Shows and Sales Results

New York Spring Brown Swiss Show 2015
DATE: April 12, 2015 12:30pm
LOCATION: Syracuse, NY
JUDGE: Chip Savage, MD

Junior Champion OPen Showhow

Junior Champion – Open Show
Get-R-Done King Pin Ginnie (Kingpin), Glamourview & Donald Hardwood, PA
Reserve Junior Champion – Open Show
Round Hill Wonder Fenway (Wondermint),Cynthia Warner, MD
HM Junior Champion – Open Show
Radical CP Roulette ET (Chilli Pepper), Lindsey Rucks, FL

Junior Champion of Junior Show

Junior Champion
Just-In Agenda Past-ET (Agenda), Brooke Cornell, PA
Reserve Junior Champion
Cutting Edge CP Whoopi (Chilli Pepper), Tucker True, NY
HM Junior Champion
Maple Sugar Beauty (Hilltop Acres W Durham-ET), Chelsea Young, VT

Intermediate Champion of Open Show

Intermediate Champion
Cutting Edge T Delilah (Thunder), Kyle Barton,  NY
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Fulp Agenda Snickers ET ( Agenda ET*TM), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
HM Intermediate Champion
Cutting Edge Stratus Sue ( Stratus), Ken Main & Peter Vail,  NY

Senior Champion of Junior Show

Senior and Grand Champion-Junior Show
Cutting Edge T Delilah, Senior 2-Year Old, (Thunder), Kyle Barton, NY
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion-Junior Show
Cutting Edge P Sherry, 4-Year Old, (Puritan), Michael Barton, NY
HM Senior Champion-Junior Show
IE Maple Sugar W Cutie, 4-Year Old, (Wonderment ET), Chelsea Young, VT

Senior Champion of Open Show

Senior and Grand Champion-Open Show
Get-R-Done Braiden Gigi, 5-Year Old, (Braiden), Glamourview & Donald Harwood, PA
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion-Open Show
Top Acres Garbro Wanda ET, 5-Year Old, (Legacy), Cynthia Warner, MD
HM Senior Champion-Open Show
Kulp-Terra TA Showgirl -ET, 100,000 Pound Cow, (Turmoil), Lindsey Rucks, FL

Winter Calf (6)

1. Bo Joy Tanbark Glenda (Tanbark), R & J Wagner, PA
2. Signature B Jingle (Boston), Signature Swiss, MA
3. Dublin Hills Tnbk Sangria (Tanbark), On A Whim Farm, NY

Fall Calf (16)

1.BoJoy Tanbark Jaicee (Tanbark), Robert and Joyce Wagner, PA
2. BoJoy Tanbark Jaekene (Tanbark), Robert and Joyce Wagner, PA
3. Cutting Edge W Gussie (Wonderment), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY

Summer Yearling (14)

1. Get-R-Done King Pin Ginnie (Kingpin), Glamourview & Donald Hardwood, PA
2. Peach Kist Carter Kinley (Carter), Jenna L. Smith, PA
3. Terra Rose T Sabrina (Thunder), Arielle Chard, PA

Spring Yearling (11)

1. Radical CP Roulette (Pepper), Lindsey Rucks, FL
2. Coredale Whiskey Peaches (Whiskey), Amanda Thompson, PA
3. Whiteland GS Showpup (Grandslam), Justin Whitney, Fort Ann, NY

Winter Yearling (7)

1. Round Hill Wonder Fenway-ET (Wonderment-ET), Cynthia Warner,  MD
2. Cutting Edge J Teresa-ET (Jongleur-ET), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
3. 1st Junior, Maple Sugar Beauty (Durham-ET), Chelsea Young, VT
4. 2nd Junior, Forest Lawn Braiden Gia (Braiden-ET*TM), Liliana Coon,  NY
5. 3rd Junior, Blessing Mort Osborn Porsha (Bosephus ET*TM), Zachary Rienhardt, NY

Fall Yearling (9)

1. Peach Kist Me In The Rain (Prelude), Jenna L. Smith, PA
2. Just-Braiden Phuture (Braiden), Justin Kaufman & Ashley Stoltzfus, PA
3. Cutting Edge Thunder Faye (Thunder), Lauri Beggs, NY

Junior 2 Year Old (2)

1.Dolled Up G Armani(Goldwyn), Jessica S. Dahl, NH
2.Cutting Edge T Rickie-ET(Teaton), Zachary J. Schermerhorn, NY

Senior 2 Year Old (11)

1.1st Junior, Cutting Edge T Delilah(Thunder), Kyle Barton, NY
2.Cutting Edge W Barb-ET(Wonderment), Ken Main & Peter Vail, N
3.Cutting Edge B Shelby(Bonanza), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
4.VB HP Faust Whami-ET(Faust), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
5.Stoney Run Zeus Penny(Zeus), Chelsea Jones, NY

Junior 3 Year Old (3)

1. Brook Lodge W Fireworks ET(Wonderment), Tucker True, NY
2. Beu Dell Bonanza Sadie(Sherry)
3. Brook Lodge W Fiat(Wonderment), Stacie True, NY

Senior 3 Year Old (6)

1.Fulp Agenda Snickers ET(Agenda), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
2.Cutting Edge Stratus Sue(Stratus), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
3.1st Junior, Trulea Supreme Shimmer-ET(Supreme), Taryn True, NY
4.2nd Junior, Maple Sugar A StarryNight (Agenda), Chelsea Young, VT
5.Diesel Hill Secret Crobin(Secret), Kelly Diesel, NY

Four Year Old (7)

1. Cutting Edge P Sherry(Puritab), Michael Barton, NY
2. Cutting Edge Elite Faysal(Wonderment),Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
3. IE Maple Sugar W Cutie(Wonderment),Chelsea Young, VT
4. Top Acres HP Wonder Rosa-ET(Wonderment),Tucker True, NY
5. IE Giesy Manor Eddie Cody(Eddie),Diamond Rule Livestock, FL

Five Year Old (3)

1.Get-R-Done Bored Gigi(Bored), Glamourview & Donald Harwood, PA
2.Top Acres Garbro Wanda ET(Legacy), Cynthia Warner, MD
3.Rocky Hollow Maiden Fern(Legacy), William M. Kelly III & Nathan Goldenberg, NH

Aged Cow (2)

1.Old Mill HP A Snicklicious-ET(Avalanche), Ken Main & Peter Vail, NY
2.1st Junior, Blue Heaven JW Barclay ET OCS(Jetway), Michala Kuhlmann, PA

Junior Best 3 (3)

1. Robert E. & Joyce D. Wagner,  PA
2. Jenna L. Smith, PA
3. Elite Dairy,  NY

Produce of Dam

Elite Dairy

Dam and Daughter (1)

1.Craig Walton & Donald Harwood

Best Three Female (2)

1.Elite Dairy
2.Allen Basler and Family

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Elite Dairy, NY