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NAILE Southeast National Ayrshire Show 2015
DATE: November 10th, 2015 at 8:00AM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Joe Sparrow, KY

Show Information

The NAILE Southeast National Ayrshire Show 2015 begins at 8AM on Tuesday November 10th in Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY with Judge Joe Sparrow, KY in the center of the ring, placing the classes. Cowsmo coverage is being sponsored by Hall’s Ayrshires.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Family-AF-Ayr L. Madison (Lancelot) (1st Fall Yearling) , Cheyene Hughey, Mark & Becky Brown, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
ToppView Bendig Wanna Watch ET (Bendig)(1st Winter Calf), Kinley Topp, OH

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Legacy Lane D Wham Journey (DoubleWhammy)(1st Spring Yearling) , Legacy Lane Farm, MA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Barrick Burdette Dora (Burdette) (1st Jr 2), Megan Bailey, KY

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Old Bankston JC Bris Bikini (Calimero)(1st SR 2), John Cannon, IA

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
Honorroll Traveler Tacey 946 (Traveler)(1st yearling in milk), Peter Vail, PA

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Hi Ayr View Burdette Andie ET (Burdette)(1st 4year old) , Hi Ayr View, IL

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Feltons Burdette Magic Moose (Burdette)(2nd 4 year old) , Emerald Farms, OH

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
Faucher Calimero Sassy ET (Calimero)(1st 5 year old) , Ashley Bushman, IA

Spring Calves

1. MJH Burdette Paizley (Burdette), Mike & Julie Hemp, IL
2. Old N Lazy Gibbs Morgan (Gibbs), Tyler Endres, WI
3. Halls Marskman Roslyn (Marksman), Halls Ayrshires, OK
4. Mill Valley Gunner Charm (Gunner), Mill Valle Farms, OH
5. Misty Boy Gibbs Sapphire-ET (Gibbs), Tyler Boyer & Monica Schwittay, WI
6. Duncan Double Whammy Margarita (Double Whammy), Rachel Duncan, OH

Winter Calves

1. ToppView Bendig Wanna Watch ET (Bendig), Kinley Topp, OH
2. SunnyAcres TSB Khaleesi ET (Burdette), Lee& Joscelyn Strange, KY
3. Mackinson Prime Monica (Prime), Mike&Julie Hemp, IL
4. Old N Lazy Rondo Momentum(Rondo), Brynn Emery, WI
5. Mill Valley Gunner Laura (Gunner), Mill Valley Farms, OH
6. Flower Land Dazzle Tori (Dazzle), Seth, Rex,& Sophia Eiler, IN

Fall Calves

1. Cond Ayr Burdette Andi (Burdette), Conder Ayrshires, IN
2. Double D Farm Burdette Belle (Burdette), Danny Dailey, KY
3. Ridge View DB Rascal (Barrel), Ridgeview Farm, MO
4. Briarwoods Miss Roxie (Drew), Dylan Tindle, KY
5. Halls Pedro Hazel (Pedro), Halls Ayrshires, OK
6. Twin View m Brite Makit Merry (Leroy), Zech Kingrey, KY


Summer Yearlings

1. Onword Lazy M Distinct Arrow (Distinction), Mackenzie Ullmer& Tyler Boyer, WI
2. Old Bankston JC Malibu (Predator), Michelle & Melissa Downerd, OH
3. Family-AF-Ayr Outlaw Pandora (Outlaw), Cheyene Hughey, Mark & Becky Brown, WI
4. Feltons Pelic Electra, Breann Moore, IN
5. Nauta Burdette Sweet Pea (Burdette), Nauta Farm, TN
6. MJH Riggins Teagan (Riggins), Mike & Julie Hemp, IL

Spring Yearlings

1. Legacy Lane D Wham Journey (DoubleWhammy), Legacy Lane Farm, MA
2. Rousell Ayr Farm Sandi (Burdette), Rousell Ayr Farm, NY
3. Family-AF-Ayr Dare to Dream (Gentleman), Cheyene Hughey, Mark & Becky Brown, WI
4. Arthur Acres Opp Albany ET (Oppurtunity), Joe Gibbs Family & Dwight Lincoln, IA
5. Smith Bros Burdette Gracie (Burdette), Neal Smith, TN
6. Emerald Farms Swayne Zoe (Swayne), Emerald Farms, OH


Winter Yearlings

1. Legacy Lane Frans Jessica ( Francis), Legacy Lane Farms, MA
2. Hide-Away Burdette Desire (Burdette), Macy Jo& Jacqueline Mudd, IN
3. Nauta Gibbs Pocahontas (Gibbs), Nauta Farms, TN
4. Ridge View Burdette Callie (Burdette), Ridge View Farm, MO

Fall Yearlings

1. Family-AF-Ayr L. Madison (Lancelot), Cheyene Hughey, Mark & Becky Brown, WI
2. Old Bankston Misdeameanor ET (Gibbs), Neal Smith, TN
3. Hawksfield Blessed P (Jaguar), Mercer and Sayles, IN
4. Massy Cove Burdette Jennu, Zech Kingrey, KY


Milking Yearlings

1. Honorroll Traveler Tacey 946 (Traveler), Peter Vail, PA
2. Stil Dreamn HBJack Champange (Jack), Stil Dreamn Dairy, MD
3. Cowbell Hammer Cayenne (Hammer), Rozler,Chase, &Graham Rozler, NY


Junior 2 Year Olds

1. Barrick Burdette Dora (Burdette), Megan Bailey, KY
2. Halls Starman Ivette (Starman), Halls Ayrshires, OK
3. Mill Valley Supreme Whisper (Supreme), Mill Valley, OH
4. Ski Pal Burdette Crystal (Burdette), Makayla Hickman, TN
6. West Meadow Captains Verano (Captain), David & Jill Kopfer, PA

Senior 2 Year Olds

1. Old Bankston JC Bris Bikini (Calimero), John Cannon, IA
2. Oake Knoll Burdettes Hideaway (Burdette), Ashley Owen, MA
3. Grand View Burdette Dime (Burdette), Kenzie Emery, Wi
4. Lywood-Ayr Lou’s Favorite (Burdette), Danny Dailey, KY
5. Miss Briskey of Iowayside (Lochinvar), Dana & Madison Sickles, Sydney&Jack Carro, IA
6. Grand View Burdette Dove (Burdette), Halls Ayrshires, OK


Junior 3 Year Olds

1. MJH Showstar Trixie (Showstar), Mike & Julie Hemp, IL
2. Miss Brianna of Iowayside (Burdette), Dana & Madison Sickles, Sydney & Jack Carro, IA
3. Emerald Farms Burdette Nina (Burdette), Emerald Farms, OH
4. Elkhart Ayr Showstar Flinty (Showstar), Micheal Miller, OH
5. West Meadow Pure Elegance ET (Burdette), Austin Kopfer, PA
6. Twin View Stlth Makit Wonderful (Stealth), Zech Kingrey, KY


Senior 3 Year Olds

1. Emerald Farms Poker Sweething (Poker), Emerald Farms , OH
2. Briarwoods Miss Libby (Burdette), Tyler Tindle, KY
3. Emerald Farms Lochinvar Zoe (Lochinvar), Emerald Farms, OH
4. Faucher Oaxanna ET (Oblique), David & Jill Kopfer, PA
5. Ayrdells Jazzy (Burdette), Rousell Ayr Farm, NY