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NAILE Mid-East Fall National Junior Red and White Show 2015
DATE: November 7th, 2015 at 1:30PM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Tom McCauley, MI

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The NAILE Mid-East Fall National Junior Red and White Show 2015 begins at 1:30PM on Saturday November 7th in Freedom Hall in Louisville, KY with Judge Tom McCauley, MI in the center of the ring, placing the classes. The show is part of the North American International Livestock Exposition.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Ms Stranshome Timber Red ET (Barbwire) 1st Fall Calf, J, Z, J, & D Stransky, MN

Reserve Junior Champion
Starmark HP Run It Red ET (Carson) 1st Winter Calf, Wolf, Dudte, KBK Sug, OH

HM Junior Champion
Ray Jo Redburst Calfzilla Red (Redburst) 1st Spring Yearling, Emma Mathews, OH

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Renely Darwynn Red Bull Red (Darwynn) 1st Senior 2 Year Old, Carley Krull, WI

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Milksource LD Teagin Red-ET (Ladd P) 2nd Senior 2 Year Old, Kayden & Jordan Gibson, KY

Senior Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
Foltzbrook Advent Janie Red (Advent) 1st Aged Cow, Bryce & Brant Gingerich & Ryland Helbig, IN

Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
Cleland Advent Korie Red ET (Advent) 2nd Aged Cow, J, Z, J & D Stransky & M Lauber

Best Bred & Owned

Oneeda Rocco Tawny Red (Rocco-P) 3rd Four Year Old, Madelyn Topp, OH

Spring Calf (3)

1. Engleking Matt Penelope (Mattet), Caitlin Cox, IN
2. SpeekNJ CNDR Sydnee Red-ET (Contender), Abbey Chandler, KY
3. MS Armanis Rytham Red ET (Armani), Wolf, Dudte, KBK Sugg, OH

Winter Calf (7)

1. Starmark HP Run It Red ET (Carson), Wolf, Dudte, KBK Sugg, OH
2. Mayval Ladd Tara P Red PO (Ladd P), Dakota Fraley, PA
3. Sageser Carson Ella-Red (Carson), Morgan Sageser, KY

Fall Calf (10)

1. Ms Stranshome Timber Red ET (Barbwire), Stransky, MN
2. Ms Kulp Peila Dana P Red (Ladd P), Elizabeth Peila, NY
3. Straussdale Bar Dreamy Red (Barbwire), Mariah & Carley Strauss, WI

Summer Yearling (1)

1. Soldier Rest RB Snapple Red (Redburst), Sydney Lamb, TN

Spring Yearling (5)

1. Ray Jo Redburst Calfzilla Red (Redburst), Emma Mathews, OH
2. Ms Hj Moede Scarlet R (Barbwire), Austin Yoder, OH
3. Beatyview Absolute Renee-Red (Absolute), Cole Beaty, TN

Winter Yearling (3)

1. Zehrview Absolute Hi-Time (Absolute), Rosalee Zehr, IL
2. Peilas Acme Amber Red (Acme), Chris Porrovecchio, MA
3. Ms Ky Blue Rl Maybel Red (Redliner), Bree Russell

Fall Yearling (2)

1. Inspired Doncha Miss Me-Red (Barbwire) Hannah Nelson, WI
2. Duckett Artic Laura-Red-ET (Artic), Anna Moser, MI

Milking Fall Yearling (2)

1. Golden Oaks Absolute Red ET (Absolute) Mackenzie, Molly & Montana Sarbacker, WI
2. Glad Ray K More Love Red ET (Contender) Justin Kennedy, PA

Junior 2 Year Old (1)

1. Miss Tequila Contend Red (Contender) Joseph, Zach, Jerome & Darian Stransky, MN

SeniSenior 2 Year Old (3)or 2 Year Old

1. Renely Darwynn Red Bull Red (Darwynn), Carley Krull, WI
2. Milksource LD Teagin Red ET (Ladd P), Kayden Gibson & Jordan Elmore, KY
3. Lah Dale Acme Samoa Red (Acme) Elaina Lahmers, OH

Junior 3 Year Old (1)

1. Drifty-Hollow Cinnimint-Red (Mr Savage) Maggie Mathews, OH

4 Year Olds (4)

1. Farnear-TBR American Red-ET (Destry), Jessica & Olivia Telgmann, IL
2. Milksource CNTDR Lovely Red (Contender), Krull & Griswold, WI
3. Oneeda Rocco Tawny Red (Rocco-P) Madelyn Topp, OH

Aged Cow (4)

1. Foltbrook Advent Janie Red (Advent) Bryce & Brant Gingerich & Ryland Helbig
2. Cleland Advent Korie Red ET (Advent) J Z J & D & M Lauber, MN
3. Paulo Bro Sp Shar Red ET (Advent) Noah Bilz, WI