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NAILE All-American Jersey Show 2015
DATE: November 9th, 2015 at 7:30AM
LOCATION: Louisville, KY
JUDGE: Andrew Vander Meulen, ON & Tom Arrowsmith, PA

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The NAILE All-American Jersey Show 2015 takes place in Louisville, KY on Monday, November 9th at 7:30AM. Judge Andrew Vander Meulen, ON and Associate Judge Tom Arrowsmith, PA will be officiating the show in Freedom Hall. Cowsmo Coverage is being sponsored by Yarrabee Farms.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
1st Fall Calf, Ministers Gail ET (Minister), Renee Pierick, WI

Reserve Junior Champion
2nd Fall Calf, Meadow Ridge Gentry Angie (Gentry), Roger Riebe Family, WI

Honorable Mention Junior Champion
1st Winter Calf, Favreautiere Gonbelie (Valson), Glamourview, Iager & Walton, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
1st Senior Three year Old, Carly O Tequila Alley (Tequila), Budjon , Vail & Borba WI

Reserve Intermediate Champion
1st Senior Two Year Old, Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Roger Riebe Family, WI

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
2nd Senior Three Year Old, Underground L Mamie Lola (Action), Andy, Grace & Blessing Sauder, IL

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
1st Five Year Old, Miss Triple T Serenity ET (Giller), Triple T & Cybil Fisher, OH

Reserve Senior Champion
1st Aged Cow, Harmony Corners Fozzy (Sultan), Richards & Morgan, OH

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
2nd Aged Cow, Cowbell Guapo Ricochet (Guapo), River Valley, IL


Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Intermediate Champion, Carly O Tequila Alley (Tequila), Budjon , Vail & Borba WI

Reserve Grand Champion
Senior Champion, Miss Triple T Serenity ET (Giller), Triple T & Cybil Fisher, OH

Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Reserve Senior Champion, Harmony Corners Fozzy (Sultan), Richards & Morgan, OH

Best Bred & Owned

Best Bred & Owned
Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Roger Riebe Family, WI (1st Senior 2 Year Old, Reserve Intermediate Champion)

Premier Performance Cows

Champion Premier Performance Cow
Harmony Corners Fozzy-ET (Sultan), Morgan & Richards, OH (1st Aged Cow, Reserve Senior Champion, HM Grand Champion)

Reserve Champion Premier Performance Cow
Cascadia Iatola Puzzle (Iatola), Glamourview, Iager & Walton., MD (4th Aged Cow)

NASCO Type & Production Award

Ratliff Minister Porscha (Minister), Ron & Christy Ratliff, KS (5th Lifetime Cheese Yield Cow)

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Premier Breeder
Ratliff Jerseys, KS

Reserve Premier Breeder
Meadow Ridge Jerseys, WI

Premier Exhibitor
River Valley Farm, IL

Reserve Premier Exhibitor
Budjon-Vail,  WI

Premier Breeder

Premier Breeder

Reserve Premier Breeder

Reserve Premier Breeder

Spring Calves

1. Miss Premier Mangorita (Premier), Colton Thomas, OH
2. Beslea Vivitar Javelin (Vivitar), Glamourview, MD
3. DKG Motion Cherry (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, OH
4. Miss Glees Got It (Applejack), Grant & Jim Copebeardsley, OH
5. KCJF Million Dollar Krush (One in a Million), Keightley & Core, KY
6. Temptations Temper (Premier), Michael Bosley, PA
7. Red Dirt Tequila Frosted Glass (Tequila), Abe Cobb, OK
8. Discoverys Tequila Ruby ET (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
9. Discoverys Tequila Diamond ET (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
10. TQ Call Me Maybe Starstruck (Tequila), Grant Dohle, MO

Winter Calves

Winter Calf
1. Favreautiere Gonbelie (Valson), Glamourview, Iager & Walton, MD
2. Cloverfield Goldhammer Grace (Goldhammer), Phil Gordon, IN
3. Kellogg Bay Silly Response-ET (Response), Katarina Emerich, NY
4. Kash-In Premier Fiona (Premier), Kash-In Jerseys, CA
5. DKG Tequila Lilac (Tequila), Mill Valley Farms, OH
6. Bolle-Acres Reviersco Ellie (Reviersco), Max Bollenbacher, IN
7. Cowbell Gentry Raven (Gentry), Christine Rozler
8. Tumbleweed Excitation Hunter (Excitation), Nugent & Burkhardt, MI
9. Cloverfield Goldhammer Marci (Goldhammer), Keagan Long, MI
10. Ratliff Indiana Alora-ET (Indiana), Mortimer Jerseys, UT

Fall Calves

1. Ministers Gail ET (Minister), Renee Pierick, WI
2. (B&O) Meadow Ridge Gentry Angie (Gentry), Roger Riebe Family, WI
3. Schulte Bros Verbatim Response ET (Response), Schulte Bros, IA
4. Miss Triple T MPH Spot On (Response), Cope & Richards, OH
5. KCJF Millions Cashmere (One In A Million), Keightley& Core Jerseys, KY
6. Charlyn Tequila Ember (Tequila), Meredith Bowers, WI
7. DKG Motion Milkmaid (Motion), Mill Vallery Farms, OH
8. Royalty Ridge Exciting Future (Exciting), Tatum Lancaster, OR
9. Tequila Fanny (Tequila), Rider Farms, KY
10. Maughlin Tequila Chloe (Tequila), Buster Goff, NM

