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NAILE Southeast National Brown Swiss Show 2015
DATE: November 10th, 2015 at 8:00AM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Gerrit DeBruin, WI

Show Information

The NAILE Southeast National Brown Swiss Show 2015 will take place November 10th at 8:00AM with Judge Gerrit DeBruin, WI in charge of sorting placings. Cowsmo coverage of this show is sponsored by Top Acres Brown Swiss.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Pit Crew Tanbark KoKo (Tanbark)(1st Summer Yearling), Pitcrew Genetics, MN

Reserve Junior Champion
Sun-Made HP WNDT Tobie ET (Wonderment)(1st Spring Yearling), Fairdale Farms LLC, KY

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Hylight Tanbark Prefection (Tanbark)(1st Fall Calf), Hyman, NY

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Cutting Edge T Delilah (Thunder) (1st Sr 2), Kyle Barton, NY

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Cutting Edge Stratus Sue (Stratus)(1st Sr 3 ), Elite Dairy, NY

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
New View JP Picture (Pilot)(1st Jr 3), Elite Dairy, NY


Senior & Grand Champion

Senior Champion
Eloc Wagor Kandid (Wagor), Elite Dairy, NY(1st Place Aged Cow), Elite Dairy, NY

Reserve Senior Champion
Old Mill RA Sizzle (Wonderment)(2nd Place Aged Cow), Trapp & Foss Woods, WI

Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Cutting Edge T Delilah (Thunder) (1st Sr 2), Kyle Barton, NY

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
Cie Double W Em Favor (Emergency)(1st place 4 year old), Elite Dairy, NY

Spring Calves

1. Cutting Edge JP Lil Deb (Jet Pilot), Michael Barton, NY
2. JOBO Tanbark Presley (Tanbark), Shultz Cattle Company, PA
3. Niermans Braiden Lace (Braiden), Ryland Nierman, IN
4. Top Acres Tan Snicks ETV (Tanbark), Travis Richardson, TN
5. Crows Nest GPS Polkadot (GPS), Meridith Franks, GA
6. Waldeck Bo Whistle (Bosephus), Ariel Waldeck, KY

Winter Calves

1. Top Acres HP B Winkie ETV (Bonanza), Tyler McDonald, VA
2. Kruses Medallion Sandy (Medallion), Fairdale Farm LLC, KY
4. Siegerts Java Spice (Java), McKenzie Pedigo, KY
5. Blessing Mort Osborn Penny, Ally Jones, Ky
6. Breezy Ridge Victor Cricket (Twin), Breezy Ridge Dairy, IA

Fall Calves

1. Hylight Tanbark Prefection (Tanbark), Hyman, NY
2. Cutting Edge CP Molly ET (Chilli Pepper), Tyrnie Talley, OK
3. MC-Holly Pepper Glitter (Chilli Pepper), Holly Wakeley, IL
4. RADical Showring Ready ETV (Gib), Lindsey Rucks, FL
5. Wundrow Liberty Bell (Chilli Pepper), Udder Confusion Dairy Farm, IL
6. Waldeck Bo Splash (Bosephus), Ariel Waldeck, KY

Summer Yearlings

1. Pit Crew Tanbark KoKo (Tanbark), Pitcrew Genetics, MN
2. Pit Crew Durham Tyra (Durham), Pitcrew Genetics, MN
3. Cutting Edge CP Polly (Chilli Pepper), Elite Dairy, NY
4. DSKM Legacy Munchies (Legacy), Michelle Fluty, IL
5. R Bay Candence 3766 (Candence), Caleb Richardsdon, TN
6. NoBert Seaman Lady (Seaman), Dalton Freeman, IN


Spring Yearlings

1. Sun-Made HP WNDT Tobie ET (Wonderment), Fairdale Farms LLC, KY
2. Pit Crew Durham Trixie (Durham), Pitcrew Genetics, MN
3. Cutting Edge B Sonny (Bonanza), Elite Dairy, NY
4. Marks Boe KK Swiss Miss (Bosephus), Mark & Joyce Downerd, OH
5. Pop A Top Braiden Wiggles (Braiden), Major Dairy, TN
6. Coredale Whiskey Peaches (Whiskey), Amanda Thompson, PA


Winter Yearlings

1. Waldeck Vigor Matilda (Vigor), Ariel Waldeck, KY
2. Nookwood Braiden Fancy (Braiden), Jordan Thorman, IL
3. Niermans Tanbark Mango (Tanbark), Shelby Nierman, IN
4. Kruses LJ Mandel Susie (Madel), Win V/ECJ Farm, KY
5. Top Acres Peppy Gin (Chilli Pepper), Carrie Rhoades, OH


Fall Yearlings

1. Pop A Top CP Ginger ET (Chilli Pepper), Major Dairy, TN
2. Pop A Top CP Sunshine ET (Chilli Pepper), Major Dairy, TN
3. Aloha Prize White Lightning (Prize), Russell McCalister, CA
4. DSKM Braiden Lexus (Braiden), Makanna Sabin, IL
5. Niermans Brookings Sarah (Brookings), Ryland Nierman, IN
6. TT Fms Starbuck Shianne ET (Starbuck), Heath McGaha, NC


Dry Cow

1. Teeters Power Surge Heide (Surge), Delbert Teeters Family, IN


Milking Yearlings

Sr Yearlings in Milk
1. Cutting Edge w Bobbie ET (Wonderment), Elite Dairy, NY
2. Locin Braiden Satin (Braiden), Alexia Smith, OH

Junior 2 Year Olds

1. Kulp Gen Supreme (Supreme), Mark Hornbostel, IL
2. Cutting Edge S Sheba (Supreme), Kyle Barton, NY
3. Beu Dell Precious Dee (Primetime), Trysten Chwala, WI

Senior 2 Year Olds

1. Cutting Edge T Delilah (Thunder), Kyle Barton, NY
2. Johann Montana (Vigor), Eric Topp, OH
3. Muttets Twin Acre Lil Utah (Lee), Jacob Roedl, IL
4. Blessing Oakview Java Gail (Java), Shelby Nierman, IN
5. Groves Sun Total Topper ET (Total), Jeremy McDonald, VA
6. Manor Meadow Sam Saladrar (Sam), Ethan Foor, PA

Junior 3 Year Olds

1.New View JP Picture (Pilot), Elite Dairy, NY
2. Muttets Twin Acre Win Faith (Pete), Jacob Roedl, IL
3. R-Hart Pepper 903 (Pepper), Fairdale Farm LLC, KY
4.Double W Grand Nova (Grandslam), Udder Confusion Dairy, IL
5. DSKM Victor Miley (Twin), Michelle Fluty, IL
6. Daveco Vigor Firework ET (Vigor), Win V/ECJ farm, KY

Senior 3 Year Olds

1.Cutting Edge Stratus Sue (Stratus), Elite Dairy, NY
2. Random Luck PT LG Papaya ET (Legacy), Meghan Douglas, WI
3. Fairdale Legacy Lady Gaga (Legacy), Fairdale Farm LLC, KY
4. Blessing Garbo Surge Zoe (Surge), Mark Owen, OH
5. Nieremans Bravo Vita (Bravo), Ryland Nierman, IN