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North Okanagan Holstein Club Spring Show 2017
DATE: April 1, 2017
LOCATION: Armstrong, BC
JUDGE: Markus Hehli, Alberta

Holstein Champions

Junior Champion
Wedgewood CG Dorinda (Capital Gain), 1st Senior Calf,  Michael Podchadley
Reserve Junior Champion
Priory Doorman Taffee (Doorman), 1st Sr. Yearling,  Blossomdairy & Barclay Holsteins

Intermediate Champion
Starcrest Alexander Raeanne (Alexander), 1st Sr. 3yr Old, Starcrest Farms
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Haddington Explode Margarita (Explode), 2nd Sr. 3yr Old,  Haddington Holsteins


Grand & Supreme Champion
Hamming Simms Abbey (Simms), 1st Mature Cow, Hamming Holsteins
Reserve Grand & Supreme Champion
Starcrest Alexander Raeanne (Alexander), 1st Sr 3yr Old,  Starcrest Farms


Jersey Champions

Junior Champion
Sunny Hill Joel Appletini (Joel), 5th Senior Calf, Michael & Gina Haambuckers
Reserve Junior Champion
Sunny Hill Notepad Arangatang (Notepad), 2nd Summer Yearling, Michael & Gina Haambuckers

Grand Champion
Elmcrest Tequila Moola (Tequila), 4th Sr. 3yr Old, Elmbridge Farms
Reserve Grand Champion
Sunny Hill Mantra Athena (Mantra), 3rd Sr. 2yr Old, Michael & Gina Haambuckers

Intermediate Calf (4)
  1. Blue Bell Abby Action (Action)CBS Holsteins, BC
  2. Gaymar Milestone Tinsel (Milestone), Gaymar Jerseys, BC
  3. Hamming Monterey Prada (Monterey) Hamming Holsteins, BC
  4. Hamming Solomon Evetta (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Senior Calf (12)
  1. Wedgewood CG Dorinda 1468 (Capital Gain), Mike Podschadly, BC
  2. Goldenset Novo Astro (Novo). Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  3. Tolamika Windbrook Adora (Windbrook),  Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  4. Hamming Novo Evetta (Novo). Hamming Holstein
  5. Sunny Hill Joel Appletini (Joel), Micheal & Gina Haambuckers, BC

Summer Yearling (9)
  1. Rockledge Ruby Lotus Red (Lotus), Rockledge, BC
  2. Sunny Hill Notepad Arangatang (Notepad). Micheal & Gina Haambuckers, BC
  3. Sunnyhill Cinderdoor Gwen (Cinderdoor), Sunnyhome Farms
  4. Sunnyhill Airlift Rocker (Airlift), Micheal & Gina Haambuckers, BC
  5. Chadview Destry RC Claira (Destroy), Mike Podschadly, BC

Junior Yearling (7)
  1. Hamming Doorman Darlina (Doorman), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  2. Rockledge Alice Tonka (Tonka), Shawn Vanderwal, BC
  3. Donnanview Archrival Candy (Archrival), Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  4. Lone Pine Impression Midnight (Impression, Starvrest Farms, BC
  5. Gaymar Milestone Miracle (Milestone), Gaymar Jerseys, BC

Winter Yearling (5)
  1. Spallvue Mascalese Crisco (Mascalese), Luttmerding Farms, BC
  2. Glorybound Josie Wickham (Wickham), Glorybound Holsteins, BC
  3. CBS Grand Lindell Goldy (Lindell), CBS Holsteins, BC
  4. Hamming Airlift Susan (Airlift), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  5. Wabybrook Wickham Darika (Wabybrook), BC

Senior Yearling (6)
  1. Priory Doorman Taffee (Doorman), Blossom Dairy & Barclay Holsteins, BC
  2. Hamming Solomon Clarissa (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  3. Spallvue Doorman Delta (Doorman), Luttmerding Farms, BC
  4. Hamming Solomon Claira (Solomon), Hamming Holsteins
  5. Glorybound Bubbles Doorman (Doorman), Glorybound Holsteins, BC

Junior Group of 3 All Three bred and at least TWO owned by exhibitor (Holstein)
  1. Hamming Holsteins, BC
  2. Rockledge, BC
  3. Glorybound Holsteins, BC

Futurity (6)
  1. Haddington Explode Margarita (Explode), Haddington Holsteins, BC
  2. Hamming Jasper Squirt (Jasper), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  3. Hamming Yorick Evetta (Yorick), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  4. Rockledge Rubie Windbrook (Windbrook), Rockledge, BC
  5. Goldenset Geena (Lopportunist), Goldenset & Dewitts, BC

Junior 2yr Old (4)
  1. Wedgewood CG Presence (Capital Gain), Sunninghill Holsteins, BC
  2. Starcrest LH Verb Addyson (Verb), Starcrest Farms, BC
  3. Claqquato-RH Premier Quivver (Premier), Shadynook Farms, BC
  4. Hamming Sid Squirt (Sid), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Senior 2yr Old (5)
  1. Goldenset Doorman Violette (Doorman), Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  2. Sunnyhome Aftershock Mildred (Aftershock), Sunnyhome Farms, BC
  3. Sunny Hill Mantra Athena-ET (Mantra), Michael & Gina Haambuckers, BC
  4. Spallvue Atwood Gabrielle (Atwood), Luttmerding Farms, BC
  5. Springbend More Gold Damage (MoreGold), Springbend Farms, BC

Junior 3yr Old (3)
  1. Sunnyhome Ladd Red Reta (Ladd), Sunnyhome Farms, BC
  2. Goldenset Observer Haley (Observer), Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  3. Haddington Explode Manhattan (Explode), Haddington Holsteins, BC

Senior 3yr Old (11)
  1. Starcrest Alexander Raeanne (Alexander), Starcrest Farms, BC
  2. Haddington Explode Margarita (Explode), Haddington Farms, BC
  3. Hamming Jasper Squirt (Jasper), Hamming Holsteins, BC
  4. Elmcrest Tequila Moola (Tequila), Elmbridge Farms, BC
  5. Hamming Yorick Evetta (Yorick), Hamming Holsteins, BC

4yr Old (3)
  1. Dewitts Zamora Dempsey (Zamora), Goldenset & Dewitts, BC
  2. Starcrest OT Africka (On Time), Starcrest Farms, BC
  3. Hamming Let it Snow Squirt (Let it Snow), Hamming Holsteins, BC

5yr Old (1)
  1. Sunnyhome Goldchip Marcie (Goldchip), Sunnyhome Farms, BC

Mature Cow (1)
  1. Hamming Sims Abbey (Simms), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Super Cow (1)
  1. Hamming Jasper Squirt (Jasper), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Progeny of Dam (1)
  1. Hamming Goldwyn Squirt (Goldwyn), Hamming Holsteins, BC

Breeders Herd & Premier Exhibitor

Hamming Holsteins, BC