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NAILE Southeast National Junior Brown Swiss Show 2015
DATE: November 7th, 2015 at 4:00PM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Ted DeMent, IL

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Show Information

The NAILE Southeast National Junior Brown Swiss Show 2015 will take place Saturday November 7th at 4:00PM with Judge Ted DeMent, IL in the center of the ring. Cowsmo coverage of this show is sponsored by Top Acres Brown Swiss.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Aloha Prize White Lightning (Prize) (1st Fall Yearling), McCalister Russell, CA

Reserve Junior Champion
Norbert Seaman Lady (Seaman) (1st Summer Yearling), Dalton Freeman, IN

HM Junior Champion
ToppView Megatron Verity (Megatron) (1st Spring Calf), Kinley Topp, OH

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
SCF Vicro Sarine (Vicro) (1st Aged Cow), Grant Voelker, MO

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion & Best Udder
Jonlee Secret Langwathby (Secret) (5 Year Old), Dalton Freeman, IN

HM Senior & HM Grand Champion
Kulp Gen Supreme Dawn (Supreme), Madelyn Topp, OH

Spring Calves (8)

1. ToppView Megatron Verity (Megatron), Kinley Topp, OH
2. Top Acres Tan Snicks-ETV (Tanbark), Travis Richardson, TN
3. Crows Nest Durham Snowgirl (Durham), Michaela Pollex, GA
4. Alpine Hills Tebow Cola (Tebow), Austin League, KY
5. Niermans Braiden Lace (Braiden), Ryland Neirman, IN

Winter Calves

1. Breezy Ridge Victor Cricket (Victor), Rachel Hefel, IA
2. Siegerts Java Spice (Java), McKenzie Pedigo, KY
3. Top Acres HP B Winkie ETV (Bonanza), Tyler McDonald, VA
4. Added Entry
5. Jennings Gap Rosco Pandora (Rosco), Arlie Eye


Fall Calves

1. Blessings Osborn T Taylor (Thunder), Caylee James, IN
2. Jennings Gap Astro Nadia (Astronaut), Madelynn Jordan, VA
3. Breezy Ridge Denver Pharoah (Denver), Rachel Hefel, IA
4. Niermans Valor Nikki (Valor), Ryland Nierman, IN
5. Cutting Edge HP F Trudy ET, Ally Jones, KY

Summer Yearlings

1. Norbert Seaman Lady (Seaman), Dalton Freeman, IN
2. Molehill Tanbark Lotus (Tanbark), Morgan Eades, OH
3. Blessing August Paige (August), Aubrey McCrary, TN
4. Sunwood Pepper Bonsai (Chilli Pepper), Kate McGovern, OH
5. Nierman Valor Lamp (Valor), Ryland Nierman, IN

Spring Yearlings (4)

1. KY-Blue Jess (Tanbark), Katie Gibson, KY
2. Niermans Tanbark Victoria (Tanbark), Ryland Nierman, IN
3. Crows Nest Dobby Benz (Dobby), Meridith Franks, GA
4. Dandee Zach Cathy (Zach), Kaitlyn Johnson, IL

Winter Yearlings (4)

1. Nookwood Braiden Fancy (Braiden), Jordan Thorman, IL
2. Hidden Paradise Arabella (Wonderment), Lynne Marie Tormoehlen, KY
3. Top Acres Peppy Gin (Chili Pepper), Carrie Rhoades, OH
4. Willow Bee Eddies Jasmine (Eddie), Kaitlyn Perry, KY

Fall Yearlings (5)

1. Aloha Prize White Lightning (Prize), McCalister Russell, CA
2. North Lanes Joel Candy (Joel), Cassidy & Ahslynn Oliger, IN
3. Niermans Brookings Sarah (Brookings), Ryland Nierman, IN
4. Neirmans Valor Violet (Valor), Carter Settles, IN
5. DSKM Braiden Lexus (Braiden), Makanna Sabin, IL

Dry Cows (3)

1. DMF Parker Laney (Parker), Jacob Johns, TN
2. Karr-Linn Angilol Reason (Angilo), Lynne Marie Tormoehlen, KY
3. Teeters Power Surge Heide (Power Surge), Hannah Bays, IN


Milking Yearlings (2)

1. Locin Braiden Satin (Braiden), Alexia Smith, OH
2. Willow Bee Zeus Bea (Zeus), Emily Goins, KY

Junior 2 Year Olds (2)

1. Kulp Gen Supreme Dawn (Supreme), Madelyn Topp, OH
2. Beu Dell Precious Dee (Precious Primetime), Trysten Chwala, WI

Senior 2 Year Olds

Senior 2 Year Olds
1. Hoodstead Agenda Precious (Agenda), Matt Brior, NY
2. Manor Meadow Sam Saladrar (Sam), Ethan Foor, PA
3. Sun Made Totl Eclipse-ET (Total), Webb Kress, OH
4. Kinnderkay Goldrush Faith (Goldrush), Webb Kress, OH
5. Neirmans G Slam Livia (Grand Slam), Ryland Nierman, IN

Junior 3 Year Olds

1. Nor-Bert MC Mint Julip-ET (Wonderment), Kevin Frye, IN
2. Teeters Parker Emmy (Parker), Robert Levi Bays, IN


Senior 3 Year Olds

1. Niermans Bravo Vita (Bravo), Ryland Nierman, OH

4 Year Olds

1. Unrast Parson (Parson), Madelyn Topp, OH
2. Wright-Way Tonic (Agenda), Madisyn Wright, NY

5 Year Olds (2)

1. Jonlee Secret Langwathby (Secret), Dalton Freeman, IN
2. Aldens Prunki Precipitation (Prunki), Daniel Alden, OH

Aged Cows (3)

1. SCF Vicro Sarine (Vicro), Grant Voelker, MO
2. Miami Hills Agenda Daisy (Agenda), Laura Frye, IN
3. Rolling Knolls Agen Jerne (Agenda), Braxton Perry, OH

Component Merit Cow

1. Voelkers Lovery Moe (Lovery), Dayne Voelker, MO

Showmanship Winners

Junior Showmanship
Elaina Lahmers, OH

Intermediate Showmanship
Rachel Hefel, IA

Senior Showmanship
Kate McGovern, OH