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NAILE Winter National Milking Shorthorn Show 2015
DATE: November 8th, 2015 at 5:00PM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Ted Smart, OH

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The NAILE Winter National Milking Shorthorn Show 2015 will take place November 8th at 5:00PM with Judge Ted Smart, OH in the center of the ring placing the show.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
BDF Showtime Sweet Feet (1st Winter Yearling), BDF Milking Shorthorns, IN

Reserve Junior Champion
B Hills Acre Callie (1st Winter Calf), Bob Hill, IN

HM Junior Champion
Halpins Clancy Mardi Gras (Clancy) (1st Summer Yearling), Halpin Farms, IL

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Washuta Sami Ricibobbi EXP (Liriano)(1st Senior 3 Year Old), Washita Herd, OK

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Innisfail Cy Rosalie 252 (Cyclone) (1st Senior 2 Year Old), Lattire’s Twilite Farm, IN

HM Intermediate Champion
HC-HP Moonshine Sherry-ET (Moonshine) (2nd Senior 2 Year Old), Taylor Graves, KY

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Cates Ruben Tulsa Time EXP (Ruben) (1st 4 Year Old), Peter Cate, NH

Reserve Senior & Grand Champion
Halpins Gracie 2nd (Morning After) (2nd 4 Year Old), Halpin Farm, IL

HM Grand Champion
Washuta Sami Ricibobbi EXP (Liriano)(1st Senior 3 Year Old), Washita Herd, OK

HM Senior Champion
Innisfail RO Lady 7088 EXP (Red Robin) (1st Lifetime Merit Cow), Lattire’s Twilite Farm, IN


Milking Yearlings (4)

1. Wildholm Sunflower Gold EXP (Liriano), Wright Way, NY
2. GMC Kaiser Dartmouth ET (Kaiser), Bryn Quick, IL
3. Weissway Famous Fine Queen 15 (Famous), Alex Weiss, OH

Junior 2 Year Olds

1. North Star Jacks Edda 146 (Jack), Sarah Rhoades, OH
2. Roth Lance Mist Marlo (Lance), James Roth, NE
3. Riverdale Spingold Elite (Spingold), Amanda Ruhl, IL

Senior 2 Year Olds

Senior 2 Year Olds
1. Innisfail Cy Rosalie 252 (Cyclone), Lattire’s Twilite Farm, IN
2. HC-HP Moonshine Sherry-ET (Moonshine), Taylor Graves, KY
3. Duzan Cowlico (Nitro), Dylan Reed, IL


Junior 3 Year Olds

1. North Stars Dakotas Parti EXP (Dakota), Chris Pederson, MN
2. Ecuafarm Zues Patty EXP (Zues), Halpin Farms, IL
3. Innisfail Cy Lobelia 239 (Cyclone), Alex Weiss, OH


Senior 3 Year Olds

1. Washuta Sami Ricibobbi EXP (Liriano), Washita Herd, OK
2. Smart Royalty Mayday EXP (Royalty), JC Dairy, OH
3. Halpins Marilyn 2nd (Morning After), Halpin Farms, IL


4 Year Olds

1. Cates Ruben Tulsa Time EXP (Red Ruben), Peter Cate, NH
2. Halpins Gracie 2nd (Morning After), Halpin Farms, IL
3. Blue Spruce Megad McKenzie (Megadeth), Blackhawk Syndicate , IL

5 Year Olds

1. Milkin Duds Loadin Chocolate (Wide Load), Milkin Duds Farm, IN
2. Ritchies Nation Clara (Nation), Ryan Ritchie, IN
3. North Stars Jamaica EXP (Red Ruben), Chris Pederson, MN


Aged Cows

1. Halpins Ashley (Advent), Halpin Farms, IL
2. Halpins Ruth Anne (Othello), Halpin Farms, IL


Lifetime Merit Cow

1. Innisfail RO Lady 7088 EXP (Red Robin), Lattire’s Twilite Farm, IN


Dry Cows

1. Walnut Grove Daisy (Patrick), Walnut Grove Farm, IN
2. Sageser Clay Penny (Clay), Morgan Sageser, KY

Spring Calves (14)

1. Windswept Farm Dutch Adalaide (Dutch), Shelby Hahn, MD
2. Lazy M Patriot Jaelyn EXP (Patriot), Joe Gibbs Family, IA
3. BonanzaB Warlord Margarita (Warlord), Kaylin Luck, IN


Winter Calves (18)

1. B Hills Acre Callie, Bob Hill, IN
2. Parch Grove Ellie Mae (Steve), Braden Lennon, TX
3. BDF Lothario Classy (Lothario) BDF Milking Shorthorns, IN


Fall Calves (17)

1. Halpins Parker Giddy (Parker) Halpin Farms, IL
2. BDF Showtime Marsha (Showtime) BDF Milking Shorthorns, IN
3. Spring Meadows Hattie-P (Abner), Spring Meadows, OH

Summer Yearlings (9)

1. Halpins Clancy Mardi Gras (Clancy) Halpin Farms, IL
2. BL OGB Laura (Bicenturion), Braden Lennon, TX
3. Weissway Deslad Carmelized EXP (Lad), Alex Weiss, OH


Spring Yearlings (12)

1. Brightside Adobe Prada (Adobe) Marissa Jennings, OK
2. Halpins Ellanie (Clancy), Halpin Farms, IL
3. BDF Polaris Heidi (Polaris) BDF Milking Shorthorns, IN


Winter Yearlings (6)

1. BDF Showtime Sweet Feet (Showtime), BDF Milking Shorthorns, IN
2. Twilite R-Star Pink Tulip Lattire’s Twilite Farm, IN
3. Halpins Catherine (Sparkler), Halpin Farms, IL


Fall Yearlings (4)

1.Valley View Timber 2098 EXP (Jackson), Jessica Crawley, AR
2. Gibbs Liriano Capene EXP ET (Liriano) Taylor Graves, KY
3. Clear View Prince Gina (Prince of PA) Jim & Kenny Branson, IN

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor
Halpin Farms, IL