Shows and Sales Results

NAILE Milking Shorthorn Show
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Dean Dohle, Halfway, MO

Senior and Grand Champion
Hard Core Rebel Rockette (Rebel), 4 Year Old, Cor Bloo Syndicate, IN
Reserve Senior and Reserve Grand Champion
Halpins Ashley EXP (Advent), 5 Year Old, Halpin Farms, IL

Intermediate Champion
Spring Meadows Spark Hatti (Spark), Spring Meadows, OH
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Halpins Ruthanne (Orthello), Junior 3 Year Old, Halpin Farms, IL

Junior Champion
Blue Spruce Megad McKenzie (Mega), Fall Yearling, Jason Robinson and Blue Spruce Farm, OH
Reserve Junior Champion
North Stars Mega Peanut (Mega), Spring Yearling, Cory Salzl, MN