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NAILE Southeast National Junior Ayrshire Show 2015
DATE: November 7th, 2015 at 3:30PM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Neal Smith, TN

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The NAILE Southeast National Junior Ayrshire Show 2015 was held on Saturday November 7th in Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY. Faucher Calimero Sassy-ET was named Senior & Grand Champion by Neal Smith, TN.  The show is part of the North American International Livestock Exposition.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Family-AF-Ayr L. Madison (Lancelot) 1st Senior Yearling, Cheyene Hughey, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
Famliy-AF-Ayr Outlaw Pandora (Outlaw) 1st Summer Yearling, Cheyene Hughey, WI

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Emerald-Farms Poker Sweething (Poker) 1st Senior 3 Yr Old, Corey Jodrey, OH

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Klein’s Poker’s Teah (Poker) 1st Junior 3 Yr Old, Trey Klein, IN

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Faucher Calimero Sassy-ET (Calimero) 1st 5 Yr Old, Ashley Bushman, IA

Reserve Senior Champion
Terrace Bank Constance (Ice Man) 1st 6 Yr & Over, Matt Brior, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Faucher Calimero Sassy-ET (Calimero) 1st 5 Yr Old, Ashley Bushman, IA

Reserve Grand Champion
Emerald Farms Poker Sweething (Poker) 1st Senior 3 Yr Old, Corey Jodrey,OH

Best B&O
Emerald-Farms Poker Sweething (Poker) Intermediate Champion, Corey Jodrey, OH

Spring Calves (12)

1. Mill Valley Gunner Charm (Gunner) Meredith Hageman, OH
2. KBarBee Miss Watch Me Shine ) Kailey Barlow, KY
3. Duncan Double Whammy Margarita (DoubleWhammy) Rachel Duncan, OH

Winter Calves (10)

1. ToppView Bendig Wanna Watch ET (Bendig) Kinley Topp, OH
2. Mill Valley Gunner Laura (Gunner) Garrett Hageman, OH
3. Shearer’s Sweet Pepper (Sonny) Lane Murphy, KY

Fall Calves (9)

1. Ridge View DB Rascal (Barrel) Shaelyn Scoon, MO
2. Old N Lazy Next Time Warn Me (Warner) Kenzi Emery, WI
3. Double D Farm Burdette Belle (Burdette) Danny Dailey, KY

Summer Yearling (4)

1. Family-AF-Ayr Outlaw Pandora (Outlaw) Cheyene Hughey, WI
2. Feltons Relic Electra (Relic) Breann Moore, IN
3. Family-Af-Ayr Dare to Dream (Gentleman) Cheyene Hughey, WI

Spring Yearlings (10)

1. Daltondale Dbl Barrel Roxanne (Double Barrel) Dillon, Dalton & Breanne Freeman, IN
2. Emerald Farms Swayne Zoe (Swayne) Corey Jodrey, OH
3. Family-Af-Ayr Dare to Dream (duo Star) Cheyene Hughey, WI

Winter Yearling (5)

1. Ridge View Burdette Callie (Burdette) Shaelyn Scoon, MO
2. Nauta Gibbs Pocahontas (Gibbs) Eric Womble, TN
3. Klein’s Jake’s Snowflake (Jake) Trey Klein, IN

Fall Yearling (3)

1. Family-AF-Ayr L. Madison (Lancelot) Cheyene Hughey, WI
2. Hawksfield Blessed P Carissa & Lindy Mercer, IN
3. Mossy Covey Burdette Jenny (Burdette) Zech Kingrey, KY

Milking Yearling (2)

1. Van De Hopscotch Pinochle (Burdette) Coleman Stacey, TN
2. Jems Ayrshires BG Jazzy (Garret) Michaela & Mackenzi Alexander, IN

Junior 2 Yr Old (5)

1. Mill Valley Supreme Whisper (Supreme) Grace Hageman, OH
2. Ski Pal Burdette Crystal (Burdette) Makayla Hickman, TN
3. Ridge View Chase Rainy (Chase) Shaelyn Scoon, MO

Senior 2 Yr Old (7)

1. Grand View Burdette Dime (Burdette) Kenzie Emery, WI
2. Grand View Burdette Dove (Burdette) Shannon Vanderlaan, OK
3. Edgebrook TriStar Patience (Tri-Star) Emma Matthews, OH

Junior 3 Yr Old (5)

1. Klein’s Poker’s Teah (Poker) Trey Klein, IN
2. Emerald Farms Burdette Nita (Burdette) Cody Jodrey, OH
3. Elchert-Ayr Showstar Flirty (Showstar) Alexis Miller, OH

Senior 3 Yr Old (5)

1. Emerald Farms Poker Sweething (Poker) Corey Jodrey, OH
2. Klein’s Poker’s Felicia (Poker) Trey Klein, IN/
3. Emerald-Farms Lochinvar Zoe (Lochinvar) Cody Jodrey, OH

4 Yr Old (6)

1. Halls Potter Tri Opal (Potter) Shannon Vanderlaan, OK
2. Kleins SWS Sizzle (Walker) Trey Klein, IN/
3. Feltons Burdette Magic Moose (Burdette) Corey Jodrey, OH

5 Yr Old (2)

1. Faucher Calimero Sassy-ET (Calimero) Ashley Bushman, IA
2. Hawksfield Blanche (Black Night) Carissa & Lindy Mercer, IN

6 Yr Old & Over (2)

1. Terrace Bank Constance (Ice Man) Matt Brior, NY
2. Muellers M League Caylee (Major League) Leanne Vanderlaan, OK

Junior State Herd

Junior State Herd
1. Ohio
2. Indiana
3. Kentucky