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NAILE Winter National Junior Milking Shorthorn Show 2015
DATE: November 6th, 2015 at 4:00PM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Joe Gibbs, IA

Show Information

The NAILE Winter National Junior Milking Shorthorn Show 2015 took place November 6th at 4:00PM in Louisville, KY. Innisfail Ro Lady 7088 was named Senior & Grand Champion by Judge Joe Gibbs, IA.

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Junior Champion

Junior Chamion
Walnut Grove Hannah (Grove) (1st Fall Calf) Ely Voorhees, IN

Reserve Junior Champion
Brightside Adobe Prada (Adobe) (1st Spring Yearling) Marissa Jennings, OK

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Smart Royalty Mayday EXP (Mayday) (1st Senior 3 Yr Old) Cheyanne Carter, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
HC-HP Moonshine Sherry-ET (Moonshine) (1st Senior 2 Year Old) Taylor Graves, KY

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Innisfail Ro Lady 7088-EXP (1st Aged Cow) Logan Lattire, IN

Reserve Senior Champion
Cherrywood Mitzercat EXP ET (1st 4 Yr Old) Ryan Benter, IN

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Innisfail Ro Lady 7088-EXP (1st Aged Cow) Logan Lattire, IN

Reserve Grand Champion
Smart Royalty Mayday EXP (Royalty) (1st Senior 3 Yr Old) Cheyanne Carter, OH

Spring Calves (11)

1. Breezy Ridge Nitro Taffy (Nitro) Rachel Hefel, IA
2. Lazy M Patriot Jaelyn EXP (Patriot) Peyton & Heath Gibbs, IA
3. Breezy Ridge Nitro Treasure (Nitro) Rachel Hefel, IA

Winter Calves (9)

1. Breezy Ridge Nitro Sundaze EXP (Nitro) Rachel Hefel, IA
2. Parch Grove Ellie Mae (Grove) Braden Lennon, TX
3. Lazy M Mega Electra (Megadeth) Shaelyn Scoon, MO

Fall Calves (11)

1. Walnut Grove Hannah (Grove) Ely Voorhees, IN
2. Molehill Zues Belle O The Ball (Zues) Taylor Graves, KY
3. Sageser Moonshine Ruby (Moonshine) Morgan Sageser, KY

Summer Yearlings (7)

1. BOL OGB Laura Braden Lennon, TX
2. Shaws Liriano Jackie EXP (Liriano) Thomas Shaw, TX
3. Hard Core MRB Radient Taylor Ritchie, IN

Spring Yearlings (4)

1. Brightside Adobe Prada (Adobe) Marissa Jennings, OH
2. Weissway Clancy Colorful (Clancy) Katie Weiss, MN
3. Ritchies Julip Delta (Delta) Jeremiah Johnson, MN

Winter Yearlings (4)

1. Clayside C11 Brenna (Liriano) EXP Courtney Gould, MA
2. Hillholm Liriano Daydream EXP (Liriano) Madisyn Wright, NY
3. Blissful Disney Shiloh EXP (Shiloh) Jeremiah Johnson, MN

Fall Yearlings (3)

1. Gibbs Liriano Capene EXP ET (Liriano) Taylor Graves, KY
2. Valley View Timber 2098 EXP (Timber) Jessica Crawley, AR
3. Ritchies MZ Jade Taylor Ritchie, IN

Dry Cow 3 and Older (2)

1. Walnut Grove Daisey, Ely Voorhees, IN
2. Walnut Grove Shawne, Ely Voorhees, IN

Yearling Heifer in Milk (3)

1. Walnut Grove Tear Drop Ely Voorhees, IN
2. Wildholm Sunflower Gold EXP (Liriano) madisyn Wright, NY
3. Weissway Famous Fine Queen 15 Alex Weiss, OH

Junior 2 Yr Old (5)

1. Buckeye Knoll Pattycake EXP ET Hannah Rhoades
2. North Star Jacks Edda 146 Sarah Rhoades, OH
3. Weissway Shadow Puppet 3rd EXP

Senior 2 Year Old (3)

1. HC-HP Moonshine Sherry ET Taylor Graves, KY
2. Innis Fail Cy Rosalie 252
3. Duzan Cowlico Dylan Reed, IL

Junior 3 Year Old (4)

1. North Star Dakotas Parti EXP Chris Pederson, MN
2. Innisfail Cy Lobelia 239 Alex Weiss, OH
3. Cherrywood Nugget Maroon Mackenzi Alexander, IN

Senior 3 Year Old (1)

1. Smart Royalty Mayday EXP Cheyanne Carter, OH

Four Year Old (2)

1.Cherrywood Mitzercat EXP -ET Ryan Benter, IN
2. Innisfail MD Lillian Brittany Crawley, AR

5 Year Old (2)

1. Ritchies Nation Clara Ryan Ritchie, IN
2. North Stars Jamaica EXP Chris Pederson, MN

Aged Cow (1)

1. Innisfail Ro 7088-EXP Logan Lattire, IN

Total Performance

1. Logan Lattire, IN

Best Animal B&O

Ritchies Nation Clara (1st 5 Yr Old) Ryan Ritchie, IN

Junior State Herd