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New York Spring Junior Holstein Show 2017
DATE: April 8, 2017 at 9am
LOCATION: Syracuse, NY
JUDGE: Carl Phoenix, NY

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The New York Junior Holstein Show 2017 will get underway at 9am in Syracuse, NY as part of the New York Spring Dairy Carousel. Judge Carl Phoenix, ON will be in charge of placing the classes. Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by Bovine Innovations Group and Field of Dreams Genetics.

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Sponsors of NY Junior Holstein Show Coverage
Bovine Innovations Group Website
Field of Dreams Genetics

Bovine Innovations Group, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the New York Junior Holstein Spring Show

Bovine Innovations Group, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the New York Junior Holstein Spring Show

Field of Dreams Genetics, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the New York Junior Holstein Spring Show & New York Spring Red & White Show

Field of Dreams Genetics, Sponsors of Cowsmo Coverage of the New York Junior Holstein Spring Show & New York Spring Red & White Show

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Maple-Downs-CC Blake Ella (Blake), 1st Spring Yearling, Marilyn Hanley, NY

Reserve Junior Champion
Roll-N-View Def Celine-ET (Defiant), 1st Fall Yearling, Cooper Galton, NY

HM Junior Champion
ZBW M Lightbeem (Beemer), 1st Summer Yearling, Mason Ziemba, NY

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Mtelgin Goldwyn Lillian-ET (Goldwyn), 1st 5 Year Old, Jared Dueppengiesser, NY

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Lantland Windbrook Hysteria (Windbrook), 1st Senior 3 Year Old, Jacob Menzi, NY

HM Senior & Grand Champion
Ms ZBW Dempsey Louana (Dempsey), 1st 4 Year Old, Mason Ziemba, NY

Winter Calves (10)

1. Sunnylodge Arcadia GW Spottie (Goldwyn), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Karepath Crush Kandy (Crush), Christopher Karasek, NY
3. Kings-Ransom KT Coconuts-ET (King Tut), Johnathan King, NY
4. Roll-N-View Armani, (Armani), Cooper Galton, NY
5. Monanfran D Cougar Prowl (Diamondback), Bailee Kelsey & Lilly & Logan Mills, NY
6. Joleanna Cinderdoor Analee (Cinderdoor), Xander Johnson, NY

Fall Calves (20)

1. Mikelholm McCutchen Elsa (McCutchen), Emily Mikel, NY
2. ZBW Baileys Sid Belinda (Sid), Ashley Thornton, NY
3. Maple-Downs Hypnotic Ali-ET (Hypnotic), Nathan King, NY
4. Rockland Gold Lemon Drop-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
5. MM-T Pockets Lts Carlie-ET (Lotus), Rebecca Colgan, NY
6. Liddleholme Dbck Marilyn-ET (Diamondback), Hailee Liddle, NY

Summer Yearling (21)

1. ZBW M Lightbeem (Beemer), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Ranway Meridan Wowshesgood (Meridian-ET), Adam Schultz
3. Diamonback Ainsley (Diamondback), Derek Little
4. MS Roll-N-View Almond Joy-Red-ET (, Cooper Galton, NY
5. Liddleholme Camila Lundy-ET (Brokaw), Hailee Liddle, NY
6. Monanfran Be Playful (Beemer), Lilly Mills, Zach, Jasmin & Kyra Phelps, NY

Spring Yearling (13)

1. Maple-Downs-CC Blake Ella (Blake), Marilyn Hanley, NY
2. St Jacobs G-Chain Hezzy-ET (Goldchain), Hailee Liddle, NY
3. Roll-N-View Door Carman-ET (Doorman), Cooper Galton, NY
4. Monanfran Heygoodlookin-Red (Archive-Red), Bailee Kelsey & Lilly & Logan Mills, NY
5. Ms Bry-Ry Corvette Flashy (Corvette), Ryan Hamilton, NY
6. Interflame Flame Sab Dori (Sabathia), Cassie Grace Menendez, NY

Winter Yearling (13)

1. Ms Doorman Gillian-ET (Doorman), Jaycie Staring, NY
2. Rocklan-ZBW Penelope (Lotus), Mason Ziemba, NY
3. Maple-Downs Solomon Elsa (Solomon), Cassie Grace Menendez, NY
4. Pavany Blake Brie (Blake), Adam Schultz, NY
5. Curr-Vale Gold Chip Exploit (Gold Chip), Rachel Rouland, NY
6. Del-Frie-Acres Ad Ruthy-Red (Addiction-P), Joseph Thomsen, NY

Fall Yearling (11)

1. Roll-N-View Def Celine-ET (Defiant), Cooper Galton, NY
2. Ms sanchez Raelene (Sanchez), Liliana, Emily & Arvine IV Coon, NY
3. Oakfield Doorman Cameron-ET (Doorman), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
4. Monanfran Doubleondarox-Red (Apollo), Kyra Phelps, NY
5.  Milksource Doorman Glory-ET (Doorman), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
6. Brabant Airlift Lizzy (Airlift), Jacinta Vanliseshout, NY

Jr Best Three Females (1)

1. Cooper Galton, NY

Jr Two Year Olds (3)

1. Ranson-Rail Armani Keeve-ET (Armani), Jared Deuppengiesser, NY
2. Ms Addiction Sophie-Red (Addiction-P), Cooper Galton, NY
3. Mikelholm Atwood Bouncer (Atwood), Emily Mikel, N

Sr Two Year Olds

1. Curr-Vale Brokaw Haven-ET (Brokaw), Isaac Folts, NY
2. Susies Ladd P Sarahfina (Ladd P), Kurt Menzie, NY
3. Elm-V-F Braxton Sapphire (Braxton), Kelsey Warriner, NY
4. Connor J Delta Diamond (Delta), Connor Johnson, CT
5. Sugarloaf S Recharge Torie (Recharge), Jack Vunk, NY

Sr Three Year Olds (4)

1. Lantland Windbrook Hysteria (Windbrook), Jacob Menzi, NY
2. Windex Fremont Dandy (Fremont), Bryce Windecker, NY
3. Willdina Fever Amy (Fever), Caitlin Bennett, NY
4. Hauenstein Acre BA Angel-Red (Apple Red), Dahl, NY

Four Year Olds (8)

1. Ms ZBW Dempsey Louana (Dempsey), Mason Ziemba, NY
2. Hez Goldsun Hollis-ET (Goldsun), Kyle Barton, CT
3. Mikelholm Windbrook Rory-ET (Windbrook), Emily Mikel, NY
4. Ransom-Rail Atwood Pooh-ET (Atwood), Jacob Dueppengiesser, NY
5. Kings-Ransom Benatar Jade (Benatar), Johnathan King, NY
6. Elm-V-F Braxton Shadow (Braxton, Bryce Warriner, NY

Five Year Olds (4)

1. Mtelgin Goldwyn Lillian-ET (Goldwyn), Jared Dueppengiesser, NY
2. Kings-Ransom Epic Classact-ET (Epic), Adam King, NY
3. Straussdale E GW Atwood 1337 (Atwood), Brad McEachron, WI
4. Sample-KJ Cory Patience Lyn (Cory), Kolby Sample, NY