Shows and Sales Results

New York State Fair Jersey Show
DATE: September 2, 2012
JUDGE: Bill Wachtel, OH

Spring Calf (18):

  1. SSF Grandious Flora (Grandious), Charles Luchsinger, NY
  2. Cowbell Guapo O’Reilly-ET (Guapo), Christine Rozler, NY
  3. Meadow Winds Bella (Hired Gun-ET), Megan Poole, NY


Winter Calf (13):

  1. Cowbell Guapo Slippers (Guapo), Christine Rozler, NY
  2. SSF Reagan Olivia (Reagan), Charles Luchsinger, NY
  3. Akers Talent Dorie (Talent), Nathan Aker, NY


Fall Calf (15):

  1. Underground K-Mamie Clair (Hilton), Blake Crothers, NY
  2. Crossbrook HG Haley (Hired Gun), Devin Prokop, NY
  3. Bow Tie Vincent Mega (Vincent), Peggy Bennet, NY


Summer Yearling (18):

  1. Evans RCF Tequila Jazmin (Tequila), Kara Evans, NY
  2. Crossbrook Minister Chris (Minister), Jon Prokop, NY
  3. Vale-High Boom Boom Pow (Valor ), Brett Roberts, NY


Spring Yearling (6):

  1. Arethusa Tequila Venice (Tequila), Kyle Cacciola, NY
  2. Edan Governor Shimmie (Governor), Corrina Aldrich, NY
  3. Seacord Farm Iatola Janell (Iatola), Ethan Dupuis, NY


Winter Yearling (6):

  1. Lakeside Aw Governor Nectar (Governor), Peggy Bennett, NY
  2. TY-LY Vview Com Monica (Comerica), Jordan Bergen, NY
  3. Heaven Scent Superior Katrina (Superior), J. Stewart, NY


Fall Yearling (3):

  1. Cowbell Shyster Fools Gold (Shyster), Christine Rozler, NY
  2. Heaven Scent Secret Success (Tequila), J. Stewart, NY
  3. Lawtons Action Victoria (Action), Ryan Lawton, NY


Junior Champion:
Arethusa Tequila Venice, 1st spring yearling, Kyle Cacciola, NY

Reserve  Junior Champion:
Cowbell Guapo Slippers, 1st winter calf, Christine Rozler, NY

Honorable Mention Junior Champion:
SSF Grandious Flora, 1st spring calf, Charles Luchsinger, NY

Fall Yearling in Milk (3):

  1. SSF Governor Jessie (Governorr), Alison Luchsinger, NY
  2. Seacord Farm Virgil Juliet (Virgil), Miranda Seacord, NY
  3. Parkview Minister Fancy (Minister), Parkview Jerseys, NY


Junior 2 Year Old  (11):

  1. FVF Canyon Matilda (Luke), Mark & Lisa Hansen, NY
  2. SSF Excitation Parker (Excitation), Charles Luchsinger, NY
  3. Arethusa Dashers Diva (Tequila), Jon Prokop, NY


Senior 2 Year Old: (11):

  1. Seacord Farm Gator Vanna (Gator), Ethan Dupuis, NY
  2. Underground Hazels Holly (Paramount), Anthony & Debbie Crothers, NY
  3. Oakfield TBone Vivianne-ET (TBone), Tyler Herrington, NY


Junior 3 year Old (6):

  1. Crossbrook Sultan Sara (Sultan), Jon Prokop, NY
  2. Underground Dixons Dixie (Justice), Anthony Crothers, NY
  3. BS Lew-Lin Action Halo (Action), Bryant Stuttle, NY


Senior 3 Year Old  (10):

  1. SSF Governor Cara (Governor), Susan Luchsinger, NY
  2. Fortress Justice Jan (Justice), Ethan Dupuis, NY
  3. CDJ Delight Gov Dutchess (Govenor), Kyle Cacciola, NY


Intermediate Champion:
Seacord Farm Gator Vanna, 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Ethan Dupuis, NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion:
SSF Governor Cara, 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Susan Luchsinger, NY

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion:
FVF Canyon Matilda, 1st Junior 2 Year Old, Mark & Lisa Hansen, NY

4 Year Old (16):

  1. Cowbell Redwood Charity (Redwood), Cowbell Acres, NY
  2. SSF Bellevue Paprika (Bellevue), Charles Luchsinger, NY
  3. Avonlea Salty Kisses-ET (Sultan), Jon Prokop, NY

5 Year Old (6)

  1. Fortress Legions Laila (Legion), Richard Seacord, NY
  2. Cowbell Moment Sweetpot (Moment), Christine Rozler, NY
  3. Parkview Madison Jada (Madison), Parkview Jerseys, NY


Aged Cow (8):

  1. Arethusa Veronicas Dasher (Furor), Devin Prokop, NY
  2. Seacord Farm Jade Laurel (Jade), Brian Seacord, NY
  3. SSF Jade Bethany (Jade), Charles Luchsinger, NY


Senior and Grand Champion:
Cowbell Redwood Charity,  1st 4 Year Old, Cowbell Acres, NY

Reserve Senior Champion:
Arethusa Veronicas Dasher, 1st Aged Cow, Devin Prokop, NY

Reserve Grand Champion:
Seacord Farm Gator Vanna, 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Ethan Dupuis, NY

Premier Breeder:
Silver Spring Farm

Premier Exhibitor:
Seacord Family

Herb Staring Memorial Award Recipient: Brian Seacord