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NAILE All-American Junior Jersey Show 2015
DATE: November 7th, 2015 at 8:00AM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Mike Berry, OR & Blake Renner, CA

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The NAILE All-American Junior Jersey Show 2015 takes place in Louisville, KY on Saturday November 7th at 8:00AM. Judge Mike Berry, OR will be joined by Associate Blake Renner, CA to place the classes in Freedom Hall. Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by Xanadu Jerseys.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
1st Fall Calf, Meadow Ridge Centry Angie (Gentry), Alleah Anderson, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
2nd Fall Calf, Minister Gail ET (Minister), Renee Pierick, WI

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
1st Winter Yearling, Electras Evolution ET (Response), Noah Bilz, WI

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
1st Senior Two Year Old, Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Alleah Anderson, WI
Reserve Intermediate Champion
1st Junior Two Year Old, Reich-Dale Vaden Strollin (Vaden), Hayden Reichard, PA
Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion

Senior & Grand Champion

Senior & Grand Champion
1st 6 Year Old & Older, Cowbell Guapo Ricochet (Guapo), Ben, Andy, Blessings & Grace Sauder, IL
Reserve Senior & Reserve Grand Champion
1st Senior 3 Year old, Underground L Mamie Lola (Action), Ben, Andy, Blessings & Grace Sauder, IL

Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Intermediate Champion, Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Alleah Anderson, WI

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
2nd 6 year Old & Older, KCC Applejack Hartley (Applejack), McCalister Russell, CA


Best Bred & Owned

1st Junior Two Year Old, Reich-Dale Vaden Strollin (Vaden), Hayden Reichard, PA

Premier Performance Cows (16)

Premier Performance Cow
1. KCC Applejack Hartley (Applejack), McCalister Russell
2. Piedmont Valentino Deca (Valentino), Olivia Pierson, NC
3. Kilgus Action Courtney (Action), Carla Kilgus, IL
4. Den-Jo Celebrity Flo (Celebrity), Nicole Sanders, CA
5. Kilgus Govenor Maid (Govenor), Karla Kilgus, IL
6. Underground L-Mamie Lola (Action), Ben Sauder, IL
7. Graybill Sultan Marge ET (Sultan), Eli Graybill, IL
8. Fairvista Verbatim Sweet N Sassy (Verbatim), Andy Sauder, IL
9. BRJ Excitaion Bowtie Mint ET (Excitation), Trey French, SC
10. Sho-Me Giller Tina (Giller), George Colpetzer, PA

Junior Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Junior Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

George Colpetzer, Xanadu Jerseys, PA

Milking Yearlings (11)
  1. Graybill Sultan Marge-ET (Sultan), Eli & Jade Graybill, IL
  2. Billings vindication Shea (Vindication), Holly & Ashley Oberrich, WI
  3. Royalty Ridge Comerica Nahaley (Comerica), Clancey Krahn, OR
  4. Family Hill Colton Nova (Colton), Madison Lancaster, WA
  5. Comerica Albert Aloha (Comerica), Jody Williams, OH
    6. Marys AnnaMaria ET (Excitation), Anne Rawn, OH
    7. Seacord Farm H Gun Haley (Hired Gun), Seacord, NY
    8. Sar Governor Tic ET ((Govenor), Tyler French, SC
    9. Mozarks Zola, Alivia White, IN
    10. Holtz-View Roslyn (Dagnabit), Mary Holtz (IA)


Junior 2 Year Olds (18)
  1. (BU) Reich-Dale Vaden Strollin (Vaden), Hayden Reichard, PA
  2. Brandenburg Louie Dutchess Duke (Louie), Olivia Brandenburg, WI
  3. Reich- Dale Vaden Haven (Vaden), Jeremy Laman, PA
  4. OBJ Blackstone Ada (Blackstone), Jayme Ozburn, TN
  5. Triple S Austin Strawberry Daquiri (Austin), Sadie Ropp, IL
  6. Sar Vendetta Mufassa (Primetime), Tyler French, SC
  7. Fancy Vendetta Star (Primetime), Tabb French, DC
  8. Avon Road Action Excite (Excitation), Korri Briggs, KY
  9. Genteel Blackstone Presley (Blackstone), Heath Starkey, IN
  10. KC Shooter Pedal (Shooter), Kadey Starkey, OH

Senior 2 Year Olds (11)

1. Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Alleah Anderson, WI
2. Miss Nastias Tequilla Nutcracker ET (Tequilla), Gracie Krahn, OR
3. Miss Natias Nice Tequilla ET (Tequilla), Anneka Boer, TX
4. Piedmont Valentino Deca (Valentino), Olivia Pearson, NC
5.Xanadu Kombington Harriet-P (Kombination), George Colpetzer, PA
6. Mature Hill Grand Gigi-ET (Grand Prix), Addison & Katie Goldenburg, TX
7. Bachelors Spark Briar (Spark), Caylee Bachelor, IN
8. SWF Braxton Fran Frankie (Braxton), Cole Provoast, MI
9.Herman Applejack Mindy (Applejack), Hobbs Lutz & Nate Smith, SC
10. Oaklawn Premier Tease (Premier), Joelle Ziegler, OH

Junior 3 Year Olds (13)

1. Fairvista Verbatim Sweet N Sassy (Response), Ben, Andy, Blessing & Grace Sauder, IL
2. Topp View Lowes GP Debutante (Grand Prix), Keaton Topp, OH
3. (BU) Graybill Tequila Malia ET (Tequila), Eli Graybill, IL
4. Reich Dale Comerica Summer ET (Comerica), Hayden Reichard, PA
5. BRJ Excitation Bowtie Mint (Excitation), Tabb French, SC
6. Rem Rock Tequila Miss Mini (Tequila), Janelle Remington, WI
7. Graybill Tequila Ivy (Tequila), Ethan Graybill, IL
8. Homeridge V Buttons (Verb), Landree Fraley, PA
9. Giller Imply (Giller), Jody Williams, OH
10. Yosemite Celebrity Encore (Celebrity), McCalister Russell, CA

Senior 3 Year Olds (13)

1. (BU)Underground L Mamie Lola (Action), Ben, Andy, Blessings & Grace Sauder, IL
2. Smokin Hot Redition Letitia (Rendition), Austin Nauman, WI
3. Aragorn Pat a Cake (Response), Mathew & Morgan Richards, OH
4. Bolle Acres Coltons Angel (Colton), Max Bollenbacher, IN
5. Hardway Juno Laura (Hardway), Grant Dohle, MO
6. Schulte Bros Iatola Glenna ET (Iatola), Jared Dickman, IL
7. Vixy Ex Of Starstruck (Exclamation), Grant Dohle, MO
8. Yosemite Valentino Kokomoo (Valentino), Anneka & Gerret Boer, TX
9. Golden Dream Govenor Sangria (Governor), Cody, Jaycee, Caylee Morgan, IN
10. Yosemite Merchant Barry (Merchant), McCalister Russell, CA