Summer Yearlings

1. Salts Premier Sea Salt (Premier), Colton Thomas & Treasure Clark, OH
2. Pleasant Nook Guns Foxy Lady (Hired Gun), Schulte Bros, IA
3. Billings Impression Barbie (Impression), Billings Farm, VT
4. Miss Vannas Sultry Vixen (Sultan), Glamourview, MD
5. Tequila Anna of Coppenbarger (Tequila), Dustin Coppenbarger, MO
6. Avonlea KS Victoria Secret (Venture), Jason Steinlage & Eric Lang, IA
7. Meadow Ridge Bart Kennedy (Blckbart), Roger Riebe & Gene Henderson, WI
8. KCJF Ritzys Rockstar (Tequila), Keightley & Core, KY
9. Fourhills Baby Girl (Impression), Megan & Elizabeth Hill, VT
10. Call Del Tequila Rhinestone (Tequila), Call Del Farm, OH

Spring Yearlings

1. M Signature Tequila Izzy (Tequila), Glamourview Franchise & Borba, MD
2. Harmony Corners Fantasy 2 (Applejack), Ashley Hawvermale, OH
3. Crossbrook Impression Dasher ET (Dasher), Oberreich, Burdette, & Stanford, WI
4. Campbell TB Glasgow ET (Glasgow), Landree Fraley & Eddy Sekerak, PA
5. LC Impression Gracie (Impression), Leach & Ratliff, KS
6. Norse Star Frontrunner Makala (Frontrunner), Norse Star Jerseys LLC, WI
7. DKG Motion Butter Milk (Motion), Mill Valley Farms, OH
8. Highland H Verb Splish (Verb), PA
9. Xanadu Ex Funky Cold Medina (Excitation), George Colpetzer, PA

Winter Yearlings

1. Stee La Tequila Fake ID (Tequila), Kyle Natzke, Tyler Schaefer, Trent Styczynski, WI
2. Tequila Hardway Cheryl (Tequila), Blankenship & JP Farms
3. Stoney Point HG Euphoria (Hired Gun), Landree Fraley, PA
4. Electras Evoltion ET (Response), Noah Bilz, WI
5. Arethusa HD Svera, Glamourview & Curtis, MD
6. Meadow Ridge Bart Sauce ET (Blackbart), Roger Riebe Family, WI
7. Millers Tradition Fascination (Tradition), Millers Jerseys, IN
8. Parkview Master Kimi (Master), Billings Farm, VT
9. Goff Colton 24255 (Colton), Buster Goff, OH
10. Showdown Mandy (Showdown), Rider Farm, KY

Milking Yearlings

1.(BU) FLM Tradition Flower (Tradition), Royalty Ridge, Frigot, Lancaster, Mahovlic, OR
2. Discoverys Tequila Jaguar (Tequila), Lisa Demmer, MN
3. MB Lucky Lady Fireball-ET (Velocirt), Billings Farm, VT
4. Ratliff Apple Jack Abilene ET (Apple Jack), Mike Kennedy, KS
5. Xcaret Tequila Natalie (Tequila), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
6. KCJF Relentless Envy (Relentless), Keightly & Core, KY
7. Ratliff Apple Jack Accent ET (Applejack), Christy Ratliff, KS
8. SV Heaths Colton Monique (Colton), Spring Valley Jerseys, MD
9. Page Crest Excitation Karisma ET (Excitation), Christy Ratliff, KS
10. Billings Vindication Shea (Vindication), Holly & Ashley Oberreich, WI

Junior 2 Year Olds

1. Hi Poits Concept Spunky Morgan (Spunky), Budjon Farms, Vail & Borba, WI
2. (BU)Avonlea Tequila Kanga ET (Tequila), Randy Drinkall Family, MN
3. RJF Tequila Jazz (Tequila), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
4.Kan Do Daisy (Amedeo), Glamourview, MD
5. Reich-Dale Vaden Haven (Vaden), Jeremy Laman, PA
6. SV Impression Holly (Impression) River Valley, IL
7. KCJF Motions Covergirl (Motion), Keightley & Core, KY
8. Shining Star Min Damitari ET (Minister), Cassy Krull, WI
9. Graybill Tequila Hadley (Tequila), Donald Graybill, IL
10. Reich-Dale Vaden Strollin (Vaden), Hayden Reichard, PA

Senior 2 Year Olds

1.(BU) Meadow Ridge Mac Spring (Mac), Roger Riebe Family, WI
2. Marhaven Minister Corona-ET (Minister), Glamourview, MD
3. Schulte Bros Tequila Shot ET (Tequila), Budjon Farms & Peter Vail, WI
4. Ratliff Tequila Avelanche ET (Tequila), Christy Ratliff, KS
5. Heaths Prime Rosario (Primetime), Spring Valley Jerseys, MD
6. Ratliff Impression Annabella (Impression), Christy Ratliff, KS
7. Stoney Point Verb Blush (Verb), River Valley Farm & Stoney Point Jerseys, IL
8. Ratliff Action Dabble ET (Action), Christy Ratliff, KS
9. KCJF Verbatims Solitude (Response), Keightley and Core Jerseys
10. Broyden Tequila Vidalia (Tequila), Linehan Jerseys, WI