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New York State Fair Red & White Show 2017
DATE: Aug 26, 2017
LOCATION: Syracuse, NY
JUDGE: Patsy Gifford, NY

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Judge Patsy Gifford, NY has named her Senior & Grand Champion here at The New York State Fair Red & White Show 2017. Congratulations to Oakfield Corners Dairy with Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red (Perseus), 1st Aged Cow. Cowsmo will be on-hand providing photos and results thanks to Roll-N-View Farm.

Junior Champion Junior Show

Junior Champion Junior Show
Four-Hills Av Sisi64392-Red (Avalanche), 2nd Fall Calf, Mason Ziemba & Britney Hill

Res. Junior Champion Junior Show
Del-Frie-Acres Ad Ruthy-Red (Addiction-P), 1st Winter Yearling, Joseph Thomsen

HM Junior Champion Junior Show
MM-T Pockets Ziva-Red (Awesome), 3rd Spring Yearling, Kolby Sample

Junior Champion Open Show

Junior Champion Open Show
Ms-Aol Dback Raelynn-Red-ET (Diamondback), 1st Fall Calf, Olivia Galton

Res. Junior Champion Open Show
Lylehaven M Cinnamon-Red-ET (McGucci), 1st Spring Yearling, A&J Merrill

HM Junior Champion Open Show
Shiloh-USA AVH Diane-Red-ET (Avalanche), 1st Winter Calf, Jonathan & Alicia Lamb

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show

Senior & Grand Champion Junior Show
Solid-Gold De C Leni-Red-ET (Classic-Red), 1st 4 Year Old, Emily Mikel

Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion Junior Show
Suzies Ladd Serafina-Red-ET (Ladd P), 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Kirt Menzi, Jr.

Senior & Grand Champion Open Show

Senior & Grand Champion
Rosedale Lucky-Rose-Red (Perseus), Aged Cow, Oakfield Corners Dairy

Res. Senior & Res. Grand Champion
Long Brook RL Sweetie Pi-Red (Redliner), 1st 125,000lb. Cow, Marshman & Hembury Farms

Spring Calves (10)

1. Liddleholme Antice-Red-ET (Barbwire), Liddleholme
2. Rossdale Malone Nibbles-Red (Malone), Landen Peters
3. Tiger-Lily L Frazzle-Red-ET (Ladd P), Allan & Johana Merrill
4. Rocklan-ZBW Primdona-Red (Diamondback), Kevin & Barb Ziemba
5. Tiger-Lily Ladd Ridley-Red (Ladd P), Lily Marshman
6. Ovaltop BW Bella-Red (Barbwire), Justin Wolfe

Winter Calves (9)

1. Shiloh-USA AVH Diane-Red-ET (Avalanche), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb
2. Fair-Meadow De Champane-Red (Defiant), Loren Putman
3. Rocklan-ZBW M Paris-Red (Malone), Kevin & Barb Ziemba
4. Westphal-ELG Av Memephis-Red (Avalanche), Allison Galton
5. Jericho Dairy Adv Cheri-Red (Advent), Carissa Bennett
6. Sandimeadows Ad Triligy-Red (Advent), Kameron Sickles

Fall Calves (10)

1. Ms-Aol Dback Raelynn-Red-ET (Diamondback), Olivia Galton
2. Four-Hills Av Sisi64392-Red (Avalanche), Mason Ziemba & Britney Hill
3. Ovaltop Ladd P Ranait-Red (Ladd P), Michael Wolfe
4. Dwibet Diamondback Jemma-Red (Diamondback), Jenna Gerber
5. Mac-Mara Hyp Candy Cane-Red (Hypnotic), Kenneth Charles
6. Tiger-Lily Apple Pie-Red-ET (Awesome), Lily Marshman & A&J Merrill

Summer Yearling (5)

1. Wall-St Malone Electra-Red (Malone), J. Winton & A&J Merrill
2. Oakfield Addiction Emoji-Red (Addiction-P), Alicia Lamb
3. Midas-Touch BW Tamale-Red (Barbwire), Kristen King
4. Lick-Spring Awsm Hunter-Red (Awesome), Ryan Lawton
5. Ranway California Dream-Red (California), Ranway Farms

Spring Yearling (5)

1. Lylehaven M Cinnamon-Red-ET (McGucci), A&J Merrill
2. Tiger Lily Light Rapunzel-Red (Lightning), Lily Marshman
3. MM-T Pockets Ziva-Red (Awesome), Kolby Sample
4. Luck-E Diamond Tonto-Red (Diamondback), Jacob Menzi
5. Oakfield Awe Ecstacy-Red-ET (Awesome), David King

Winter Yearling (2)

1. Del-Frie-Acres Ad Ruthy-Red (Addiction-P), Joseph Thomsen
2. Ms O So Good-Red-ET (O’Kalif), Kelsey Warriner

Fall Yearling (2)

1. Shar-Rich Picasso Spooky-Red (Picasso-Red), Dennis Baldwin
2. Ms Apple Adrianna-Red-ET (O’Kalif), Doug Wolfe

Junior Best 3 Female (2)

1. Ovaltop Holsteins
2. Marshman Farms

Milking Fall Yearling (1)

1. (BU) Oakfield Def Sami-Red-ET (Defiant), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb

Junior 2 Year Old (8)

1. (BU) Ziems Armani Amore-Red-ET (Armani), Dwi-Bet Farms
2. Greenlea Add Crystal-Red-ET (Addiction-P), Orin Ross
3. Tiger-Lily Mal Rindly-Red (Malone), Lily Marshman
4. Oakfield Abs Candy-Red (Absolute), Jonathan & Alicia Lamb
5. Ms Addiction Sophie-Red (Addiction-P), Allison Galton
6. Merrillea Malone Ellie-Red (Malone), Merrill, Bossard & Winton

Senior 2 Year Old (5)

1. (BU) Suzies Ladd Serafina-Red-ET (Ladd P), Kirt Menzi, Jr.
2. Roll-N-View RB Joni-Red-ET (Redburst), B&M Winnie & C&A Galton
3. Ovaltop BW Roselan-Red-ET (Barbwire), Michael Wolfe
4. Ms Kulp-Peila Dana P-Red-ET (Ladd P), Elizabeeth Pelia
5. OCD Camden Lilo-Red-ET (Camden), Dwi-Bet Farms, Inc.

Junior 3 Year Old (4)

1. Ful-A-Rae Abigail-Red-ET (Absolute), L. Hitt & Z. Mast
2. Pheasant-Echo Terri-Red, Kevin & Barb Ziemba
3. Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), Kirt Menzi, Jr.
4. Ovaltop Bwire Rascal-Red-ET (Barbwire), Michael Wolfe