler (Hired Gun), Franchise, Thompson & Edgebrook, OH


Summer Yearlings

1. Miss Vannas Sultry Vixen (Sultan), Glamourview, MD
2. DKG Motion Surprise (Motion), Trevor Greiwe, OH
3. M-Signature Tequila Vogue (Tequila), Mason Mazzaro, OH
4. Avonlea KS Victoria Secret (Venture), Steinlage & Lang, IA
5. IC Ernie Liean (Ernie), Danielle Danielson, OH



Fall Calves

1. Charlyn Tequila Ember (Tequila), Allyndale, Franchise & Borba, OH
2. DKG Motion Milk Maid (Motion), Garrett Hageman, OH3. Partee HPDH Lustre-ET (Jade), Sharp, Mazzaro & Behinhardt
4. TJ Classic Redpath Bianca (Redpath), TJ Classic Jerseys, OH
5. Drentex Getaway Sookie (Getaway), Kaylee Zapalac, TX


Winter Calves

1. Edgebrook Cheer Me On-ET (Cheers), Glamourview & Franchise, OH
2. Edgebrook Reviresco Camille (Reviresco), Thompson & Edgebrook, OH
3. Cold Run Ladd Bee Grand-ET (Ladd), Cold Run Jerseys, OH
4. Call-Dell Norbert Lilac (Norbert), Austin Yoder, OH
5. Charlyn Colton Shane (Colton), Clayton Lamb